MAXFOOT EBike – Premium Looking Foldable E-Bike

MAXFOOT Ebike Premium Foldable E-Bike - 1
  • MAXFOOT EBike battery is built with its strong acceleration ability
  • MAXFOOT EBike design has taken inspiration from the pouncing cheetah
  • MAXFOOT EBike DISC brakes are very strong and responsive

Taking in the account of the pollution in today’s world they are creating all electronics bikes which can do wonders, The main things this MAXFOOT premium e-Bike can do is that this is a foldable one with lot more unique features so that you can place it wherever you want without looking after the place, this one got very beautiful sleek aerodynamic Design and Advanced Six Bar Linkage Rear Suspension with the most comfortable soft tail design and the powerful 1000 W motor with the max speed of 28 mph which is great for the small bike, All are also think about the mileage of the electric bike this one gives you massive 60 miles mileage for single charge, This thing will be folded within 10 seconds, will all other features that an bike possess.

Detailed Specifications


1. MAXFOOT e-Bike becomes your ultimate companion as you travel your journey without any traffic jams since it is tiny, it can pass through any vehicle, or any crowded areas without having any limitations go wherever you want.
2. It has zero discomfort, since their design wanted to make sure the user enjoys the ride with the speed and sleek design, after many planning’s with the final design.
3. The design was taken inspiration from the pouncing cheetah with the brand name and the Lined with concise wiring.
4. The MAXFOOT opts the new latest 1000 W motor which is capable of achieving the speed of 28 MPH over the past motors.
5. The wheels are integrated with the tires, they are made with the finest magnesium aluminium alloy. The most capable wheel design for the most capable bike.

6. There is a small display arranged on the handle so that you have track on your data with 5” back-light and USB port to charge things you want like mobile etc. The display presents all the necessary data for an enjoyable ride.
7. The battery of the e-Bike is built with its strong acceleration ability and special over current protection, so you can travel over 60 miles in one single charge.
8. The DISC brakes are very strong and responsive Tektro mechanical disc brakes they have used which is ideal for every situation to stop the bike without any harm, since the safety is their greatest concern.
9. The disc used in this e-Bike is the 180 mm which is great improvement over the 160 mm disc, the 180 mm disc for stronger brakes, enabling better safe rides.
10. They have used the SHIMANO M-310 speed gears which are double servo pantograph technology that gives a smoother ride while driving, wide link design fits all terrains.

11. There is plug and play wiring system which is of water proof so that you can use it anywhere you want, this one is durable 4” Fat tires can take on any road condition, bringing you the full weatherproof experience.
12. Generally, people will look after the different one for different height to not lose that, this bike is adjustable for any height for optimal experience.
13. This is a one clicks foldable one you can fold it with one click so that you get more space for you, like the other bike the acceleration one control the maximum speed with simple twist.
14. This one got the special tail design with the advance six bar linkage and the front suspension of 80 mm and back suspension of 40 mm.
15. This one is designed with sophisticated design and suitable for both modern commuting and wilderness adventures. The Max foot is made for any weather condition while getting you to your destination in style.

16. With the 1-click foldable pedals and the MAXFOOT take space saving to next level. It takes less than 10 seconds to fold MAXFOOT. Just fold then set aside.
17. There are four option to choose with pearl white and ash grey and the, magma orange and Bumblebee yellow. There are also limited-edition colors available with metallic violet and metallic ash and metallic sky and metallic fire.



  • Motor : 1000 W
  • Battery : Panasonic/LG 48V 14Ah
  • Controller : Waterproof Motor controller 28A
  • Display : 5” large LCD Automatic light display w/USB port
  • Frame : 6061 Aluminium alloy Frame
  • Max Speed : 28 Mph (45 km/h)
  • Range : 50-55 miles
  • Shifting Gear : Shimano 7 speed

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the e-Bike which is folded and the LCD screen along with the charger and the batteries, there are also accessories available separately you can buy them of you want, you can add them to the e-Bike.


The price of this e-Bike is $2,600 (Rs 1, 94,000) which seems to be high but the features it got are incredible for this.


The major cons to speak about is that they didn’t mentioned how many gear are there and the speeding limit for each gear, It is little heavy for folding this bike, probably because of the powerful motor, battery and fat tires in total weighs 60 lbs, the motor while climbing the hill gives you on off feel when riding can leave you with a feel of stopped, there is not integrated rear light for this one, hydraulic brakes would be great for this if it has, but this one the mechanical brakes.

Plan for Launch

The prototype was developed in the year 2018 August and the production concept and User testing is done is September of that year, Optimization is completed in November and Manufacturing testing is done December, The pre-launch happened in February and the production improvement happened in March, production and shipping happened in the June 2019.

About company

This foldable E-Bikes are developed by the company called MAXFOOT, Charles and Gordon started off as average bike ride, after the release of the bike riders all over the world, they decided to invest in what they believed to the next generation of commuting. After riding electric bikes for a couple of different brands, they wanted the whole world to enjoy what they were the stunning adventures with an e-Bike, They are Chinese companies oversea, in march 2019 they decided to create a company that can bring e-Bikes to anyone without having pay an arm and leg for it, then the MAXFOOT Electronics was born.