Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P Launched In India as Crowdfunding Model – Check Price, Features

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P
  • Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is efficient in cleaning the floor with two different modes with sweeping and mopping functionalities.
  • Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P comes with the professional mopping path design which cleans back and forth with faster rate with the advanced SLAM algorithm.
  • With the power full suction of 2100Pa Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can pull any dust within no time coupled with the 3200mAh battery for long run.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop is a two in one sweeping and mopping devices that has different modes to sweep and mop together or separately and sucks any dust or mist with the powerful 2100 Pa suction.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P uses the latest modified SLAM algorithm that intelligently maps the floor and clean back & forth twice for effective cleaning with automatic charging technology reaching the station when running out of battery and continue the cleaning.


Mi Robot vacuum Mop P can be controlled by the smart Mi Home app so that you can select a particular area to be cleaned and mopped or you can place a schedule clean, equipped with the 12 high precision sensors Mi Robot can cross over 2cm obstacles and avoids falling from high-places by sensing surroundings.

Mi Robot is also capable of not cleaning the areas which are restricted by users through the Home app known as virtual walls and many more features. Also capable of controlling the water with 3 gears of water supply for effective cleaning.

Problem Solving By This Product


Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can be used for just sweeping the floor as well as sweeping along with the mopping to clean the floor clearly.

With the new LDS navigation system with SLAM algorithm Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can complete the work in less time with accuracy, the high precision sensors in the Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can detects collision to keep the robot safe and secure and prevents from falling.

Mi Robot can overcome small obstacles while cleaning your floor, no need of worrying whether the work is done or not. With the Mi Home app, you can have scheduled cleaning whether you are in home or not.


Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can go to charging station when running out of battery and continue the work from break point, so you no need to check the battery status of the Mi Robot.

With the powerful suction motor Mi Robot can pull any particles that are even strongly stick to the floor in no time, the water tank in the Mi Robot is controlled smartly while mopping preventing the leakage of water by the controlled pipes with three gears of water supply.

You can restrict the MI Vacuum Mop P to enter into restricted areas by creating virtual walls through the Home app.

Detailed Features

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is the modern pro cleaning devices with the LDS laser navigation system with 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping function with different modes for efficient cleaning.


The Sweeping & Mopping modes mode works with the 2-in-1 tank whereas the sweeping only mode works with the 550ml large dust box provided in the Mi Robot vacuum with intelligent mapping and routine functionality powered by the LDS laser navigation system with the latest upgraded SLAM algorithm for real life mapping, faster speed, higher accuracy and for longer scanning range.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P smartly deals with the complicated surroundings while scanning the entire floor with 8 meters of scanning range, 2016 times/sec sampling rate with less than 2% accuracy deviation.


The profession Mopping path design in the Mi Robot comes with a new design in cleaning path for the sweeping with mopping modes which are created for Indian homes especially. Mi Robot can simulate the manual mopping effect with dual direction with repeated wiping the floor for intense clean of strains and dust.

Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is equipped with the Anti-collision, Anti-Drop and other sensors which makes 12 sets of high precision sensors which helps in predicting the surroundings with accurate navigation and can crosses over an obstacle up to 2 cm height and avoids falling from heights or from stair case by sensing the surroundings intelligently.

With the powerful 2100Pa suction and high-end brushless motor Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can clean dust and debris in no time with the massive 320mAh battery which makes your Mi Robot to work longer.

The water tank in the Mi Robot vacuum Mop P is smart and electronically controllable engineered with controlled pump with 3 gears of water dispensing modes and water leaking mechanism, so you can choose your own mode depending up on your intensity of cleaning floor.


The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P can be connected to the Mi Home app to control it with real time mapping and scheduled cleaning and spot cleaning feature etc. The Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P will identify and saves the location of each room in the form of map after the first clean. You can merge or name any room.


The dynamic path planning in the Mi Robot Mop P will helps in showing the different path for different modes, the Mi Robot also reaches its charging point when ran out of battery and continues the cleaning from the break point, you can also set virtual walls and restrict the Mi Robot vacuum Mop P to avoid cleaning the restricted areas where your valuable things are there through the Mi Home app.


The quad core Cortex A7 Processor in the Mi Robot vacuum Mop p coupled with the dual core Mali 400 GPU helps in powerful computing performance which results in quick collection of data and information processing for building maps in real time and plan more reasonable cleaning paths.



  • Processor – quad core Cortex A7 Processor with Mali 400 GPU
  • Dimensions 350×94.5 mm
  • Battery Capacity 3200mAh
  • Communications – Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz 802.11b/g/n
  • Running time – 60-130 minutes
  • Weight – 3.6 Kg
  • Rated Power – 33W
  • Noise Level : 70 Db (Standard mode)


This Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P is priced at 18,000 Rs for offer as crowd funding. While the intelligent mop gadget costs Rs 29,999. The crowdfunding price is available for the early bird price. There is also available for the easy payment option. This is also available at a no-EMI of Rs 2,999 a month.

Plan For Launch

The concept and design of the Mi Robot vacuum Mop P is started in the year 2019, currently in crowdfunding for May 17 2019 and once the product development is started in June 21 2019 with the BIS certification in August of same year with the mass production.
The shipment from the factories to the customers will be made in September onward.

Company Details

This Vacuum and cleaning device are developed by the company Mi, which is best known for mobile manufacturing company. Which is founded in the year 2010, Mi is an internet-based company with smart phones and hardware connect by an IOT platform.

The vision being friendly to the users and fluffing their needs with the continuous innovations without compromising on quality and efficiency, while building amazing products with reasonable prices to make sure that everyone enjoys better life with innovative technology. Mi is the world’s fourth largest smartphone brand with its products in more than 90 countries and leading ahead in market.