M-Pad Balance Trainer Perfect For Your Home Fitness

  • M-Pad has balancing programs which can be controlled by your mobile phone.
  • M-Pad machine allows you to train at your own pace.
  • M-Pad Balance trainer converts your workout session into a fun.

M-Pad Balance Trainer is an innovative workout machine which helps you train your muscles along with a little bit fun and a feel of real life simulation in a small mechanical workout. The M-Pad simulates the workout as if it were real life and the muscles just adapt to the workout making you feel like you are at a gym.

The M-Pad also has inbuilt games for you to pass your time and enjoy your workout time. The M-Pad has all the necessary training methods you’ll need to improve your balance and increase your agility. The device allows you to manage your workout and increase or decrease the level of training accordingly with respect to your convenience.


Problem Solving by the Product

Many of the times we go to the gym and start running on the treadmill. We lose our concentration after some time. The loss of concentration imbalances us. Often in gyms which are not very large, they do not provide you with the machine which would allow you to increase your balance and agility.


Balance and Agility is very important as it allows you to maintain concentration and swiftness in a task or a workout. Yoga helps a lot with this but if you want to take this to the next level, you can use the M-Pad Balance Trainer.


This machine allows you to train at your own pace and level allowing you to better your balance and agility with the wide variety of the sets of workout and games provided by it. You’ll never get bored with the M-Pad as it has an addictive and unique set of workout and balancing programs installed in it which can be controlled by your mobile phone.

Detailed Specifications

The M-Pad Balance Trainer is a device which allows you to improve your stability and agility in easy ways which would feel like a game. The M-Pad Balance trainer converts your workout session into a fun activity through its 13 different training modes available to be controlled completely by the user.

The M-Pad provides you with the M-Trac mobile application which allows you to control the workout manner and increase or decrease the levels or height of the M-Pad Balance trainer according to your convenience. The M-Pad Balance Trainer has a Tilt and Swivel movement system to provide super stability to the device.

The device along with the M-Trac application provides its users with 13 different training options which include two games. These different options can be accessed from the application on your mobile phone connecting you to the machine.

You can view the modes and understand how they work over your Mobile Phone and on your TV. All this allows your workout session to be easily converted into a fun session which allows you to stay fit and in shape.


The M-Pad Balance Trainer targets the core muscles inside the body and mimics the real life motion around the users so that they feel like actually working out. The M-Pad Balance trainer also provides an instability test to its users.

This test uses the tilts and swivels to its full extent so that the user can check his limits on the machine and keep on improving his stability and strength. All of the workout activities can be tracked and logged in the M-Trac application allowing you to keep a record of your workout and fitness. You can log in the workout reps and revs and the range of movement and store it all in the workout history.


The M-Pad Balance Trainer has a length of 42.6 inches, a width of 34.00 inches and a height of 8.7 inches when it is assembled. The device is collapsible so that when you are not using it you can just fold it in itself and keep it anywhere and forget about it.

When folded, the device has a length of 18 inches and a height of just 3.5 inches. Also its foldability allows you to keep it in your gym bag and take it anywhere you want. The device weighs about 3.63 kilograms or 7.78 lbs. The device is made mostly of TPE materials which are non-marring to floor surfaces.


Other than that the company also uses metals for hinges and some components to provide it with a higher durability. The pads on which people stand also has a textured finish on it which allows it some traction when being used. The M-Pad Balance Trainer comes in One Colour and One Size which is standard for the company and fits almost all the individuals regardless of their sizes.

Plans for Launch

The M-Pad Balance Trainer was launched initially in 2017 across various online shopping platforms. These platforms included various famous brands like Amazon, Walmart, etc. Being first listed on Amazon in November 2017 the M-Pad Balance trainer currently ships worldwide from any of these websites and can be bought easily.

The Company also provides its users with the flexibility to replace the product within 10 days if they experience any issues with it. The device has won the award for Product Design in the International Red Dot Awards 2018.

This was mainly because of the company’s effort in providing the people with a ground-breaking Balance and Strength Trainer in such an innovative design.

Company Details

The M-Pad Balance and Strength Trainer is a product of the Nautilus Incorporation. The Global fitness equipment designer and creators, Nautilus Inc. have been headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. The Company was founded in 1986 by Arthur Jones.

With Jim Barr acting as the CEO of the Company, the Company aims towards building better and more effective fitness equipment for the people to use easily and conveniently from their homes.

They currently own several fitness equipment brands under them like Nautilus, Bowflex, Modern Movement, Octane Fitness, etc. The company’s team of experts and designers always help it build better and better technologies for the people of the world such as the M-Pad Balance and Strength Trainer.

The Company has won several awards including 2 more Red Dot Awards before the M-Pad in 2015 and 2016 for two of its other products.