Lumos A Next Generation Recession-Proof Helmet

World’s first smart bicycle helmet that provides integrated lights for brakes and turn signals.


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  • Lumos is the world’s first smart helmet which comes with the bright integrated lights to make the rider visible during night rides and ensures safety while riding.
  • Lumos Helmet has integrated accelerometer sensor which automatically gives brake lights when you slow down with 16 super bright LED lights and the white 14 super bright lights on the front.
  • Lumos Helmet also have turn lights which can be triggered with remote control, the helmet is water resistant to ride in rain and last longer for one week with 1000 mAh built in battery.


Many people love cycling because of the freedom that the bicycle give to ride of quickly but the main problem with riding the bicycle in the night times is that cyclist will be invisible and easy prone to accidents without being seen by others even with their bike lights are on.

Lumos is the world’s first smart bicycle helmet that provides integrated lights for brakes and turn signals which gives you control over safety and makes you more visible to everyone on the road.

Lumos is a next generation helmet that brings common sense features to most important piece of gear and Lumos is most comfortable helmet that is designed to be sleek & strong and with the built in LED’s which really helps you stand out at night.

Lumos Helmets lights makes you visible in all direction because they are higher and larger tradition in bicycle lights since they are part of the helmet you don’t need to worry about the lights forgotten at home.

Lumos Helmet has the built in accelerometer that detects when you are slowing down and automatically displays a brake light so that people behind you can react easily. Lumos also shows the left and right signals which are hard to see at nights controlled by wireless remote at your handlebar.

Problem Solving By This Product


Lumos Helmet ensures your safety and solves the problem of rider is invisible even when the bike lights are on during night rides and comes with the integrated LED lights on front and back as well.

These lights on the Lumos Helmet are integrated & part of helmet so you don’t need to worry about forgetting them at the home or getting stolen by someone.

Lumos Helmet has the 16 Super bright LED lights on the back forming triangle warning symbol and the built in accelerometer senor which turns on the brake signal when you are slowing down that helps you to communicate your actions to other drivers.

The 14 Super Bright LED lights on the front of the Lumos Helmet make you visible to the driver’s side view mirror. With Lumos Helmet there is no need to struggle of showing hands while taking turns you can use the turn signals on the Lumos Helmet.

The Lumos Helmet has the turn signals which can be triggered by the remote controller which is very small you can attach that to the handlebar that can last longer for 6 months.

Lumos Helmet is made with high quality materials and designed to be sleek and fit to every rider. The Helmet comes with the massive 1000mAh battery so that you can enjoy the experience for one week with single charge and rechargeable with micro-USB.

The Lumos Helmet is water resistant so that you don’t need to worry about going to night ride even in heavy rain.

Detailed Specification


Lumos Helmet is the world’s first smart bicycle helmet which is integrated with the lights making safety as simple for the cyclist to go on the roads.

Lumos Helmet is the next generation helmet which comes with the brake and turn signal lights which helps you to seamlessly communicate with the other people on the road who are driving behind you.

Lumos Helmet which is the designed to be sleek and strong offering the most comfort while wearing the helmet and the lights on the back of the helmet form red triangle which is a commonly used warning symbol on roads and with the white lights which are arranged on the front of the helmet creates a distinctive pattern which helps you to stand out better in the night times.

Since all these lights are integrated in the helmet you which are naturally higher, larger and more distinctive to be seen easier and even you can show the turn signals with the Lumos controlled by the wireless remote controller trigger on your handlebar to specify you which direction you are going on the road.

When the Lumos Helmet turn signals are activated a bright yellow light on the helmet forms an arrow on the back side of the helmet and the remote is small so that you can mount that remote controller on your handlebar which is water resistant.

The Built in accelerometer sensor in the Lumos Helmet detects when you slows down and gives the brake signal on back automatically so the other drivers can easily understands your actions and avoid accidents.

Lumos Helmet is very easy to charge with the micro-USB cable when you use only 1/2 hour a day the charging would long last for one week and the helmet is made with high quality durable material and water resistant so you can even go when it’s rainy.

This Lumos Helmet comes in two different sizes to fit for every rider and available in two different colors currently they are Charcoal black and pearl white. There are also hand painted limited editions available.

This Lumos Helmet is priced at $179.95.

Weight 410 grams
Front lights 14 Super Bright LED
Wireless remote controller battery life 6 months
Side lights 15 Super Bright LED for turn signal
Brake lights 16 Super bright LED
Battery capacity 1000 mAh
Sensors Accelerometer

Plan For Launch


The Lumos Helmet is first launched in online platforms after the idea of the concept in 2015 and then the Lumos Helmet is released for sample tooling in September 2015, then the testing for the Helmet is done in labs in October 2015 while the production testing is done in November 2015. The production is started in January 2015 and the first batch will be delivered to the customers in April 2016 after manufacturing and 2nd batch in May 2016 along with the third batch in June 2016.

Company Details

This Helmet is developed by the company called lumoshelmet where EU-WEN DING is the founder of the company and JEFF CHEN is the CTO for the company started as two engineers after spotting out the problem of how cyclist are vulnerable in roads while riding the bicycle and hard times in predicting the movements of cyclist riding on the road. The CEO & CTO are still two entrepreneurs who bootstrapping their business.

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