mifa x1 stereo earbuds

This Mifa x1 twin stereo offers you the stereo effect of the buds connected with your device wirelessly and having the latest Bluetooth technology 5.0 which ensure the stable and smooth transmission of sound.

They are having touch response sensors so that you can control the music on the playback device with a single touch which are very light in weight so your ears don’t feel pain by wearing the earbuds.

Mifa X1 Stereo Earbuds


1. These earbuds are the true wireless ones that are so easy to carry and then move freely with your music or phone call.
2. These buds offer you the stereo sound effects which is very useful and gives you an immersive experience to the users who are using it.
3. The frequency of the sounds that are produced in the earbuds varies from 20Hz to 20 KHz.
4. They use the HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP Bluetooth protocols to connect to the device while transmitting the sounds or music from the device.
5. They music that is playing the device will be transmitted if that is in the Bluetooth supported format this device is supports sbc/aac/mp3 formats.
6. This device uses the Bluetooth 5.0 version for smother experience and faster transmission of music along with the increased in range of the connectivity.
7. The battery capacity of each earbud is 40mah to make it light weight but offers you a great battery backup.
8. This is fascinating that the weight of the earbud is very light and is about 4.5 grams.
9. Single charge of the earbud provides you a continuous playback of 3 to 4 hours.
10. The charging box charging capacity is 400 mAh so that you can charge the earbuds for 10 times each earbuds.
11. The earbuds are touch control to adjust the volume and music playback through TWS Technology for stereo effects and hand free calls.
12. The weight of the charging case is about 72 grams and it is cylindrical in structure so that it bit easy and handy to carry the earbuds on them.

Mifa X1 Stereo earbuds
13. The size of the charging case is 106x33x33 mm which also has splash water resistant so that they are not get affected when you carry them along with you even in rain also.
14. The size of earbud is very small and perfectly fits in the ear and gives you a good comfort 27x23x22mm.
15. This gadget enables your voice assistant on the play back device and that you can have your commands through 3 time touching the touch sensor on the ear bud to activate.
16. The charging case has the USB charging slot to charge the case and the earphones, while having the perfect place for the earbuds to place them without any confusion and there is a LED light indication to display the charging available in the case.

Mifa X1 Stereo Earbuds
17. Not 0onlt the case the earbuds are also have the waterproof and durable design with anti-sweat, so that there will be no fear of damage while you carry them along with your exercise.


Brand Name : Mifa
Control buttons : Yes
Active Noise Cancellation : Yes
Wireless Type : Bluetooth 5.0
Model Number : X1
Resistance : 32 Ohm
Waterproof : Yes
Weight : 4.54 grams each earbud
Weight case : 72 grams excluding buds
Dimensions of earbuds : 2.7×2.3×2.2 cm

Plan for Launch

This product is available in the year 2018 December which is listed on amazon and then it is made available to the user in mid of February 2019


The product is priced at 35$ (2500Rs approx.) but the pricing of the product varies form 35 dollars to 60 dollars according to the location of the place. If it is at 2500 Rs then it is a very good product because no others are offering wireless buds at this price range.

Editor’s Pick

Though this device offers you a very good specifications the battery of the earbuds is very small battery when compared to the price though the company had done this to reduce the battery due to weight but the other companies offers you at least more than 3-4 hours of music playback. The device has also not revealed the which drivers they are using whether they are using 10mm drivers or the 12mm drivers which offers you great experience while listening to music. They didn’t mention the waterproof certificate whether it is using Ip68 or what it is.it is still using the traditional charger which is 5W to charge the case while the other are using the fast chargers. There is also pairing problem heard from the customers to the playback device they mentioned to put them again in the case and later try to pair them to solve the problem.

Out of Box

Out of the box you have been given the 1 Mifa X1 kit and quick guide to know how to use and pair them, the kit consist of 2 headphones and 1 charging bin and three additional ear caps and a USB cable.

About Company

This product is developed by the company Mifa where Mi and Fa are the third and fourth scales of the seven vocal scales that are originated form the two different lines that signifies may be blessed and miracle. Their original dream to create the ultimate outdoor listening experience for user who are devotional to music. They use the technology with innovation and endless imagination that pushes better lifestyle and entertainment to the end users. The main motto behind the company was that the sound of soul is the sound concept of the Mifa had been adhering to and they believe the music is the most beautiful language in the world.