LIZ Practical Next-Generation Smart Bottle

Next-generation bottle that has the built in sterilization system.

LIZ Practical Next-Generation

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  • LIZ Smart Bottle has the self-cleaning Sterilization mechanism and even sterilize water by destroying 99.9% bacteria and virus with double tap on the LID.
  • LIZ Smart Bottle has the hydration reminder to keep you hydrated all the time and can keep your favorite beverages cool or warm up to 24 hours with temperature indication.
  • LIZ Smart Bottle is made with high quality reusable material and lightweight with anti-leak LID and comes with the rechargeable battery life of up to 1 month.


Many of the people don’t know really that there will be 10 million virus in a glass of water and some people forget to drink water and keep their body hydrated where some of the people wish to carry the beverages and keep them at their temperature.

LIZ Smart Bottle has the built in UV-C light which helps in destroying 99.9% harmful bacteria in the bottle and also odor causing bacteria, LIZ Smart Bottle that can sterilize itself even the water to provide clean & healthy water every day by double tapping the lid of LIZ.

LIZ Smart Bottle will remind you to drink the water every two hours and keep you hydrated all the time and keeps your favorite beverage hot or cold up to 24 hours to check the temperature you need to click the lid once.

LIZ Smart Bottle is made with Eco-Friendly stainless steel body with the anti-leak lid so that you can take the LIZ anywhere you go and long last up to 1 month with the built in battery for single charge.

Problem Solving By This Product


LIZ Smart Bottle which will be the next-generation bottle that has the built in sterilization system to keep the bottle clean all the time and even sterilize the water for safe drinking while destroying 99.9% bacteria and virus with a simple double tap on the LID where in the normal rational bottle we need to clean the bottle all the time.

Some people even forget to drink water on time to keep their body hydrated, LIZ helps you to stay hydrated with the Hydration reminder sensor every 2 hours.

LIZ Smart Bottle has the insulation to keep your favorite beverages hot or cold up to 24 hours and made with high quality reusable material with BPA durable plastic, made with the unique and elegant design to carry along with you anywhere you want with the light & portable design.

You can also carry you LIZ in backpacks or luggage bags since the Smart Bottle comes with the anti-leak lid which makes you worry free about the content inside the bottle and has the anti-slip silicone grip to give your fine grip.

There is a LED indicator which will notify you when you need to take the water and the smart LID opening detector will stop sterilizing the water when the lid is open and the infrared sensor will measure the temperature accurately.

Detailed Specification


LIZ is the next-generation Smart Bottle that has the built in UV-C sterilization system which will destroy 99.9% of bacteria & virus and odor casing bacteria.

When you double tap the lid of LIZ that will clean the bottle when the bottle is empty by sterilizing the bottle when there are water the LIZ will sterilize the water which makes them clean to drink every day and stay healthy.

LIZ Smart Bottle has the hydration reminder which will remind you to drink the water every 2 hours to keep you hydrated and has the insulation for all your favorite beverages to keep them cool or warm from 12 to 24 hours and tell you the temperature with single tap on the lid.

LIZ is made with the high quality vacuum 316 surgical grade stainless steel with BPA free durable plastic LID which is eco-friendly and reusable.

LIZ Smart bottle is unique with elegant design and light weight that weighs only 325 grams to be carried along with you wherever you go with the anti-leak lid so that you can place the LIZ in your suitcase or anywhere in the travel without worrying and comes with the anti-slip silicone grip.

LIZ Smart Bottle is packed with the high-tech sensors such as UV-C light, LED Indicators and Infrared Temperature Sensors, the LED light indicator will inform you about the battery status, sterilization progress and power modes while the LID opening detector will stop the UV sterilization process when the LID opens.

LIZ Smart Bottle Infrared Sensor will keep track about the temperature of the bottle while the ultraviolet-C Light will destroy the virus and bacteria.

This LIZ Smart Bottle storage of 350ml which is available in three different color variants they are blue, pink and white which are priced at $66 while the 480ml capacity LIZ is priced at $77 which is available in Red, black and white colors.

Weight 325 grams (480ml) / 270 grams (350ml)
Dimensions 74 x 250 mm (480ml) 74 x 194 mm (350ml)
Hydration reminder Available
Insulator Up to 24 hours
Sterilization Water and Bottle
Dishwasher Safe bottle Yes
Charging Magnetic Charging Lithium battery
Battery life 6 months
Material Vacuum insulated 316 Surgical grade Stainless Steel

Plan For Launch

The concept of the LIZ is started in the year 2018 Summer while the prototype is started in September 2018 with the first sample and prototype testing in November after six months of research & development the product is launched in January 2019 at CES. Then the pre-production is started in February 2019 with the final working sample and the production started in July 2019 with the online campaigns and the LIZ will be delivered to the customer in the later quarters of the year 2019.

Company Details

This LIZ Smart Bottle is developed by the company called Neorden which is the French smart brand with a vision of bringing the minimalistic design and smart technology for the everyday usage things from the smartwatches to the healthy tech and make them simple to use. The company started in the year 2016 with a few members and grew 50 members in 2018 and currently they are selling the products over 20 countries and present in ten different nationalities. CHRIS is the founder & CEO of the company, Camille is the designer, Melvyn will take the lead of crowdfunding and Lea is the marketing director of the company.

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