LoCoMogo Train – Creative Play and Learn Coding For Your 10-12 Years Children

  • LoCoMoGo Train toy allows you to learn coding as a fun activity while playing with it, train follows the tape automatically.
  • LoCoMoGo Train which is a toy train to teach children who are aged around 4 to 12 years old and let them to learn code through playing.
  • LoCoMoGo allows the kid to use their imagination to design the track and to move the train to do things what they like and what come out of their mind.

Everyone expects their kids to be a good logical thinker to solve the problem when they are about to be faced, good logical skill in coding as well as in any aspect should be learnt only when we are in the child age because once our brain mold to think in that manner. Forcing the kids to learn isn’t a good manner to teach you have to let them learn things while they are playing.

LoCoMoGo Train which is a toy train to teach children who are aged around 4 to 12 years old and let them to learn code through playing.


Children can start their fun right away with the LoCoMoGo by creating their unique train track using the tape. The color car then enables them to learn the basic code logic to the true code master.

Each education train car in the LoCoMoGo will adds a new function and is programmable through the LoCoMoGo app which enables the child to create more and more fun opportunities to think on their own to play and code with.


LoCoMoGo journey starts with creating unique tracks on your own imagination using the tape or draw them on paper LoCoMoGo automatically follows the track you draw, allowing to perform the screen less coding by enabling coding through colors to learn the simple basic if then logic like blue color make it flash and green signal to accelerate its speed, and much more like algorithmic thinking.

Problem solving by this product

Logical thinking becomes easy eventually in the coding while learning with the LoCoMoGo Train.

Traditional train toys only do some tasks whereas the LoCoMoGo allows the kid to use their imagination to design the track and to move the train to do things what they like and what come out of their mind.


Each additional train car in the LoCoMoGo kit adds a new function to learn while they are learning that makes them to never get bored out of the train while they try to find the functionalities in it.

This LoCoMoGo is entirely screen less fun which help them as a physical activity too while they learn to play with it rather than sitting in front of the screen to learn coding.

You know how the code executes like the same way the LoCoMoGo after completion of the track design when the train toy is placed over it, starts to follow the track automatically.


LoCoMoGo teaches from the very basic logic (if-then) to the advanced algorithmic logics to be learnt in an easy fashioned manner like color green indicates to accelerate and blue to flash the lights.

You can unlock the next educational step when you are tired of all the old ones with connecting train to your phone and enabling the programming of the entire train with the LoCoMoGo app enables to start the screen-full coding.

The screen coding in the LoCoMoGo allows you to unlock the full potential from the drag and drop coding to the master coder.

Detailed specification

LoCoMoGo train toy which teaches children how to code as an activity of playing with it starting with the basic code logic when the kids are 4 years old with entirely screen less all begin by placing the tape on any surface and place the train. The intelligent LoCoMoGo will follow the track automatically, making the track is not easier.

Using the color car for the LoCoMoGo when the kids are grown up some further which reacts to the different colors of tape, blue gives light while the green accelerate the train and so on, which will teach them the basics in the coding like if-then logic.


When they are older they can use the LoCoMoGo app to change the functions themselves it develop their skills over the years until they are true code masters when they are 9 to 12 years old, all while playing from the staring with the simple challenges with step by step learning to the individualized challenges.

There will always be a new car to be added to the LoCoMoGo collection, as they are working continuously to bring the new logic and experience to extend the train to have fun while playing.


The LoCoMotive is to boost the creativity which low cost expenses to be spent over the track, while the Edison Express provides the screen-less coding to learn basic logic through colors along with the computational thinking and the Bell Express is to enhance your brain with the algorithmic thinking with the daily new challenges and make you explore independently from the simple drag and drop to programming in C.


The price of the LoCoMoGo Train toy is Rs 8,174  which comes with only the LoCoMotive and Edison Express is priced at Rs 14,780  which comes with the color car, while the bell express combo comes with the LoCoMotive, Color car and Connectivity car is priced at Rs 20,560.


Plan for launch

This LoCoMoGo Train toy is launched in the year 2020 February and made available to the users soon while the shipping will be done in the quarter 4 of the year.

Company details

This Train to learn coding is developed by the company called LoCoMoGo, they always believe that every child should have the opportunity to learn coding with way of doing it fun.

That is why they design the products that teach children to learn to code in a funny manner. At present they are in the journey of launching their first product the LoCoMoGo Toy Train. LoCoMoGo is fun, educational and keep the kids attracted to play while they are learning form the basic 4 years kids to learn logic to till they meet the textual programmatic logic at the age of 10-12 years.