M2S Bike All Terrain Electric Mountain E-Bike

M2S Bike
  • M2S Bike have proposed the idea of an all-terrain electric mountain bike that fulfills almost every need of a traveller.
  • M2S Bike All Terrain R750 is a complete heaven for the bike enthusiasts.
  • M2S Bike All Terrain R750 is equivalent to having a complete traveling package.

Travelling is one such thing that inspires everyone to do something catchy or adventurous in their free time. Traveling is not something that is described by the destination but the route itself. The road and off-road experience, the difficulties of the vehicle being used and solving them by pulling strings is what that matters. There are many routes to choose from when traveling like the obvious roads, then comes the off-roads and routes which have no land in them such as the water one or the air one. Vehicles that are used for these trips also vary like thin and thick. Some of these are bikes, cars, airplanes, and ships are the most commonly used ones.

Traveling via a bike is a completely different experience than in other of these listed vehicles. But there is a reason that they are used less and that is that they can carry at most three persons at a time and second that they take much more fuel to run than cars in terrains that are not for them such as coastal areas etc.


But then again, a different experience is much more valuable than the cost that is put in to have it. This cost to experience ratio decreases further down in opinion when it comes to experienced travellers, those who know their way around. Hence, affordability is also one of the things that a traveller keeps in mind but the commutation from one place to another can cut one’s pocket loose.

One of the more or less concerns that travellers have is how much fuel is wasted in the process of traveling alongside the costs. Hence, there is a need for vehicles that can be used in almost every terrain, is affordable, has less maintenance and surely, provides a rich experience of riding it. So, the engineers at M2S have proposed the idea of an all-terrain electric mountain bike that fulfills almost every need of a traveller.

Problem Solved By This Product


The M2S All Terrain R750 is a complete heaven for the bike enthusiasts. It is a combination of eco-friendly and style. The R750 bike, as the name suggests is an all-terrain bike that can go from the mountains to the sea. In short, everywhere. The bike is not a simple one but is with rugged looks and features that boast style and robust structure of it. It is powerful and is something that most travellers would welcome in their daily life.

If we talk about all the issues that are solved by buying this bike can come to end, then the list can be countless. But starting off, this vehicle is an electric one which straight off cuts the expenditure on the maintenance of it. Electric vehicles are known for their low maintenance and durability, and this bike has it all.

Alongside this, owning this vehicle would mean that one doesn’t need any other mode of commutation. All-terrain bike i9t is and it proves so. Having a bike means that you will have independence and an easiness in your travel as bikes find their way around while other vehicles like cars can’t. Therefore, having the M2S All Terrain R750 is equivalent to having a complete traveling package.


The bike straight-away catches eyes and turns heads around with its looks and the variety of colors that it offers. The frame of the bike is made with Aluminium which means that it is lightweight and is solid in its structure. The battery on this thing is massive and adding to that, one gets options to choose from. The battery is fixed at 48V and there are variations in the Amp-Hour capacity.

The range starts from 12.8 amp-hour which can give the user approximately 12-35 miles. The 16 amp-hour battery gives 20-45 miles and the 21 amp-hour one gives around 30-75 miles of juice for the user to squeeze. The 12,20 and 30 miles of the separate batteries respectively are achieved when the bike is subjected to throttle only whereas the latter ranges (35,45 and 75) are paddle-assisted throttles. The product can be customized with several choices.

Detailed Specifications


As said earlier, the bike is purely stylish and can turn heads. There are options such as including the rack and fender, the taillights, tire thickness, long-range battery, etc. Along with this long list of features, some upgrades make it more efficient and catchier such as a full-colors display with USB port, air suspension fork with lockout, upgraded lights, etc. The speed of the bike can hit up to 28 miles per hour and can vary according to the battery type and the charging in it. In short, it is completely up to you how you want your bike to be like.

Plan For Launch

The M2S R750 All-Terrain Bike is up on Kickstarter for funding. The bike’s campaign is going on until 15 March 2020 (UTC). It has already crossed its pledge of $12000 and has doubled the amount since. The R750 is available on Kickstarter with many options. One can go onto the site and back the product by pledging $299 towards the project.

This pledged amount will be deducted from the price of the bike and shipping charges. The pricing of the bikes with 12.8, 16 and 21 amp-hour batteries are $1299, $1499 and $1699 respectively without the rack and the fenders. An additional $100 will be charged if the option seems more likely to you. For two terrain bikes, one can choose to pledge $598 towards the campaign.

Company Details

M2S Bikes was founded in 2015 and has a goal of bringing customers electric bikes that are affordable and have quality in them. The firm wants its customers to stay healthy and stylish in one way. The company started funding in 2016 with two of its models up on Kickstarter. Since then, the company has grown to gain the trust of its customers through quality material, quality service, and support. M2S not only offers bikes but also is a manufacturer of accessories, apparel, and all road bikes too.

Hence, long story short, the M2S R750 All-Terrain Bike is one of a kind product that is eco-friendly and can help you in various scenarios. Just think of all the jaws that will drop by seeing you on this piece of art and while you’re thinking of it, go ahead and check the bike out.