LavvieBot S: Purr-fect Smartest Lavatory for Your Kitty

LavvieBot S
  • LavvieBot S consists of auto clean feature which facilitates auto cleaning of the litter box. It is efficient in disposal of the excrement using the patented rotating rake mechanism and can even help clean diarrhea.
  • LavvieBot S comes coupled with the PurrSong app giving a different dimension to its management and control. From checking the status of the litter box, managing the usage settings and monitoring control to easy firmware updates, the app does it all.
  • The LavvieBot S has a compact and accessible design making the litter experience for your cat a comfortable one. Moreover, the design contains essential sensors and safety measure to keep your beloved pet safe.

An automatic self-cleaning cat litter box which can be controlled through app, sounds like a dream? Well, PurrSong has come out with LavvieBot S which is coming of age smart lavatory for your beloved pet. It is equipped with auto clean, auto litter refill feature and all this can be controlled using a humble mobile application. It needs to be cleaned once every two to three weeks for one cat which is much less than other automatic litter boxes.

The LavvieBot S helps to keep your household hygienic and clean and also turns the hassle of taking your kitty to poop to a bare minimum. The major features as stated are that LavvieBot S auto cleans, has an auto litter refill and is compatible with app for easy management and regular updates.

Problem solving by this product


The LavvieBot S has several mechanisms in place to make littering a goof experience for your pet cat and a manageable experience for you, the pet parent. The auto clean feature based on the rotating rake mechanism that takes care of the litter making the environment conducive for kitty. Coupled with this, is the auto refill feature that refills the litter do that the litter pod is in pristine form for your kitty at all times. The compatible App “PurrSong” enables you to monitor in real time the state of the LavvieBot and provides all the information you need.

Detailed specification

From being the most advanced and self-sufficient litter box system for cats to the most compact shaped device, the LavvieBot S covers all the grounds that make it such a fantastic product. Following are some of the most prominent features of the LavvieBot S:


1. Auto clean Feature: This feature facilitates auto cleaning of the litter box. Without the regular cleaning of the litter, the box becomes dirty and stinks. This is a problem with many of the compatriot litter box lacking this feature. The LavvieBot S is efficient in disposal of the excrement using the patented rotating rake mechanism. The time can be set anywhere between 15 to 90 minutes. This gives enough time to the excreta to harden so that even diarrhea can be cleaned with perfection. The non-sticky material at the bottom of the tray hence, making it easy to keep the litter box hygienically clean.

The waste drawer of LavvieBot S is large enough to contain waste of up to 3 weeks. The bottom waste drawer can be covered using a plastic bag which can be disposed of easily.

2. Auto Refill: The litter is automatically refilled from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning keeping the inside pristine clean at all times.


3. PurrSong App: The LavvieBot S app named PurrSong is the only application you will need as it provides variety of management and control options for the automated litter box.

A. Checking status: You can check the status of LavvieBot S from a remote location through the app. Status of occupancy of the LavvieBot S, the space available in the litter storage and the status of the waste drawer all can be easily be accessed on the app.

B. Usage Settings: Now, you can even track for how long and how often does your cat uses the litter box keeping a close eye at its health. The LavvieBot S can also provide you entry logs of the different cats in a multi-cat household if their weight differs by more than 1.5 lbs. Future upgrades will see a unique tag associated with different cats to overcome the weight factor used now.

C. Firmware Update: You can update the firmware of the LavvieBot S using the app through your mobile device itself. Simply tap your mobile against it in the update mode and upgrade instantaneously.


4. Odor prevention: making use of the coconut carbon deodorizer, the LavvieBot S effectively neutralizes the odor. About 93.3 % of ammonia is absorbed during this process. It also doubles up as a dehumidifier. The filter associated with this needs a bi yearly replacement for best working conditions.

5. Low Noise Level: At 26.5 dB, which is less than the noise level of an average residential bedroom, the noise levels of the LavvieBot S is bare minimum making it comfortable experience for your cat.

6. Space and Design: With the dimensions of 19.5” x 22.9” x 27.7” it is one of the most compact devices in the market. Hence, it can easily blend in the house. The inner dimensions of 12.5” x 17” x 14.2” make it a comfortable space for most cats. Also, as mentioned the litter box being of 6L is about 50% bigger than the competition.

7. Control and Safety: Containing various operation modes that provide for easy control, the LavvieBot S is here to make your lives easier. From litter storage status to waste drawer condition it tells you all. Moreover, it is fitted with three sensors namely, the Current Sensor, The PIR Sensor and the Load Cell. These sensors ensure safety of the cat by making the LavvieBot S at standby whenever the cat enters midst an operation.

Plan for launch

The LavvieBot S (the upgraded version of 2016 LavvieBot) was first conceptualized in late 2018 and was showcased to enthusiast and the world for the first time in March 2019 at the Global Expo 2018.

It was listed on Indiegogo for crowdfunding in August 2019 and the shipment is to start this April 2020. An amount of Rs. 12,466,107 has been raised by 370 backers till now. You can read more about this campaign here:–5#/

It comes with a warranty of 18 months. It is currently priced at Rs. 41,908.

Company details

Founded by Taegu Noh, now the CEO, PurrSong was found on the vision of He decided to make an automatic litter box which can keep track of cats’ urinary health to provide a better quality of life to all cats. This was based on his personal experience with a street cat needing to be taken care of.
In 2017, PurrSong was established with six other members to put his idea into practice. Talents from diverse backgrounds come together to develop the most innovative automatic litter box.