Meet ORBA – Amazing Music Creation Just On Your Palm

Best way to play music for starters.

Orba - Music creation on your palm
  • ORBA is designed to make unique and making this to play multiple devices on tips of fingers.
  • ORBA is capable of producing loud sound as a speaker with (Built-in Speaker).
  • Multi instrumental sounds capable of producing all music sounds.


rba is a hand instrument designed and developed for the music lovers which make them to feel pleasurable every moment they live with just with their hands. This unique product is designed and developed by Mike Butera (personally) who is founder and CEO at ARTIPHON.INC.

Previously the musical instruments are used to be mostly acoustic and heavy to carry. Also many of them needs complex setup, proper tuning in-order to produce professional music, and the people who knows the tunes and lyrics can play the lovable music. But ARTIPHON’s first innovation was to make an digital version of guitar which can be programmed and played very simple manner. This actually made it in a simple way that even the starters can play like a pro with this instrument.

The design of ORBA is very simple. This looks like bowl, which makes it easy to hold. This is designed to make unique and making this to play multiple devices on tips of fingers.

Key Features

  1. Loud Speaker : Capable of producing loud sound as a speaker with (Built-in Speaker).
  2. Motion Control: The accelerometer is used to fine the orientation of the device to include all the music sound he designed this as accelerometer dependent such that the sound changes dependent up on the orientation and if we keep in the same orientation and rotate the device the gyroscope comes in to the picture and make the sound changes to the rotation.
  3. Multi colored LEDs: You can easily differentiate instruments with their color.
  4. Headphones out: Depending on the environment you can even listen by plugging the earphones with the support of built in headphone port.
  5.  Touch-Sensitive Pads: These plays the major role in producing the adorable sounds depending on the touch sensitive rate the sound will be produced. you can easily switch between the instruments to produce each and every detail part of the music you can experience.
  6. Provide haptic feedback: Now a day’s haptic feedback is very essential because it is way better than the normal vibrations that a linear motor will produce. It will provide an enhanced experience of conveying things.
  7. MIDI (Musical Instrument Design Interface): The MIDI apps like GarageBand which is popularly used in Apple has the compatibility over Orba it helps as a key to play the music in the interface and not only in the iOS it also compatible with the android MIDI apps like Pro Tools, Albeton Live, FL Studio etc.

Key Problem Solved By ORBA

  1. Portable (easy to carry wherever you go).
  2. No Previous knowledge of music.
  3. Best way to play music for starters.
  4. Multi instrumental sounds capable of producing all music sounds


  1. Size, Shape :10.5cm height,10cm diameter, Spherical
  2. Weight : About 200gms
  3. Warranty and Service : Not Specified
  4. Include in the box : Orba ,Orba case
  5. Battery Used: USB Rechargeable battery
  6. Bluetooth Version : v5.0


It is priced at $99 dollars at this price segment the instruments offer all the sounds that are produced by the Piano, Classical Guitar, Drum set, Electric guitar, Violin, Clarinet etc. and all other basic instruments.


Though it will not provide the feeling that we holding the guitar and making the tune.

The mistakes that we made and learn from it (Guitar instruments) by using those instruments we can get to know how they are producing the sounds. Electronic gadgets are always artificial we cannot  feel every mistake that we made in the Orba will produce a sound irrespective of the tone and tune.

If the device is turned on by mistake like while we are traveling due to the movements in the device it makes noise. It might get damaged by the water accidentally. The company claims that it is made up of the plastic so when it was dropped accidentally it may be damaged. Even the placement of the speakers is bottom where we hold the device. Which quietens the sound if we hold it tight.

Market Availability

The Company taking the pre-orders this product and expected to deliver this product into the market at 2020 April month.

Company Details

Founded in 2011 in Tennessee City (Nashville). The company (Artiphon) goal is to design smart instruments for musicians and the music lover & seekers. Its first product was names as Instrument 1 and launched in the platform Kick-starters. It was renowned as the best invention of the year. Artiphon is a small group of people to make big dreams come to reality.