LaserPecker Pro-The Most Advanced Portable Engraver, Perfect For Home Use

LaserPecker Pro-The Most Advanced Portable Engraver - 2
  • LaserPecker Pro engraving, instead, uses energy to mark the biodegradable base material.
  • LaserPecker Pro engineers designed laser engraving devices which are user-friendly, durable technologies, and dazzling.
  • LaserPecker Pro engraving ensures that quality is never sacrificed.

The stand’s built-in sensors determine the distance between the laser generator and the object. It adjusts the elevation automatically to ensure that the focal point is the suitable distance from the object’s surface. LaserPecker updated the laser on the Pro edition from a 450nm blue laser with a light spot of 0.3mm to a 450nm blue-violet laser with a beam of 0.15mm, which the firm states to have a working life of over 10,000 hours. The Pro is a ready-to-go plug-and-play engraver that can use different power sources along with wall outlets, rechargeable batteries, and a USB Type-C cable.

Problem Solving By This Product

LaserPecker Pro engraving, instead, uses energy to mark the biodegradable base material.

Key advantages: Laser engraving technology can produce high-accuracy laser marking and engraving on any type of material. Laser engraving is also used for medical equipment on a broad range of industrial-strength alloys and plastics. Laser marking is known for its toughness and tolerance to high temperatures and intense heats. This is essential for medical instruments because it does not degrade the microscopic etched words. The etching method use inks, acids, and solvents, which are environmentally unfriendly.

LaserPecker Pro engraving, instead, uses energy to mark the biodegradable base material. All other industry-standard forms of marking such as ink jetting and hand engraving to establish traceable terms that are susceptible to fade over time. Medical products require laser engraving that comes with specifications for lifetime traceability.

Advantages of production: Laser engraving and cutting have significant advantages for parts manufacturing. A laser cutter can cut several different kinds of materials and thickness levels. It may be used to cut a very narrow width, resulting in more effective nesting and production. Laser cutting provides personalized options as well as programmable configuration for precise, repeat job instructions. This minimizes waste of time with repeat machine setup and saves time when switching production flows rapidly to a daily customer or market demands. Like harmful chemicals, laser engraving does not come with medical concerns and unnecessary wasting of materials. LaserPecker an engraving machine can create aesthetically pleasing products that increase its value and elegance to the object when an experienced professional operates it.

Easy to use for professionals as well as amateurs: LaserPecker engineers designed laser engraving devices which are user-friendly, durable technologies, and dazzling. Clear and descriptive control panel, organization of loops labeled with number or word, synchronization of electronic components all are easy to understand.

Negligible Sound: Perhaps people have been tormented by the machine-generated noises. And LaserPecker engraving devices that only create limited vibration, people will get relief from machine noises.

Non-contact advantages: One of the main advantages of laser engraving is it’s being a non-contact operation. It implies that the laser beam does not physically touch the object to which it is directed, rather it depends on heat to achieve the desired effect. This is a major improvement over more traditional methods because the friction mark that is sometimes left on surfaces now has been eliminated. However, only the part containing the laser will be vaporized, keeping the nearby area unaffected.

It is highly effective: The LaserPecker engraving process is remarkably efficient. It can switch easily among materials and a variety of depths, offering multiple end-results for its consumers. Although in terms of service life and maintenance costs, it is also effective, which are usually far lower than those delivered with more conventional methods. The LaserPecker is a sophisticated and unique laser system that can also have more than one process completed. Engraving, for example, has certain parallels to marking and leaves a mark on the surface level instead of the irregular mark. It has both engraving and marks that can effectively complete all approaches with a single engraving system.

An emphasis on quality: Meanwhile, companies need to look for efficient processes and they also need to focus on quality. Finding ways that are both efficient and provide the required results can be difficult, but engraving with a laser achieves their objective. Simple, comprehensible and long-lasting gratings are left which humans and machines can read easily, making them perfect for whatever systems they are used for. Whether it is to create personalization engraving that appeals to beauty or to create traceability codes for scanning machines, LaserPecker engraving ensures that quality is never sacrificed.

Detailed Specification


Users may take advantage of a mobile app to import and modify their designs, pictures, or text using a set of devices with simple controls before switching to the engraver. The LaserPecker Pro also has a range of built-in security features including the portable laser barrier and motion detection that shut down the computer if an unintended activity is observed.

The laser engraver begins at $269 and contains the engraver, safety glasses, package supplies, magnetic security cover, USB cable, and tripod stand. At $ 369 the user will get the same gift box but also includes an auto-focus support stand.

If users want to make their objects distinctive then LaserPecker is going to be an excellent option. With this laser engraver, users can build customize presents, engrave any names, bring the images to life, a fairly small size is easy to carry, just attach the power bank and engrave anywhere, so take it to launch creator journey and make the inspiration a reality.
It weighs only 190 grams, lighter than the phone, only half the size of a palm to carry, compact and portable. Get rid of computers and data cords, the App functions are easy to manage, DIY whenever and wherever, make more creativity come true, bringing elegance to existence.

LaserPecker Pro engraving, instead, uses energy to mark the biodegradable base material.

It has good-quality laser head primarily from Osram, Germany that generates 450 nm blue light beam with a life span of more than 10,000 hours. There is no need for an additional micro SD card or USB flash disk because it has independently developed slicer software and internal 8 GB storage. Mobile surveillance with susceptible G-sensor will be suspended, as an accidental movement during operation.

Overheat safety, if there is inadequate heat dissipation throughout action, the internal temperature is near to the damaging limit and the safety is immediately suspended. It also includes Eye protection cover and password lock for the security of the product.

LaserPecker Pro engraving, instead, uses energy to mark the biodegradable base material.

The material is metal to make the LaserPecker and it generate 1600nw laser with power range of 450nm. It can power with Input AC 100-240v 50/60 Hz 0.6A and Output 5.0V 2000mA.
The product size (L x W x H) is 6.50 x 6.10 x 5.30 cm / 2.56 x 2.4 x 2.09 inches and the package size (L x W x H) is 25.00 x 25.00 x 12.00 cm / 9.84 x 9.84 x 4.72 inches.

Company Details

LaserPecker is a Los Angeles, California based company that has recently announced a premium version laser engraver, which is lightweight, inexpensive, and versatile. It released on Kickstarter reached its ambitious $10,000 financing goal in merely 14 minutes and is now reaching $200,000.

The company claims that its engraver can burn pictures, words, and designs on almost any material — food, metal, plastic, cloth, etc. Laser Peaker Pro is equipped with an auto-adjusting support frame, which sets and focuses in seconds. Users have to do is aim the engraving on the spot.

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