Microsoft Surface Duo Brings Android Version with Amazing Powerful Features

New Surface Duo, which is moving to Android.

MS Surface Duo book -2
  • This latest upgrade in Android allows you to access the control by different gestures.
  • This is going to be the first- ever Android to be powered by the Surface team.
  • This amazing “Surface Duo” was announced by Microsoft last year and now they are featuring various devices with Surface Duo.

Recently Microsoft has launched amazing Android with powerful surface features; let’s just have a quick view of the special points. Previously this month, the main specification of dual- screen devices was revealed including Snapdragon 865, 6 GB of RAM, along with 256 GB of storage. And the unique elements of the surface ecosystem are being addressed by Microsoft as the release getting closer. This is going to be the first Android- powered device from the Surface team. As, there is a Principal Android OS Developer with Microsoft working alongside the Android community, with no surprise the Android is tweaking to integrate it to Surface hardware. Not just with the Surface Pen, but Microsoft has been contributing path for the chromium open source project for developing web browsers including Google’s Chrome, Amazon’s Silk, etc.

We are waiting for the moment when the powerful Surface Pen will come with the Surface Duo. This is completely a different level pressure which could be felt that how software can read the angle of the pen, as because watch of any launch new Surface hardware is made of the Surface Pen. The latest technology allows the nib of the pen to get closer to the screen elements, or to top button to access various new features. With all this latest technology it came out as a natural process to operate the screen with levels of pressure. Since all the interactions have been under Windows, till then all the new and latest machines must be running in another Windows 10 variant. There are several gestures which this Surface Pen is going to offer its users like double-tap for capturing the screenshot, or a quick click for Microsoft’s Outlook. The actual ability of this Surface Pen is coming into the Surface Duo. This is going to deliver a very natural experience to the users.

Microsoft developers have worked seamlessly for the proper functioning of both, the pen and the touch between the screens on this Android. For a better and natural experience, the Surface Pen is used tandem with Surface Duo. This announcement for the “Surface Duo” was done last year. The so-called mystery is not there behind these works. Microsoft announces that all the dual -screen devices are on the way.

With this new Surface Duo, which is moving to Android, not only the technology has to be ported with a new operating system but also developers need to introduce some extra features in their applications that must be destined for the Surface Duo. And we know Microsoft can do much of its development out in the open.

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