LUMI MARK II Perfect Camera & Phone Mount

It keeps you focused in the screen while you are filming or taking photograph.


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  • LUMI MARK II is an automated mount which is compatible for all cameras & smartphones and has face tracking & object tracking with live stream functionality.
  • LUMI MARK II can also be remotely controlled through app and offers you hand free professional photography experience which has programmable auto time-lapse and panorama.
  • LUMI MARK II is portable and lightweight which can support camera up to 2Kg and flexible to film at any angle and supports multi device integration to create automated studio.


LUMI MARK II which is the automated camera and phone mount with flawless face tracking that keeps you in the frame all the time without any lag & automatic movements and has the high-performance object tracking to know what you are shooting and follow your actions. LUMI MARK II has the live streaming facility to share the dynamic content anywhere with the auto tracking feature so you can freely without any worries of adjusting the mount yourself.

LUMI MARK II can be controlled with your device remotely for flawless experience and supports camera & smartphone up to 2 kg’s which is very versatile to be used for smartphones, cameras, GoPro and many more other devices.

LUMI MARK II is lightweight and portable for you to carry the mount anywhere you need and has the programmable time lapse & panorama with ease and supports multi-device integration to setup 2 or more devices for automated studio.

With the LUMI MARK II you can film at any angle and expand your video capturing abilities with flexible tilting and planning options which allows you to capture any scene at any angle.

Problem Solving By This Product


LUMI MARK II featured with the flawless face tracking which will keep you focused in the screen while you are filming or taking photograph so that you don’t need to adjust the mount and your creativity while you are on work.

LUMI MARK II also has the object tracking feature when you want to track & focus the objects which will be helpful for tracking fast and moving objects and offers you hand free experience with professional level photography with auto photo by KINOFI single mode. LUMI MARK II is not only a mount but also tripod and selfie stick.

The Live streaming capability in the LUMI MARK II with the face tracking allows you share the dynamic content you create on the go and stay connected. LUMI MARK II is compatible with all smartphones and camera which weighs up to 2Kg and other devices which supports 1/4 “screw.

LUMI MARK II is more flexible and adjustable to capture the scene at any angle and position and you can also build automated studio by multiple device integration and they come with programmable speed, angle and time lapse along with panorama to capture clear 1800 shots without any blurriness.

LUMI MARK II is portable and lightweight which is very easy to use and the application has many features to edit the shots you taken with the LUMI MARK II.

Detailed Specification


LUMI MARK II which is a smart mount for your smartphones and camera that moves with you and rotates automatically without any lag and has face & object tracking functionality.

LUMI MARK II is small and light weighted elegant unique design which makes the mount to be portable to carry along with you anywhere you go. With the face tracking feature LUMI MARK II will recognize you and moves along with you in the direction you move and makes you stay focused on the screen when you are capturing or filming.

LUMI MARK II also has object detection feature which allows you to select the object you want to focus on the film and stay locked even when the object reenters the screen which is perfect for shooting moving objects like animals, events and many more.

LUMI MARK II is not just a mount and serves as tripod and selfie stick which has auto photo mode by KINOFI single mode to capture the hand free photograph experience like a professional photographer.

LUMI MARK II is also capable to do live streaming with face tracking which will be helpful when you are doing live streams across social media without worry about moving the camera to keep your focus in the screen, you can move freely as you like.

LUMI MARK II works fine with all of your devices with the flexible grip which is perfect to hold any phone or camera without any complicated pins or attachments to hold your device securely and supports in mounting the camera up to 2Kgs. The mount is also compatible with other cameras like GoPro, other video recorders and any other devices which have 1/4” screw.

LUMI MARK II is flexible and cab be tilted in any manner for low & high angle shots to capture any scene at any angle without need of stand. LUMI MARK II also supports multiple devices integration and recognize each other you can also use the app to control up to 5 devices and can be programmable to be tiled in any direction, play/ pause the video or even increase the speed of filming.

LUMI MARK II has the auto time lapse feature which is also programmable to capture incredible moments and has automatic panoramas and the app has built in production features so that you can edit while filming with creative features.

LUMI MARK II is very easy to use without any knowledge over the photography the custom AI will do the things for you and will be your own photographer, videographer and director.

LUMI MARK II camera & phone mount is priced at 1,318$.

Dimensions 62 x 62 x 329 mm
Weight 346 grams
Material IXEF 1022
Battery life Video mode: 4 hours
Time-lapse mode: 8 hours
Battery (Built in / removable) Built in
Motor min speed 0.0879 degree / sec
Motor max speed 360 degrees in 8 seconds
Motor type Step motor

Plan For Launch

The INNOPLAY is founded in the year 2015 and Hong Kong PolyU University Micro Fund Award in 2016 and entered into Hong Kong Science Park Incu Tech member in 2017. The INNOPLAY & Polaroid cross over is released in 2017 with the orders form Manfrotto which is the world’s biggest Photography Equipment company and obtained 45 patents for KINOFI and take the leap to reach the customers in the year 2019.

Company Details

This LUMI MARK II mount for camera and smartphone is developed by the company called KINOFI. The company has the vision of being successful innovation demands with creative innovations liked to experimentation and ideation. Their mission is to make the employees think out of the box and make new opportunities for the willing ones by treating everyone equal and utilize their full talent. The KINOFI company has 10 years of experience in innovative product development with the professional edge cutting projects with precise and making high quality equipment for mobile & film equipment’s.

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