Makr Mirror – Open Source Raspberry PI Powered Smart Mirror

Makr Mirror
  • Makr Mirror can be turned into a number of things; be it a clock, a notification device, a reminder device or anything.
  • Makr Mirror can also be entitled as a smart Mirror which can be just plugged and played on.
  • Powered with Raspberry Pi, Makr Mirror can be used for personal as well as for business uses.

If we look into the past decade, the technology around has exploded its way past from the line that it was expected to be. There is a lot in the present and there is a lot to see in the upcoming future. As of now technology has revolutionized the way we live, work and travel. We have ultra slim and portable laptops and mobile phones, electric cars have started rolling out on the streets and are already contributing towards a greener tomorrow. Our daily living stuff such as door locks have also become smart. They are automated and can be locked unlocked even if one is at the other side of the world.


The robots have started delivering our food and alongside that, they are now in our homes, cleaning every single corner that is untidy. With every single day passing, everything is becoming either automated or smart. The real advantage of all of this is that one has to spend less now because one device can do a lot than anticipated.

Problem Solved By This Product

The products are really cheap and reliable. All of this add to comfort of ours but with every step forward, we leave something that was integrated to our lives. For e.g. separate alarm clocks are not even a thing today and are very rare to be seen. This leaves a hole as accessories are present with us but not the way we expect them to. One such device, with an elegant feel and a versatile use is Makr Mirror.

Makr Mirror

Makr Mirror, a lesser known product is something that is and can be an all in one device. It is a smart Mirror that can be turned into almost anything. No worries as it still serves its general purpose of a Mirror but with the technology that has been provided with it, can be used to add a lot to it. The hardware and the software that has been integrated in the device are marvelous and can amend it according to one’s imagination and the quest to add something new with their problem-solving ability.

One of the major advantages of Makr Mirror is that it can be turned into a number of things; be it a clock, a notification device, a reminder device or anything. Also, there is no limitation for the device. It is installed with one of the latest technologies in the world right now which opens many possibilities.

Makr Mirror can also be entitled as a smart Mirror which can be just plugged and played on. It has some default extensions that are displayed on it but the community extensions, which can be many can also be applied on the Mirror.

The device houses the latest Raspberry Pi hardware. Raspberry Pi is a very small sized computer (a size as small as a credit card) which is capable of doing almost everything that a normal laptop or a PC would do. It comes in handy when its users want to learn some programming languages such as Python and Scratch.

Detailed Features


One of the key features of Raspberry Pi is that it can be plugged in any display and that display would work as a PC. The hardware is becoming extremely likeable in the tech world as it is much more portable than laptops, uses very low power and no noise at all.

It is indeed a big thing when one can carry their work in just their pocket! Raspberry Pi can run several OS other than its official Raspbian OS which include Ubuntu Mate and Softcore. It has several versions now behind it like Raspberry Pi zero, 1, 2, 3 and 4 with the latest model released being the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.


So, powered with Raspberry Pi, Makr Mirror can be used for personal as well as for business uses. The start-up to the device is really easy. Just hang the Mirror on the wall or anywhere you wish to. Open up your smart phone and connect to Makr Mirror by going through the Wi-Fi settings.

Once connected, the phone itself will take you to the browser where you can enter your wi-fi password and hence your Mirror will be connected to the internet. There are some default modules that are already up on the Mirror such as calendar, weather and clock. For extra functionality, there are modules that can be downloaded from the open source.


As of the overall build, the aluminum frame houses a camera on the front and a power button on the bottom. It can also function as a normal Mirror when powered off. And when powered on, it can give updates to you from around the world. In the end, it all matters that how much you want from it.

Plan For Launch


Makr Mirror was posted on Kickstarter on October 1st 2019. The campaign lasted for a month. The shipping started in December 2019 with the first units for the founders. Following this event, accessories started to roll out for the device. The shipping for the backers did not start until April 2020 for the first-time backers and July 2020 for the second time backers.

Company Details

The team behind Makr Mirror are responsible for making smart Mirrors and build kits. The former is their first major project that is made public. The difference that Makr Mirror keeps is that it has a software that is open source and a hardware that is based on modules i.e. nothing is fixed and everything can be changed by working with the open source software.

The motto for the company is to provide high quality integrated home devices that are just ready to use and customize. The project started back in 2016 when the company found out about the ‘Magic Mirror’ open source project from Reddit. Makr Mirror built hardware to run the software that was out there in the community and come out with this project as a result.

So, do you feel that your Mirror can do much more than it is doing now? Fancy a complement or two from it and make it the way you want with your own Makr Mirror.