• Lockbook has an all in one arrangement for all your writing needs
  • Lockbook keeps journal safe from unwanted people and allows only you to unlock it
  • Lockbook also allows you to keep your cards, pens, etc.

The Lockbook is the one journal you need if you want to make it secure. It is the world’s first journal/notebook with an inbuilt fingerprint sensor. This provides you with the maximum level of security you could possibly hope for in a notebook. The notebook has an all in one arrangement for all your writing needs. It has dedicated pockets for pens, pages, documents, cards, pictures, etc. You can lock them inside the Lockbook safely and not worry about anyone stealing anything or reading what isn’t meant for them.

Alongside providing your writing and documents top class safety, the Lockbook also adds to the style statement of current generation. The advanced safety measure of the notebook does not affect its style. It is available in many colours and all of them are designed to be stylish as well as secure.

Problem Solving by the Product


Many of us often have the habit of writing journals log in our daily activities inside it. We also put in our important personal information inside the journal and do not want anyone else taking a peak on that information. With the Lockbook you no longer need to worry about your journal or anyone else looking inside it. It keeps your journal safe from unwanted people and allows only you to unlock it.

Locking a journal with a key is secure. But many of the times, we either lose the key or someone steals it. This again puts the information in danger. Now with the Lockbook, the key is you. You now have the feature of fingerprint unlocking on your Lockbook. Along with being a journal, the Lockbook also allows you to keep your cards, pens, etc. safe and out of the reach of anyone else who might use it in negative ways.

Detailed Specifications


The Lockbook helps you keep your personal writings and information safe with the help of its innovative design which includes the helpful fingerprint sensor. The active semiconductor type fingerprint sensor on the device is powered through the Lithium Polymer Battery with a capacity of 3.7 Volts and 160 mAh. It can be charged through a USB charging port provided in the Lockbook with a 5 Volt input Voltage. Once completely charged, the Lockbook can easily handle a standby time of more than 60 days.

The Fingerprint Sensor is designed to be durable and has a lifetime capacity of 10 Million touches. This amount should easily cover your for the rest of your days. The Lockbook can register as much as 2 fingerprints on a single device for you to allow someone close to you access the Lockbook in case of emergencies. The Fast Fingerprint reacts and unlocks your Lockbook in just 0.5 seconds.

The package of the Lockbook provides its users with the device itself along with one Micro USB charging cable to charge the Lockbook and 1 Reset Pin. The normal operating temperature of the Lockbook ranges from -20 to 70 degree Celsius or -4 to 158 degree Fahrenheit. The Lockbook has dimensions of 182 mm x 236 mm and a thickness of 24.6 mm.

The Fingerprint Sensor consumes less than 10 micro Amperes of powers when hibernating. The Lockbook weighs 640 grams when it is equipped with 100 pages provided by the Company. The frame is built of high quality Polyurethane and Plastic material which provide it a great design and functional capability along with being durable. The Cover being made up of SVEPA Thermo PU Leather gives it a great and modern finish.

The Lockbook uses A5 pages which has a 6 hole lose leaf. The Company provides 100 pages along with the device in the start and the page refills can easily be bought online easily once you finish the first 100 pages. The Lockbook also provides you with various compartments on one side of the device inside it which can hold your pens, keep your important cards and documents safely and organized.

You can customize the way you keep the documents and cards the way you want. Mixing and matching several designs allow the Lockbook to be easily accessible whether for an Office or for your personal Home use. The Lockbook comes in 6 Colour variants. These include great design colours like, Black, Lace-Black, Red, Brown, Lace-Orange and Lace-Pink. The free side of the Lockbook can easily be transformed into different needs such as a colorful notepad or a World Map or even a Multi functional Storage in case you have a lot of cards and documents you want to store safely with the bio-metric protection.

Plans for Launch

The Lockbook was initially launched through its own Indiegogo campaign in March 2017. Being the world’s first Notebook journal with the security of fingerprints along with maintaining the style statement, it crossed its Indiegogo target in just 23 hours. The company then started working on the production of the Lockbook. Preparing a prototype in May 2017, the mass production first began in June 2017. The Company shipped the first batch of Lockbook in late June and starting of July 2017. Since then, the Lockbook has been available on various online platforms like GEECR and Amazon to be bought and shipped worldwide without any hassles. The Lockbook had also won the Red Dot Award for Production Design in March 2018.

Company details

The Lockbook has been developed by the FPLife Company. The FPLife Company is a member of the WisUmi brand family. The WisUmi Company was established on 9th October 2014. The idea behind the Lockbook was to provide the people with a secure way to store their precious writings and their personal information with the help of a device which along with providing security and being a design statement in itself also did not need any hassle of managing the lock.

The Company produces Information System, Software, Fingerprint Readers, Computer Hardware components, Security products, etc. The company aims primarily towards innovation. The Research and Development Staff only takes up almost 70 percent of the company’s manpower making it capable of coming up with fresh and new ideas which help the people of world making it a better place.

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