Mayku FormBox – Design your Own Moulds From Anything At Home

Mayku FormBox - 6
  • Mayku FormBox forms the vacuum to create moulds out of almost anything
  • Mayku FormBox allows you to draw the vacuum creation power from any regular vacuum cleaner
  • Mayku FormBox moulds are strong, durable and precise

The Mayku FormBox is an intelligent device which allows its users the flexibility and creativity to create the design they have been needing. This vacuum former forms the vacuum to create moulds out of almost anything. All you have to do is simply place the object in the work-space and turn the machine on. It allows a wide variety of material selection and is very precise at its work.

The new introduced version of the Mayku FormBox also allows you to draw the vacuum creation power from any regular vacuum cleaner. This makes it comparably smaller in size than its predecessors and portable too. If you are a designer or want to make different and unique designs, the Mayku FormBox is the tool you need to make the perfect moulds for your designs of the futures.

Problem Solving by the Product


Many of the Vacuum former do not provide you with the wide flexibility of customizing your mould as it is provided by the Mayku FormBox. With the FormBox, you can easily use any of the many provided materials and make the frame or mould in a few easy steps. It does not even damage the original product by heating it too much.

The amount of heat is just as necessary and is mainly focused only on the sheet of plastic or the material which will be used to create the mould. Many of the Vacuum Former also use a lot of electricity and energy to create vacuum and heat the materials. With the new Mayku FormBox, you can simply power the vacuum suction by a normal vacuum cleaner which you use in your house. The moulds formed by the Mayku FormBox are strong, durable and precise.

Detailed Specifications


With the Mayku FormBox it is very easy for anyone to build the needed moulds from scratch. All they would have to do is slide in the material of the mould inside the frame of the machine. Chose the template you want to print the mould of and place it on the bottom plate of the FormBox.

Switch on the heating of the material and when ready pull down the heated material over the template and switch on the vacuum as you bring the material of the mould down. Switch off the machine and you would have the mould ready for building material and objects out of the mould anytime you want. Using the FormBox is just that easy, anyone from a professional to a student can use this to build the moulds they want.

The Mayku FormBox can be used by various people and organizations for building the moulds they need. These include concrete building industries, chocolate companies, furniture and many others. The FormBox allows its users to build the moulds in various materials and colours. These materials include ABS, PS, PC, PP, Polyethylene, PE, PVC, Acrylic PMMA, PETg and HIPS. The Mayku FormBox generally uses sheets which are 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm thick for moulding.


All these materials contribute of the major moulds that are currently used in the industries and can basically be used to build anything with materials like wax, plastic, concrete, silicon, ice, jello, foam, etc. The Mayku FormBox can easily be paired with a 3D Printer and can start replicating the shapes you need from the printer in a matter of seconds.

The Mayku FormBox has a total span of 466 x 274 mm for the entire machine and a height of 315 mm. The base space of the machine, where the template of the mould would be kept is 200 x 200 mm. The material draw depth is 130 mm in height. The entire machine weighs 13 kgs which is very less as compared to the flexibility and functionality of the device.

The Mayku FormBox allows you to power it over with a regular port that can be found at your house easily as it provides the machine with a power adapter suitable for the region you live in. It operates at 2 voltage specifications, 110 V and 240 V. The heater operates within a temperature of 160 – 340 degree Celsius. The power consumption by the product is 1000 Watts which is normal for even a household.



The Mayku FormBox provides its users with various equipment and accessories along with the machine in its package. The items in the package include FormBox machine, 30 sheets of different type materials, Universal Vacuum connector, Power Cord, Making kit, and a Connector Tube. All you have to do is unpack and start making your moulds. The sky is the limit with the types of moulds you can build with this machine.

Plans for Launch

The Mayku FormBox was initially launched by the Company back in April 2015. The first draft being only a laser cut rough machine. The Company has been constantly improving the FormBox and making it better and smaller over the years 2016, 2017 and now has launched its latest technology in 2019. Now the focus being the new suction technology allowing you to create a vacuum with the help of the vacuum cleaner you might have at home.

The latest version of the Mayku FormBox is available to be bought from various online sources including Indiegogo, Mayku’s official website and Amazon. Being first listed on Amazon on 5th January 2019, the FormBox is available for shipping all over the world. The Company also allows its users to return the machine within 14 days if they are not satisfied with it.

Company details

The Mayku Company was founded to provide the people with the ability of making. Making whatever they need or want easily with the help of capable devices provided by the Company. Mayku Company is currently headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The Mayku has been collaborating with various institutions to provide the FormBox making experience to the students to teach them the ability to make essential things from their own hands.

The Company has also been trusted by many of the international brands. These include brands like Nestle, Adidas, NASA, IKEA, Map and many other global brands. The Mayku is currently active in more than 74 countries of the world helping industries and individuals as well as organizations all over the world create their necessary things at their own convenience.