Meet the Smart Cube Lock: Smart Lock Can Control Any Cabinet, Battery Can Lasts 1-2 Years

Smart Cube
  • Smart Cube Lock is an advanced Bluetooth smart lock that can be attached to any cabinet or drawer.
  • Smart Cube Lock provides the groove into which dongle has to be inserted.
  • Smart Cube Lock battery can lasts up to 1-2 years once it is installed.

Have you ever tired of forgetting your keys, keeps on searching for it? Do you ever forget to lock your door? Are you looking for the perfect solution for securing your home and office? You want a convenient way to secure your belongings out of reach of your roommates. Smart Cube is the best solution for all these.

Smart Cube is an advanced Bluetooth smart lock that can be attached to any cabinet or drawer. This could be installed in seconds, providing you protection for a lifetime. It does not require any keys to open, It uses the Smart Armor app is to create an authenticated smart lock.

Problem Solved By This Product


Replaces custom Key or Latch lock:
A mobile empowered locking system for all the products that can be connected through Bluetooth and could operate through a mobile app switch system
Improves Security:
Sometimes we might lose the lock but through Smart Cube, there will be no such consequence. Since it is app driver you could install the app anywhere and could operate on that.

How Does It Work?


1. Install the Smart Cube to the cabinet or drawer or wherever you want.
2. Download the Smart Armor app from the play store
3. Now you are ready to sync the Cube to the app.
4. The app goes through the syncing progress.
5. You have to create a Master account profile
6. Using that profile you can create any number of secondary profiles and could grant them authentication and specific access, even limiting access for the certain time a day

Detailed Features


Sync With Bluetooth: It uses Bluetooth technology through which we can communicate through any device at home. We could also have more than one device connected to the same Bluetooth channel. All we just to do is monitor through devices through mobile phones, laptops or any other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Great Battery Life: Smart Cube battery can last up to 1-2 years once it is installed. It also has a special feature to indicate when the battery life is about to die. It also unlocks when the battery is too low to avoid any kind of risks opening the lock

Eco-friendly and Money-Saving:  As the device needs only to charge the battery once in two years and it works normally after replacing it. Some decrease the cost of buying the device again and reduces the e-wastage of the battery.

Detailed Specifications


Potable Design: Don’t worry about reinstalling the device once you want to shift its place. Since it is portable you can reinstall it anywhere you want

Durable Design: Don’t worry if the device stumbled down. The device is constructed using an insulated light-weighted ABS polycarbonate blend making it withstand all the plummets.

Status Indicator Light Panels: There were two Status indicator light panels designed to indicate the life span for the battery of the Smart Cube on average it will be 2 years. After every two years, we need to replace the battery.

Embedded Bluetooth Technology: It is embedded with secured Bluetooth technology and helps the device to communicate with the authorized users using Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.

Easy Mount Base: The mount base is designed in such a way that it could be installed very easily and can be fixed to any kind of surfaces.


Tamper Proof With App Notification: Here it resolves the problem of unauthorized people accessing your lock. When the people unable to access the lock, or any unauthorized person trying to open the lock it informs us through the app notification so that adding more security to the device.

Battery Life: The battery lasts for 1-2 years and it notifies when the battery is low. For security purposes it auto unlocks when the battery is about to die.

Strength:  Smart cube is provided with great withstand capacity. It can withstand the up to 100lbs (Libra balance scale) of force.

Compatibility: Don’t worry about when the devices run on all kinds of mobile since it is compatible with both OS as well as IOS.


Bluetooth Range : Smart Cube has a high Bluetooth range and the range is approximate up to 150feet.

Locking Mechanism:The Smart Cube provides the groove into which dongle has to be inserted. When the dongle enters groove locking takes place and locked using a smart and digitalized lock system. The dongle will not bust out until we entered the appropriate key. Once it knows us as the authorized user the groove releases the dongle.

Smart Home Mechanism: The Smart Cube itself connects to the owner of the Bluetooth it connected with. It has both biometric as well as password lock mechanism. We could create even more than one authorized user and could also control their access. So now the digitized key is in your hands to let your friends use your tools or control them using.

Plan of launch

This product was proposed in January 2015, in the March 2015 the prototype was written shipments are expected in December 2016.

Smart Cube completely squashed its crowdfunding goal, as it helps people to keep their valuables safe and secure; it also wins to provide the mobility and portability of the device.
The Smart Cube’s campaign was launched in Sep 2016 and within 72 hours, the company hit its goal of $50,000 and publication provide it ways to increase this economy gradually to triple of that.

Many companies come forward to fund the production. The company started producing on a large scale to meet the customers.

The company now reached its production stage and the product is going to be shipped in a few months. Before the complete launch of the product, it received its craze and received many orders across the globe.

In a world that’s constantly trying to balance security and accessibility, the Smart Cube’s early success makes complete sense. It takes the best parts of the Internet of Things — connectivity, share ability, and convenience — and seamlessly integrates them with our everyday lives.

Company Details

This product is designed and developed by Smart Armor, A San-Diego Based Company. It creates digitized and personalized locking security for the consumers and businesses people to lock, track and share their valuables. This company was founded in 2013. The company is headed by Justin Zastrow, CEO of Smart Armor.