MicW i437L Omnidirectional Lightning Microphone With Removable Windscreen

Small and compact enough to fit into pockets and a great upgrade for the microphone in the internal devices.


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  • MicW i437L is small and omnidirectional portable microphone Electric condenser to pick up sound from all directions and uses lightning port to connect to iOS devices.
  • MicW i437L is calibrated which meets the IEC 63672 Class 2 sound level standard for SPL measuring.
  • The Widescreen in the MicW i437L which protect the microphone from moisture and dust and response is calibrated at the factory.


The MicW i437L mic is calibrated class to omnidirectional microphone that works with your iOS devices which is small and compact enough to fit into pockets and would be great upgrade for the microphone in the internal devices. MicW i437L is great for recording real time analysis and other audio applications, this lightning connection mic which comes in a small box with tiny manual, the entire device is small but strong enough and MicW i437L is made completely with metal and comes with the removable windscreen.

Connecting the MicW i437L is as simple as taking the one end and inserting directly into the lightning port which will be automatically recognized by the device, using the NoiseLab application which is perfect for SPL metering because the calibrated microphone will interface perfectly with the device provided the SPL history on the bottom of the device and at the top you can select different weightings and also you can select how quickly your microphone need to respond.

MicW i437L works as a real time analyzer showing the audio in the graphical representation when you speak or what’s going on the room when paired with your iOS device and attached to the stand, you can also use MicW i437L as recorder in any iOS recorder application.

Problem Solving By This Product


  1. MicW i437L is the omnidirectional microphone which pickups the sounds from all direction without missing any details for the technicians, studio persons who recording the sounds with the finest details.
  2. MicW i437L is completely made with the metal which makes this microphone durable enough and the widescreen which is replaceable offers the protection to the microphone from the moisture and dust.
  3. MicW i437L will be recognized by your iOS devices directly without any third-party applications and starts recording from the microphone so that you can free your headphone port for recordings.
  4. MicW i437L has the lightning connector on the one end which will connect to your phone with a frequency response rate of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. Each mic is calibrated from the factory level featuring with the IEC 61672 Class 2 sound level standards.
  5. MicW i437L is small and light weight to be carried anywhere along with you, this microphone has the SPL measuring feature which significantly works better than the internal microphone with the NoiseLab application you can see the history bottom and you can also set the response time of the microphone in the application.
  6. MicW i437L is efficient real time analyzer picking up even the normal room environment sounds which is really helpful the real time analyzers and can also work with the recording apps to record the sound.

Detailed Specification

MicW i437L which will be your perfect companion to all different iOS Application by using your lightning port and good companion for all your testing needs. MicW i437L is an electric condenser microphone which is small and compact to fit in the pockets and made completely with metal, designed to provide portable convenient audio analyzation in all environment conditions.

MicW i437L would be significant upgrade over the normal device microphone which is designed to capture the clear audio frequency for audio engineers used for real time audio analysis by technicians or studio persons, vloggers etc. MicW i437L simply uses the lightning port to connect to any of the iOS devices and set you free from using the headphone while recording the sounds and will be recognized directly by your smartphone.
MicW i437L is featured with the 7mm capsule and omnidirectional polar pattern which gives the frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz, the mic is calibrated with the IEC 61672 class 2 sound level meter standards.

MicW i437L comes with the removable widescreen which protects the mic from the moisture and dust by reducing the wind noise, you can use this mic for real time analysis by connecting this to your iOS device for SPL metering. Applications such as NoiseLab are compatible for the microphone which for the SPL metering history on the bottom of the application.

You can even adjust the response time of the microphone from the application along with the weighting of the MicW i437L, you can also use the microphone for voice recordings which are clearer than using the normal microphone provided in the device even the environment room sound will be recorded clearly for real time analysis.

This MicW i437L Omni directional Lightning Microphone is priced at $159.

Dimensions 2.45 x 2.25 x 1.4 inches
Weight 40 grams
Type Electret Condenser
Capsule Diameter 7.0 mm
Principle of operation Omni directional
Sensitivity -27.5 dBFS
Frequency Response 20Hz- 20KHz
Signal to noise ratio >62 dB
Power Source Plug and Play
Operating Temperature -200C~500 C
Length 10 mm
Output connector 1x lightning

Plan For Launch

This MicW i437L Omnidirectional Lightning microphone is made available in the market in 2017 last quarter of the year after the manufacturing and changes in the design and prototyping in the previous years.

Company Details

This Omnidirectional microphone is developed by the company called MicW which is a professional microphones developing company best known for the clear sound quality and stylish craftsmanship design made & manufactured with the high quality materials for the wide range of usage, their products are the best in demand when you are about to them for measurements and recording the voices of the surroundings even for the real time analysis. The MicW is the perfect brand for the present and true natural sound recordings which gives the pure and clear sound, they have launched different series like I, N, E, T, L and M with different sized diaphragms.

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