No more huge setup is need for podcasting and giving live-streams like in the studio.


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  • MAONOCASTER is made with high quality material and compact with portable design, packed with massive 5000 mAh built in battery to setup live podcast anywhere anytime.
  • MAONOCASTER supports up to 4 presenters simultaneously and can live stream in multiple platforms with 2 microphone for vocals and 2 for audio sources.
  • MAONOCASTER has the noise cancellation button which cancels the background noise and side chain button which cut through vocal over music while podcasting and music only button which fades the vocal.


MAONOCASTER a portable all in one podcast production studio which uses the advanced engineering that allows the users to cut down the noises, control the sound levels and add live vocal sound effect through comprehensive set of tools. With the MAONOCASTER you can live stream to multiple platforms simultaneously or record to your favorite recording software. MAONOCASTER supports up to 4 presenters at the same time with east connection two microphones for vocals and two audio sources which makes a total four high quality channels.

With the MAONOCASTER integrating remote calling in live broadcast is made easy and by enabling the side chain button which allows your vocals cut through automatically over the music when podcast.

By pressing the music only button in the MAONOCASTER you can effortlessly fade the vocal in any song leaving only the background music for you to sing along with the podcast. MAONOCASTER comes with six vocal effects preset buttons along with four preset jingles pads, one preset cough pad and three programmable jingle pads which allows you to upload your own jingles using the MAONOCASTER PC APP.

MAONOCASTER is made with high quality material and portable which allows you to setup your broadcast station or studio.

Problem solving by this product


No more huge setup is need for podcasting and giving live-streams like in the studio. MAONOCASTER is the portable all in one podcast station which is fully integrated with all features and easy to use.

MAONOCASTER podcast is made with high quality materials which offers four channels for audio mixing simultaneously which is difficult to achieve even with the production & editing equipment.

MAONOCASTER comes with the built in 5000 mAh battery which can seamlessly podcast for 8 hours and offers four high quality channels for 4 presenters at the same time with east connection of 2 microphones and 2 audio sources like smartphones or any device which has the 3.5 mm AUX cable jack. Even you can use your smartphones for calling interviews.

MAONOCASTER is packed with the MIC amplifier which is adjustable and 48V phantom power for the both mic-in lines which offers crystal clear buzz-frees sounds.

MAONOCASTER podcast is featured with the advanced noise cancellation algorithm for the two mics and helps in reducing the background noise for clean inputs. This podcast system is packed with 6 vocal FX preset buttons for pitch, gender bend, robot, side-chain, music only with 4 sound FX pads and 3 programmable pads.

The side chain button in the MAONOCASTER helps your vocal dominate over music with single push and helps you podcast like a pro while the music only button fades your vocal for focusing on music and there is control set for the music lovers in MAONOCASTER.

Detailed Specification


MAONOCASTER which is the world first portable podcast studio which is built for convenience with high quality material gives you exactly what you need like to get podcast, radio shows or stream easily.

MAONOCASTER offer four channel of connections to microphone which allow you to audio mixing and their advanced engineering allows you to control the voice levels to add the sound effects with live vocals which is difficult in the editing and productions.

MAONOCASTER will greatly simplifies the podcast production process by interchanging the signal with mixed audio equipment for comprehensive solution which gives you full intuitive controls over the sound.

MAONOCASTER has the massive 5000 mAh built in battery so that you can start podcast anywhere anytime for at least 8 hours of nonstop podcasting.

MAONOCASTER portable podcast supports up to 4 presenters simultaneously through easy connections with 2 mics which are used for vocal and other 2 audio sources such as Music player or instruments or any device that has 3.5mm AUX jack with a total of 4 high quality channels.

With the MAONOCASTER you can mix the calls for interviews and even play background music while you are doing podcasting with the two monitor outputs which allows you to guest the host on mic for listening real time music and fly through the panel buttons.

MAONOCASTER podcast system has the high quality MIC amplifiers which are adjustable and can be equipped for both mic ins which provides you buzz-free sounds. You can even record and podcast live on multi-platform simultaneously. They have also implemented the advanced noise cancellation system for the MAONOCASTER for the four channels and even helps in reducing the background noise with one single tap that allows you to listen for the distortion free audio like in professional studios.

MAONOCASTER podcast comes with 6 vocal FC preset buttons and four sound FX preset pad along with the 3 programmable pads and with the side chain button you can podcast like a pro in MAONOCASTER which helps you to cut through the vocals while podcasting and the music only button will fade the vocals to listen to the music seamlessly.

There is a dedicated console for the music lovers in MAONOCASTER to achieve their desired vocal sounds and pitch correction.

This MAONOCASTER all in one podcast system is priced at 119$ for super early bird sale and $129 for early bird sale.

Plan For Launch

The idea of the MAONOCASTER is born in the year 2019 August with the market research and the industrial design is started in the year 2019 September while the project get kicked off. The Structural design with the software and app development for the product is completed between the year 2019 to 2020 February. The first prototype of the product is exhibited in US in the year 2020 January and then the moulding process is done in 2020 March while the campaign in online platforms is begin in May with the 2nd pilot production and mass production for the product will begin in June and will be shipped to the customer.

Company Details

This MAONOCASTER all in one portable podcast is developed by the company called Maono technology which stands for vision and created to develop innovative professional audio products especially for the younger generations. The idea of the product started after the Alex working in Africa seen the colorful rich culture hovered in his mind.

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