Microsoft Launches Incredible “Learn TV” Platform For Free E-Learning For Programmers

Learn and learn more about technology with Microsoft’s strategy and more forward in this technical world.

Microsoft Launches Learn TV
  • Microsoft is launching its amazing idea of “Learn TV” to provide programming learning.
  • The only aim is to provide free learning to aspiring developers.
  • It is a complement to Channel 9 which was released earlier.

Microsoft is providing you a fabulous opportunity to improve your programming skills during the lockdown. Let’s have a quick view of this news.

In this technical world, Microsoft has developed a new platform or space for all the younger developing aspirants to learn about all the techs even in this lockdown period. And that platform is “Learn TV”. Microsoft released this technical content for its user at its Build 2020 developer conference which was held this week. Earlier the plan for the all-in-one person was canceled because of the current pandemic situation. So, they introduced this platform to save the cost for the same and to motivate learners and improving their skills as well.

This latest launch TV is aimed to provide free learning sites, and self-paced educational content. This channel will show pre-recorded or add live stream content or on-demand video programming content for developers and coders from Microsoft’s Cloud Advocates, product group head, and, community members to make the platform a one-stop show to learn and grow. This is going to cast at Microsoft’s Channel 9 this week.


This will be cast in a total of three sections that are first-party events, then hackathons, and then interviews. Microsoft says learn how to build solutions using Microsoft products from the expert and build them easily, it is also the tagline for the latest Learn TV preview site. It also provides a modularity option for those who learn by watching someone else demonstrate and learn technologies. Through this one can simply increase the technical knowledge even in this lockdown period. They have also shared the plan of Microsoft Q&A site, which is going to be the only site for answering the question regarding all Azure products and services. Microsoft was very excited about the launch and offers hundreds of modules of self-paced learning.

Microsoft also announces that its Microsoft Q&A will be available this week. Preview for the same has already been launched. It is somehow meant to replace MSDN and TechNet like forums, with support for 11 services in October last year. For now, they have planned to start from Python and Visual Studio introducing online. Along with this they have also released the news regarding the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador program, global community of student leadership that helps their peer and learn what they want to.

Microsoft said that they are not replacing Channel 9 but launching a complement to channel 9 that is Microsoft’s Learn TV, when got questioned about the same. This technical platform will bring instruction led sessions, live presentations, and, also record videos from Channel 9 and Microsoft’s Channel 9.

Learn and learn more about technology with Microsoft’s strategy and more forward in this technical world.

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