Lexon Bali Amazing 10W Wireless Power Bank

Two in one power bank which has the built-in wireless charging station.


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  • Lexon Bali power bank is the world’s thinnest 10W wireless charger which is compatible with most of the Qi compatible smartphones like iPhone, Samsung and many others to charge the devices even with the case up to 3mm.
  • Lexon Bali power bank has the massive 5000mAh battery which is rechargeable and has an integrated USB-C cable to charge your devices cable free on the go.
  • Lexon Bali has the fast charging technology to charge your devices quickly and the curved strip will help in heat dissipation to keep your devices cool.


Now a days keeping the device alive is bit more complicated with the effective usage of the gadgets and the problem with the power banks mot getting supported to the multiple ports and not able to charge the wireless devices is getting a bit complicated.

Lexon Bali is a two in one power bank which has the built-in wireless charging station to ensure that your favorite devices will never get ran out of juice in them. Lexon Bali has a massive 5000 mAh battery capacity and can charge your devices in both ways either wired or wireless.

Lexon Bali will not let you down, the power bank has the own built-in cables of USB and USB-C ports and has the Qi certification to quickly fill the power of your devices with the secure cable free power bank.

Lexon Bali is sleek and elegant made with the matt finish to hold the power bank comfortably and capable of charging the devices wirelessly with the 10W wireless charge even if the mobile phones have the case up to 3mm.

Lexon Bali power bank is designed with curved strips on the top of the surface which ensure that heat emitted from the power bank when you are charging the devices either through wire or wireless will be dissipated quickly to control the temperature of your smartphone and small & compact enough to carry with you anytime and anywhere.

Problem Solving By This Product


Lexon Bali is the world’s thinnest wireless charger power bank which delivers 10W output to your devices to charge them wirelessly.

Lexon Bali is small & compact with the elegant ergonomic design which has matt finish and the curved strips on the power bank will help in heat dissipation quickly to regulate the temperature of the smartphone battery to keep the devices cool all the time when they are charging.

Lexon Bali has the integrated charging cable so you no need worry about bringing the cable along with you, you can charge your devices cable free on the go with the USB and USB-C ports.

Lexon Bali has the massive 5000 mAh battery which can charge your devices quickly with fast charging technology under 3 hours and compatible with the all QI certified devices.
No more power banks are one-way charging, the Lexon Bali resolves the issue of charging the devices only through wire since the Lexon Bali is a two in one power bank which charges your devices either through wired or wirelessly.

The great feature about the Lexon Bali is that the power bank can wirelessly charges devices even if they have cases up to 3mm and to be used at home or workspaces for convenient charging.

Detailed Specification


Lexon Bali is small & compact power bank which has the built-in wireless charger and built in cables to effortlessly charge your device without any worry of carrying the cables along with you.

Lexon Bali has the 10W wireless charger to provide hassle free charging without any limitation to your smartphone and the wireless charge is QI certified wireless charging which ensure that your device will be quickly charged up.

Lexon Bali has the massive built in 5000 mAh battery to charge your devices fully for twice approximately if you have small battery smartphones and offer QI certified charging both wired and through wirelessly and takes 3 hours to fully charge your devices.

Lexon Bali is light in weight which only weighs about 178 grams to be easily carried with you in the pockets with the compact ergonomic design and world’s thinnest wireless charger.

Lexon Bali power bank has the curved strip on the top of the power bank which are designed for the heat dissipation to regulate the temperature of the smartphone battery while charging wirelessly.

Lexon Bali has the integrated 1.2m long USB to USB-C port to charge your devices effortlessly without any cables and the power bank has the sleek matt finish throughout the body and rechargeable with the USB-C port thought the quick charge 3.0 power adapter.

Lexon Bali will be elegant and unique edition at your home and office or at your work place to use to continue your work while charging your devices.

This Lexon Bali Wireless power bank is available in two different color variants they are Black and white, the power bank is priced at 75$. They are also providing 2 years warranty along with the 30 days return policy.

Material ABS and Polycarbonate
Dimensions 4.22 x 0.68 in
Battery 5000 mAh
Wireless charging 10W QI Certified
Cable Integrated 1.2m USB-C cable
Compatible with QI Certified smartphones
Fast charging 3 hours to fully charge a phone
Weight 6.3 oz / 178 grams
Rechargeable Yes
Power supply Quick charge 3.0 certified power adapter or USB DC 9V/2A power adapter

Plan For Launch

This Lexon Bali 10W Wireless Power Bank is made available to the market in the year 2019 after the changes in the design and prototypes, the power bank will be shipped after manufacturing in the later quarters of the year 2019.

Company Details

This Wireless Power bank is developed by the company called Lexon which is started in the earlies 1990 with more than 30 years of establishment now and got rewarded more than 180 design awards with the collaboration of the most expert designers in more than 90 countries and 6000 sales points and significantly active in the business world.

The Lexon started as a French design brand by developing the objects and luggage designed for home, Rene Adda is the founder of the company who pushed the company limits a way bigger than imagined from the small beautiful affordable products.

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