Matador Portable 1-Litre Water Bottle

Matador Portable 1-Litre Water Bottle
  • Matador Portable Allows you the flexibility and portability
  • Matador Portable allows its user to not worry about spacing and unnecessary weight
  • Matador Portable also provides with Fill markers along the outside of the bottle

When it comes to travelling, people always want the maximum things they can get in the minimum space possible. Whether you admit it or not, one of your heaviest travel companion becomes your water bottle. Even when you feel like your bag is light as compared to all the other times that you travel, its only light until you add the water bottle to it. People like to use smaller and lighter water bottles for this reason only.

The Matador is a light and portable water bottle which gives you the functionality of a regular water bottle along with being super portable. Its light weight material and foldable design and quality allows you to use it as a regular water bottle when needed and fold it down in your pocket when not.

Problem Solving by the Product

The Matador Portable Allows you the flexibility and portability you will need when going on a vacation or planning a long trip. You no longer need to keep carrying your water bottle even when it is empty. When you need to, drink from your bottle just like you would from a regular water bottle, and when it becomes empty, just fold it and keep it anywhere in your bag.

The bottle, when folded would barely take a little more space than your wallet. This feature of the Matador Portable allows its user to not worry about spacing and unnecessary weight just for a little water. The materials used in the water bottle is also very light and won’t feel too much when you’re carrying it around.

Detailed Specifications


The Matador Portable Water Bottle has the dimensions of 4 x 12 x 2.5 inches and can hold 1 litre of water in it. The Matador Portable Water Bottle is made of lightweight and flexible TPA material. It only weighs 2.5 oz which is very light as compared to any other water bottle. This increases the functionality of the Water Bottle with the help of an additional Hypalon Handle which makes it easy to be carried around. The TPA polymer material is free from any BPA and PVC so that it doesn’t even affect the earth environment.

To fill the water bottle, you can easily unzip it from the bottom and fill the water inside. The Matador Portable also provides with Fill markers along the outside of the bottle so that you know how much water you are taking. The Bottle has been equipped with On and Off control valve which allows you to prevent any leakage from the bottom. The mouthpiece has also been provided a detachable cover which keeps it sanitary to drink from. The Bottle comes with a full length straw for you to drink water completely and easily from the water bottle.

The bottle’s material provide it complete resistance to sun’s heat or cold. The Bottle can withstand regular extreme temperatures without getting damaged due to the weather. The Matador Company even provides you the instructions in solid white lettering at the bottom of the Matador Portable Water Bottle on how to use the bottle to fill the water or drink it from the Bottle.

Due to the soft, flexible material many people may have the confusion on how the Bottle would be able to stand upright. Even though the Bottle allows you to fold it into your pocket because of its BPA and PVC free TPA material, it can stand on itself without any support when it is filled with water. The valve from where you drink water is made of a Bite valve technology. It means in order to drink water from the valve, you need to bite on it. Only while you are biting the mouth piece of the bottle will the water come out of it. This prevents any kind of water pouring unnecessarily so that leakage of water does not occur from the mouthpiece.

The bottom zipper also has a unique design. Many people worry about the usage of zippers in watertight containers. But the people who have experienced the Matador Portable Water Bottle have not found any leaks in the zipper. To open the zipper you have to push it from both the sides. Fill the water inside the bottle and then seal the zipper shut in the direction of its length and carry the Matador Portable Water Bottle around.

The Matador Portable Water Bottle stands upright when it is filled. When the bottle is not completely filled you can blow in some air to fill the remaining portion of the bottle. This way the bottle will be able to stand up on itself. The side handle of the bottle takes up about 75 percent of the total height of the Bottle. Overall, the Matador’s Portable Water Bottle allows you to experience a portable and chemical toxicants free flexible water bottle which you can drink water from anytime.

Plans for Launch

The Matador’s Portable Water Bottle was made available to be bought online through the official website of Matador, The Bottle was first made available in December 2019, with orders being processed and shipped inside as well as outside of the United States of America over a pre-defined size of shipment. The Matador Portable can also be bought from the Matador Stores open worldwide. These include hundreds of stores opened in China, USA, and other parts all over the Globe.

Company Details

The Matador Company was founded way back in 2014 with the mission to provide accessible, useful and compact utilities that would help a normal traveler to get the maximum out of a utility with the least effort and skill required. The Matador Gear Design headquarter, lying at Boulder, Colorado, always tries to build the next to impossible to innovate and reinvent things that you have been putting effort at.

The main area of expertise at the designing center of the Company deals with the selection of materials to build the products with. The grip of expertise the Company has over the use of fabrics, plastics and silicone allows it to construct so many useful things in such a compact and light way. The main collaboration over fabric use of the Company is with the Cordura Industries which help it in many ways.

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