Lumir K- The Cooking Oil Lamp

Lumir K- The Cooking Oil Lamp - 7
  • Lumir K is a cooking oil powered LED lamp that converts the thermal energy of cooking oil into electricity.
  • One Lumir K can provide the light intensity which is equals to 100 candles can provide.
  • Lumir K is an easy, accessible and sustainable solution for those who need light.

We cannot reuse the cooking oils, when they are used once, they will harm your health by inducing cancer into the body. But, what if we say it can be reusable but not for cooking it can be utilized in another way. Lumir K is a cooking oil powered LED lamp that converts the thermal energy of cooking oil into electricity. It is far efficient enough it take only less quantity of oil to light things up and no need of battery or charging, also its very easy to use just lamp over the lit wick will turn the LED light on.


Detailed Features

Lumir K- The Cooking Oil Lamp - 4

1. One Lumir K can provide the light intensity which is equals to 100 candles can provide.

2. It’s pretty easy to use the Lumir k just light it up the wick and there you go the LED will start to glow.

3. Any oil can be used for lighting it up, it doesn’t matter what kind of cooking oil is used.

4. It got 10 years of life span which is far enough for the product to serve in its lifetime.

5. It converts the small thermal energy of cooking oil into electricity to turn the lights on.

6. Cooking oil is the cheapest one and familiar ingredients as it is easily found in every place.

7. Lumir K is an easy, accessible and sustainable solution for those who need light.

8. The product doesn’t take a lot of space to be used it is very compact in size you can even keep it under the sink or on the shelf in the garage however.

9. You can use it for cooking in garden, in your garage, camping, picnic etc.


10. The light is a detachable one you can remove it if you don’t need.

11. The head of the LED light is also an adjustable one it will arrange accordingly you twist or rotate it you want it to be.

12. The fuel container can hold cooking oil up to 140 ml which is gives you light that will last longer for 7 days, when you use it 4 hours every day.

13. It consumes very low oil to burn it up and convert into electric energy it takes only 5 ml of oil for 1 hour of light.

14. It is very simple to use, just fill the cooking oil in the fuel container & light it up, then fit it on the bottom of the Lumir within 2 mins the LED light will get turn on.

15. The wick should be placed such a way that 2cm flame will come, bigger flames or not recommended to be used which might damage the product.

16. Also avoid using the other oils like gasoline other than cooking oil’s.


17. The heat energy of small flame which usually scattered into the air and generate electricity without any power supply, it light ups the LED which is almost 100 times brighter than a candle light.

18. In case of kerosene lamps, only 10% of energy from the fuel is used for illuminating because the flame itself is the direct light, the rest of energy is scattered in the air as heat.


19. Lumir k provide 4.1 times brighter light than kerosene lamps, while its economic effect was also achieved with 80% consuming lower fuel, it also reduces the carbon emissions by 90%.



  • Dimensions 100x100x350 mm
  • Weight 590 grams
  • Colour Black
  • LED LG Innotek LED g5
  • Material Poly carbonate, polybutylene terephthalate, GL & Aluminium
  • Component LED, Body, Fuel container, 4 wicks
  • Fuel container Capacity 140 ml
  • Flame Size 2cm preferred

Plan For Launch

Development and the testing is begun in the year 2015 till the year 2018, the product campaign had begun in May 2019 and shipping will be done at 2019 August, Delivery of the product done at 2019 September, The next generation product development is done in 2020, this product is supported by many companies like industrial bank of Korea, sba, kier & some, At present they are working with many organizations to bring the lights to many families in the world especially where solar products are limited due to climatic conditions, countries like Indonesia, Cambodia etc.

Out Of Box

The Lumir K pack consists of four wicks and a fuel container and a base holder for the fuel container and for the LED Lamp to attach to it.


The Lumir k is 28 $ (2000 Rs approx.) for those who do not have electricity access in Cambodia and it is available for 39 $ (2770 Rs approx.) for the rest of the people, there is another combo in which you can get one Lumir and donate one to the people in the Cambodia which is available for 63 $ (4476 Rs approx.).There are still other packs to get 2 Lumir and Get 2 Give 1, Give 4 Give 1, Get 10 and even if you want to aid 100 families you can help them in buying 100 Lumir for a particular area you want, which are available for
75$(5328 Rs), 95$ (6749 Rs), 165$ (11722 Rs), 348$(24749Rs), and the empowering kit for 3000$ (213129 Rs) respectively.


This device has a weather constraints and not preferred areas, the flame size is also recommended 2cm, and the people who neglect it may reduce the life and damage the product, choosing the cooking oil for the electric energy is not enough for some areas which only depends on the solar one for which it is not preferred. The fuel container capacity is low which holds only 140 ml if the people who changes the oil in a wide quantity might be a problematic to the customers who use this.

Company Details

This product is brought you to by Lumir which is a social venture, resolving the light problems to the world, they had a successful campaign with their first product, and currently it is working with many organizations to places where solar products are limited.
The CEO/ Founder were Jehwan Park who is also listed in the Forbes in Asia.