Miko 2 -The Smart Companion Robot for Your Child!

Miko 2


iko 2 is an Educational robot induced with Artificial Intelligence which makes learning fun and interactive for kids. The companion robot is built in such a way that it can observe what’s around it, understand the emotions of its users, can move around and can interact by speaking to the user. It includes educative content which changes according to the child’s age and understanding. The content that it holds has been approved by many educators. Miko 2 also can interact well with your child and be its perfect companion. It also allows parents to be in touch with their little ones when they are away. All in all, it provides a sense of security and satisfaction to parents as well as their children.


Kids are tiny packets of joy that are full of energy and enthusiasm. They want to do everything new with a ton full of excitement. Every day is a new opportunity for them to go out and explore something intriguing. Their brain cells grow much faster than adults which is the reason behind their quick and adaptive learning. A study shows that the brain of a child in between the age of 1-3 starts to have more than 100 trillion brain cell connections. This all indicates the rapidness in their development both physical and mental. However, with technology bringing outside play and interactive learning on the sideways, it is very hard to take children off from mobile games and TV. Not only it is harmful to their health, but it also affects their mental development which will eventually result in issues during their adulthood. So, to make things easier for parents and caretakers, Miko 2 will take things in charge.


Miko 2 is like an early friend and a teacher for a child. Not only it teaches, plays and interacts with kids, but it also grows with them! With Miko 2, one doesn’t have to worry about the hindering of the learning process of their children as they can rely on it to fill the voids that have been left out. It engages with children by making life-like conversations; adding small facts and anecdotes in them. It helps kids to remain active by indulging them into activities like dancing and singing. Not only activities, reminders like exam revision and study time can be also given using Miko 2.

It houses an impeccable ability to understand your child’s emotions and responding accordingly. The device can be used for video calling too. The ‘TeleConnect’ feature lets you talk to your loved one while you’re away. Miko 2 can be controlled by parents using its app. This gives the parents control over what Miko speaks and control over the educational curriculum fed in it. The company ensures the safety of the user’s data by encrypting it.

Miko 2 has a very minimalistic and smooth design which is similar to Miko. Key features of the device are network connectivity such as WIFI and Bluetooth. It has a 1.5 GHz processor for a smooth functioning. Operating Miko 2 is really easy. It works on a very easy voice command which can be learned by kids easily i.e. “Hey Miko”. Miko 2 has an astounding number of 34 sensor-lines which functions its hearing, moving and sensing its surroundings. It weighs 900 grams and comes with a wide-angle high resolution 7.11 cm display. The recent hardware and software implanted in the device is capable of handling software updates until 2022.

Miko 2

The AI technology along with the camera and sensors helps it to detect obstacles. It also plays a major role in identifying and remembering faces. It has special edge sensors which prevent it from falling from heights. It features two high-quality speakers which support its verbal output during emotionally intelligent conversations. For information collection and responding it uses an emotional intelligence engine which takes support of AI. These all are accompanied by two active noise-cancelling microphones. They silence the background noise so that Miko can listen and understand easily even from a distance. The range of Miko 2 is 10 meters.

Sneh Viswani, the CEO of Miko ensures that the product is purely based on kids and their interests. There would be no annoying advertisements which would result from the past conversations with Miko 2. Also, he assures that the device will not have any further purchases which the buyer would be forced to make. He further adds that Miko 2 collaborates with a few companies that have helped it to build its content.



Miko 2 is available in 3 colours: Goblin Green, Martian Red and Pixie Blue. It hit the online stores in December 2018 and was available at offline store by January 2019 with a price tag of Rs. 24,999. However, this sale of the product was only limited to Asia. The company had to revamp its content and programming for the launch of it in North America. It started a funding process and collected a total of $9.75 million from it. After that, the production of the device went under process. CEO of Miko mentioned that a similar kind of partnership that was implied in Asia with companies was to be formed with American companies and educators so that the content is suitable for the American consumers. The sale in the America region started in October 2019 and the shipping started in December 2019. The price for the American audience was $299 at the start and now stands at $399.


  • Processor – 1.5 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Microphone – Dual MEMS microphone
  • Laser Module – World’s Smallest Laser ranging module
  • Camera – HD Wide Angle Camera
  • Inertial Sensor – 9 Axis MEMS IMU Inertial Sensor
  • Touch Sensor – Capacitive touch sensor for navigation
  • Edge Detection – Dual High Sensitivity Long Distance Proximity and Ambient Light Sensor for Edge Detection
  • Others – Hall Effect Sensors


Miko comes under the parent company Emotix which is based on emotional intelligence. The products that Emotix makes are based on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. They introduced India’s first companion robot. Their first product was Miko and the company planned to launch a series of them. So far, they have released Miko, Miko Plus and Miko 2. The company’s motto is to provide intelligent and emotional assistance to parents of this generation to help them fulfil the need for development in their children. Miko’s Target is to reach more than 20 million households by 2023 with its products providing assistance and development solutions to the early stages of childhood and the elderly.


So, to make your child’s learning more interactive and interesting in this world of screens, go ahead and check out Miko 2. Grab one and see the difference in your child!