LightCam – 24×7 Smart Security Camera hidden under Lightbulb

  • LightCam looks like normal LightBulb but works as full scale Surveillance Camera.
  • LightCam is very flexible to install and manage. No complex wiring setup required.
  • LightCam has powerful camera and has night vision capability also.


ightCam is an excellent innovation in the video based security system. In today’s world security threat is one of the biggest threats faced by people. With the growing modernization people need cameras set up almost everywhere to keep monitoring any suspicious activity around their homes and loved ones. Although the security cameras help as a very helpful piece of equipment, they are really difficult to be set up. The drilling, the wiring, storage setups are really time and effort consuming.

Making this easier LightCam has revealed its new and innovative Light plus Security Camera. This product makes it easier for you to monitor your belongings simply by investing no extra setup time or effort. Setting up is way too easy and the applications and uses just do not stop.


Many times you may have felt a need to monitor your house or check up on something or someone and then just abandoned the need remembering all the hassle you would have to go through to set up a security camera in your house. And not just setting up the camera is important but the way people react when they see a camera pointed at them isn’t that great either. Many people may get offended when under surveillance.

Solving these as well as many other problems comes the LightCam. This multipurpose light bulb not only lightens up your house but also helps you monitor it through an inbuilt camera. It is easy to control through a mobile application and the design helps you to set it just the way you want without anyone even noticing a camera monitoring them.



  • 100%  Adjustable : LightCam can be fixed on anywhere, can be adjusted in any position to be perfectly see the field of view.
  • Built-In Storage : LightCam can store weeks data as it comes with adjustable MicroSD card along with this.
  • 2-Way Communication : LightCam can help you to hear and also talk who is visiting you.
  • Weatherproof : LightCam is made with proper materials to make this Weatherproof and suitable to use for Outdoor conditions.
  • Crisp Video Feed : LightCam can stream HD 1080p wide-angle video to your phone-anytime, anywhere over the wifi network.
  • Night Vision : LightCam comes with Infra Red Camera which can give proper visibilility nearly 25feet away.

LightCam - Just Like your Lightbulb


The inbuilt camera is capable of recording normal as well Infrared videos in 1080p HD so you can have eyes on your house day or night. Along with the video, the device is also capable of recording clear audio from its surrounding. It is easy to install just like any normal Light Bulb and the 360 degree rotating camera with adjustable vertical angle helps you point it just where you want it to be. It even has an adjustable height so that you may shorten or lengthen it as your needs.

The mobile application can help you to adjust the brightness of the light, the angle of the camera, etc. It also provides you with the live feed of the camera recordings at your mobile phone so you check up on your house from anywhere you are. The on Bulb memory has an attached memory stick which can store up to a week of recorded video so you don’t have to ruin your weekend looking at the live recording. The recording can be backed up to various cloud servers such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Or, you can store them up on a Computer or a Mobile Phone or any other type of Memory Device.

Along with streaming and recording videos and audio, one more feature which would catch the eyes of buyers and customers is the motion sensing feature provided with the bulb. The bulb is capable of sensing motion around it and can send a signal to the mobile device of the administrator to inform them about the motion around it. This feature can come very handy for people to check up on the front door for dealing with uninvited guests. The motion sensing sensitivity can be customized according to the needs with the help of the mobile application and the size of the surrounding area of the user.

LigntCam Easy To Install

Along with all the features of the Camera, let’s not forget the basic features of the Light Bulb, i.e. to provide light. The Light Bulb equips a high quality Carbon LEDs which help them keep glowing for more than 15 years without experiencing any kinds of issues. The brightness of the lights can be adjusted as per the occasion along with the customizable colours offered by the Bulb. The Light can be setup to automatically turn on and off at schedule by itself and brighten or dimmer according to the needs of the user with just the magic of the fingertips. The Mobile app helps with controlling many useful features of the bulb and make life easier and more secure.

There have been a few products of this kind but LightCam is just a few steps ahead of all of them. It’s one of a kind design, durability, ease of use, endless customizations help it outstand as the best among other products of its league.


The LightCam is an innovative idea which was invented in January 2016 and the first prototype being presented in August 2017. In February 2018 It was first launched in U. S. Indiegogo. Along with the launch the company started accepting the pre orders for the product for shipments going all over the world. Moreover in June 2018 it also had its AUS ReadyFundGo Launch. This device has had many pre orders from all over the globe and people have been excited about using this device seeing its endless uses and applications and ease of use.


LightCam is a result of the hard work of Dan Swiss. He has always been a great problem solver and when he needed an easy to use security system which would not break the HOA policies of installing a traditional camera outside his house but at the same time also help him to find out who was damaging the trees in his alleyways, he came up with this idea. Having no idea of how to make it he worked hard and sought many in search of the solution.

The Invention of the LightCam was really a success for him as he would have given the world the most affordable and convenient security device people have seen. Starting as just an idea, LightCam quickly collaborated with Indiegogo and ReadyFundGo to be shipped worldwide by February 2019 revolutionizing the security systems as we know it.


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