Megi – Alexa Powered Voice Controlled Levitating Lamp

Megi can float in the air, where other lamp can't.

Megi Voice Controlled Levitating Lamp - 6
  • Megi is the levitating lamp with the Maglev technology using the magnets with auto-catch protection to keep the Megi safe all the time.
  • Megi has three different brightness levels which can be controlled by either voice or by tap, Megi emits the natural light imitating sun with the patented eye protecting anti blue light technology.
  • Megi has the built-in wireless charger and USB ports to charge your phones and devices while you sleep peacefully on the bed.

Megi the floating Lamp which is elegant for as the bed lamp and can be practical work lamp for your office, Megi is the warm and comforting light which can elevate any room in your house with the Maglev technology which makes Megi to float in air where other lamp don’t have.

Megi Has the Auto Cath if get bumped or the power goes off to prevent the lamp from falling, if your house is full of pets or other animals you will always the Megi Lamp in peace which is dimmable with three brightness setting’s which you can either use the voice control to operate the Lamp or using the simple touch. Megi has the Built in USB ports and the wireless phone charger which is perfect for the bed time while you rest your phone on the wireless pad and sleep peacefully while your devices charges for the next day.

Megi Voice Controlled Levitating Lamp - 3

Megi adds the magic simply to any room with the ambient lighting with the amazing metallic lampshade, Megi can also works as the normal lamp when the shade of the bulb is attached to the base, which will always protect your by imitating the natural sunlight with the patented eye-protecting anti blue light.

Problem Solving By This Product

Megi achieves the fascinating and new innovative levitating technology using the Maglev Magnets to completely change the style of your home powered by the induction to illuminate.

Megi is the world’s first lamp that has three different brightness levels to offer for the different scenarios to be recommended to use, the Megi Lamp can be controlled by either voice commands or in the traditional way using the sensitive touch button.

Megi Lamp with the unique elegant design and ambient light which amazes your home visitors and perfectly suits your home interior and with the Auto-catch feature which prevents the Bulb from falling or breaking.


The new powered AI electromagnetic field will control the Lamp to run at operating temperature keeping the Lamp safe and bringing the Lamp back to the holder in case of power cut or any conductive material is brought near.

The built in wireless charging pad and the USB A ports will charge you devices very quickly while you are in sleep and make sure that they are ready for the next day, often Megi can be used as normal light and with the eye protecting patented technology & anti blue lighting by imitating the natural light Megi is completely safer for eyes.

Detailed Specification

Megi is the innovative elegant levitating Lamp which uses he Maglev technology to elevate the lifestyle in your home with the new unique lamp and the light illuminates the room using induction.

Megi is the world first lamp which has three adjustable brightness levels while floating in the midair, the brightness can be changed using the voice command or by tapping the button on the Megi Lamp.


Sensitive touch button in the Megi will turn the Lamp on/off and can dim the light or brighten the light and long press which attracts the bulb to the base, this Megi Lamp Bulb is unique in style and design which will be used for relaxing, meditating, reading, working and sleeping.

Megi has a powerful intuitive smart voice control integrated which will listen to your voice based on your commands to turn the lights on/off or brighten/dim the lights without compromising your comfort by going near the bulb to perform actions unlike the other bulbs.

Megi increases the magic appeal of your room with the most delightful ambient lights around your bed which will amaze your home visitors with the unique design of metallic lampshade which makes the Lamp to levitate in the mid-air.


With the enhancing modern minimalistic design Megi which can perfectly matches your home style, with the easily fit into any interior design which can be placed in any room like living room, dining room or kitchen and even bed room. Megi serves as a cozy atmosphere for living room, elegant nigh lamp for bed room, practical work lamp for the office and warm decorative lamp for kitchen.


Megi with the Auto-catch feature which prevents the Lamp from falling or breaking and will be safe around the children’s & pets. The safe operating temperature of the lamp is controlled by the AI powered electromagnetic field which automatically detects any approaching conductive material in advance and cuts the power automatically which makes the Lamp to be attached to the holder when any natural power cuts occur or any unintentional bumping happens.

Megi has the wireless charger for your phone which offers 15W power output for fast charging and 5W fast charging offered with USB-A with wired connection to charge your devices while you fall asleep, Megi also has many other features to work as a normal lamp when the bulb is attached to the base and sensitive button to control the brightness.

Megi has the patented eye protecting technology which imitates the natural sunlight and anti-blue lighting for your bedroom or in office by protecting your eyes.

Price And Model

The Megi Levitating Lamp is available for 129$ in the early bird sale for basic version and 149$ for pro version.


  • Dimensions : 174.3x393mm
  • Levitation height : 10.0-15.0 mm
  • Input : 12V 2A
  • Port : USB-A port Power Output 5W
  • Level of brightness : Three
  • Wireless charging power : output 15W
  • Voice Control Available

Plan For Launch

The idea of the Megi Voice Controlled Levitating Lamp is started in February 2019 and the market research with the design is done in April 2019 with the prototype design is done in September and the first test sample along with the validation is started in November. The second test sample of the Megi Voice Controlled Levitating Lamp is succeeded in December with the final test passes in February 2020 and online platform launching in April with the mass production in May and shipment started in July 2020.

Company Details

This Levitating Voice Controlled Lamp is developed by the company called Megi which is inspired by the interest of the people towards the notion of levitation of objects which satisfies and take you into pleasant mood and made this Lamp possible after years of research in design and development. Combined with the craftsmanship and intriguing phenomenon with the new AI powered electromagnetism with the Maglev technology.