MarsCat: A Home Robot, A Bionic Cat For Your Kids

  • MarsCat has a camera to detect the faces of human faces and there is a microphone to detect the sounds.
  • Every MarsCat is different from other in the way of looking.
  • MarsCat is geared with the Image Recognition Technology which distinguishes the moving bodies and a rigid one.

MarsCat is the first robotic pet that is adopted by the human’s which is designed and developed by Elephant Robotics which behaves like a normal cat and has got all the abilities that a normal cat possess like sensing walking and playing, it is fully autonomous no need of extra instructions are needed to control its movements like running, peeking and jumping. It’s not liked the other robots in the market it is fully responsive and has sensitive interactions like it can feel your touch and hear your voice and responds to the way you pet it.


Every MarsCat is different from other in the way of looking. The main thing of the MarsCat is the personality and the responsive nature varies according to the person’s behavior and dealing with it which makes it different to be as a pet rather than like a robot.

Detailed Specification


1. The MarsCat is Bionic which is made up of the artificial things like machinery parts which is powered with powerful Quad-Core Raspberry PI.

2. The nose of the MarsCat has a camera to detect the faces of human faces and there is a microphone to detect the sounds.

3. Though it is bionic, it is interactive in nature which will interact to the things it sees and feel.

4. It also has different Meow Sounds in it sounds like the natural cat in the mood of it.


5. This MarsCat is geared with the Image Recognition Technology which distinguishes the moving bodies and a rigid one.

6. It’s also got the Voice interactions which it hears your commands and follows you which makes you more adorable to it.

7. Some of the voice commands are when you speak like kitten, Mars, Hello, Run, stop etc.


8. MarsCat has the ability to see the things and its own toys to play like fish and toy’s that you will show it to do and recognize its own bed after all.

9. It is Open Sourced programming code so that you can have your own way of response for the MarsCat and create your new applications.

10. MarsCat will be pretty impressive in behaving by having a Touch Sensitive and feel’s your touch on the head, jaw and back or even hug it.

11. It’s is an ideal choice for education, research and commercial purposes to learn things and make it on your own way you would like it.

12. The batteries will last long for 3 hours of active reactions and 6 hours for regular motion.

13. The Elephants Robotics make the data to be stored offline to value the privacy since the MarsCat will be roaming in the home will be a big threat for the users if it’s using the online things.

14. Personality Developing is the focused feature of this mars cat depending on your pitch of your voice and saying things in a serious manner –  i. Frequency of speaking ii. Enthusiastic to it while interacting iii. Frequency of movements iv. Tone of Sound

Its personality changes you might have an active cat or shy cat depending on the way you react to it.

15. It has 16 Servo motors to move its body like a natural cat that are located at different places like 6 are at front legs/hands 3 each, 6 are at back legs/hands 3 each, 2 are at the tail, 2 are at the head for its movements.

16. It will be a very good companion for you, will always delights you by entertaining and giving you surprises that doing beyond your imaginations and will never try to make you feel discomfort.

17. It uses the four main threads in the program which are shown as for A) Vision B) Voice C) Sensors D) AI

The AI which process the data and results the action as output the actions includes the movements of all the servo motors.


18. You can even customize MarsCat eye balls with regular one /a blinking eyes/a heart or anything you want by just dropping a 128×128 pixel png/jpeg file format works fine.

19. They are base station for the MarsCat when it’s identified its battery was low it will lie on the base station which is like a bed for it will be recharged or you can plug the cable on the bottom side of the MarsCat to recharge it.

20. It is an open SDK you will have an access to the huge number of sensors and the Protocols and library are even open-source to, everyone can build their own function of your cat, they kept it open sourced to have the user’s their own creature using the python and raspberry PI.

21. It is also available in the multi colours like white, black, Grey and Ginger you can have your own choice of picking.

22. You can also dress it up which makes your cat feel niftier and more attractive to be yours.



  • Age to Use – 12+
  • Joints –  16 joints (servo motors)
  • Materials – Plastic for body glass for eyes and rubber for (Ears, Neck)
  • Colours – White, grey, ginger, black
  • Size Lie-down – 388(l)x268(w)x240(h) without tail/578(l)x268(w)x240(h) with tail, Stand:372(l)x200(w)x329(h) without tail, 503(l)x200(w)x329(h) with tail
  • Weight – 2.5KG
  • Micro Processor Raspberry PI – quad core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, 1GB Ram
  • Display –  2 Oled eyes 128x128px with 1.5 inches
  • Camera –  5 Mega Pixel, 72 degrees wide
  • Speaker –  1 Speaker, 1 Microphone
  • Sensors –  1 TOF sensor, 6 Capacitive touch sensors, Gyro sensors
  • Switches –  1 Power Button
  • Interface – Type-c for charging USB, mini HDMI
  • Communications –  WIFI, Bluetooth
  • Power consumption Approx. 20 W
  • Battery – 7.4v, 6800maH,  Battery duration 2 hours active motion, 5 hours Regular Motion
  • Recharge Duration – 3 Hours
  • Accessories –  Type-c USB, 4 changeable paws,Toys Cat teasers, Cat ball and Toy fish

Plan For Launch

They had their first prototype in the year 2018 and the 2nd to 5th generation prototype and will have the complete prototype and have their first delivery in the 2020 3rd month that too only few limited ones and later on it will be available to all.


The super early bird which is the first limited one will be available for $649, which will have additional gift pack which will be consist of mars notebook and Canvas bag with key ring, T shirt, and small wallet. And then on it will $699 which is also limited one and then it will be priced at $749 for regular ones in the kickstarter.

Inside The Box

Out of the box you will get the mar’s cat and mar’s claws and an adapter with the type c charger cable along with some toys like cat teaser and cat balls and with cat fish to play with it.


Even MarsCat has many feature in handy it will be an artificial thing which don’t has the feelings towards humans and other thing it is programmable it may develop personality but it cannot has the feelings which are reflected by licking and eating growling and all other, rather than just a robotic experiences.

Robots are themselves; you cannot feel that you are touching the cat like feeling its hair and making it shower and dressing it up.

Other than price and feelings it everything pinpoint featured to bring out such a creature.

Company Details

This marvelous thing was created by the Elephant Robotics Company which is a specialized firm in the designing and development of robotics including manufacturing which works on the motto “Enjoy the Robotic World”, which develops Collaborative Robots, those robots developed are sold in Korea, Japan, United States, Germany, Italy, Greece and other countries by aiming to bring the robots to everyone.