KORG NC-Q1 Smart cancellation headphones For DJ’s

korg NC Q1
  • Korg NC Q1 is smart headphone.
  • Korg NC Q1 is good option for DJ’s.
  • Korg NC Q1 comes with latest Bluetooth support.

Headphones are of different models offers you different features but this Korg NC smart headphones offers you effective noise cancellation. This comes with two feed forward and backward mic which is especially designed for DJ’s.

This supports all the assistance that you want and your phone supports. This gadget is geared with EQ controls so that there is a great level of sound enhancement. This beast allows to switch between your own choice of listening things either wired or wireless using Bluetooth, this device advanced noise cancellation technology is develop to protect your ears.

Korg NC Q1
Detailed Features

1. Korg’s NC-Q1 is using a very new kind of Bluetooth headphones technology that is develop to protect your ears even in very high loud environments while delivering high definition sounds.
2. Dj’s and musicians are often exposed to extremely dangerous sound levels without correct ear protection so their ear get damaged for the exposure of such sound levels and can lead to ear loss for the decibels between (105-110).
3. This device will offer you advance noise cancellation system that uses the both forward and backward feedback that blocks the sounds from outer environment while others are distorts in such a surroundings, NC-Q1 has microphones on both inside and outside of the ear cup that auto adjust the frequencies adaptable to the outer environment.
4. Its powerful attenuation will reduce the loud sounds and make the headphones work properly than the others it will be preferable choice for noise environments.
5. It has also passive noise cancellation which make this device ahead of others, the adaptable ear cushions made of memory foam like a soft pillow over the ear cups provides the best fit to your head around the ears so there are no gaps between in and out for sounds.
6. The two mics inside and outside ear cups pick up appropriate sound for high quality precise and accurate noise cancellation.
7. The Q-1 not only minimizes the noise that are outer but also the noise produced by our body which is transmitted to ears through the headband of headphones by a special frame structure.
8. This device is the Dj’s new usage besides the noise cancellation it has a worthy feature that with the help of the smart monitoring and sound enhancing functions that allows the users to customize their hearing sounds by selecting EQ pre-set and adjusting the volume balance you can even choose the ear which you want to while protecting your ears.
9. This device is compatible with variety of Bluetooth codecs and allows user to control the voice assistance like google and Siri.
10. It beamforming processing assures the clearest voice signal during hand-free calls, it combines physical buttons and switches with a tactile responsive ear cup for a faster and responsive control.
11. With a simple single tap or hold, you can easily activate or deactivate monitoring function for one or both ears. There is a multi-functioning switch that play/pause and rewind and forward options.
12. When you remove your headphones the smart transport control function will automatically stop the audio stream on your playback device and restarts it again when you wear it in this way you will never miss your favourite music.
13. To feel the sound in a professional way they made the diaphragm with 41mm custom PEEK with high grade with features a wide frequency and harmonic response with a wide dynamic range for a precise and clear sounds.
14. To make it more elegant these headphones reproduce high resolution audio and with two audios in physical inputs.
15. The battery life of the NC Q-1 is extraordinary with a backup of 36 hours of battery life for a single charge with the all these features.



  • Colours available :  Black/white
  • Dimensions : 158.5×204.x84
  • Weight : 321 grams approx.
  • Type of headphones : Dynamic/closed headphones
  • Diaphragm materials :  5 layers of PEEK & PU
  • Frequency Response  : 10Hz-25000HZ
  • Compatible Bluetooth codecs  : SBC,AAC,aptx,APTx-HD
  • Types of EQ available : 3(Hi Boost/ HI cut /Lo Boost/ Lo Cut/Loud)
  • Type of cable :  1.5 m long cable
  • Type of plug  : Stereo minijack
  • Internal battery  : 1200mah lithium polymer battery
  • Charging time :  3.5 hours
  • Autonomy : 36h maximum
  • Connectivity  : USB 2.0 (to charge the battery) Bluetooth 4.1
  • Included Items  : 3.5mm-6.35mm stereo converter plug carrying bag,USB cable

Plan for launch

This device stepped in the market on January of 2020, it will go on sale in February.



This korg NC Q-1 is available for the price £279 (25,967Rs…) since it offers you a next level performance for the music lovers. Seems to little bit high for the normal user but everything gets its own functionally.

Editor’s Pick

Speaking about the cons of the device after spending a lot of price for this device also they are not providing the Bluetooth 5.0 which is made available for the rest of the headphones for faster and long-range connectivity.

Rest of the features are top level, keeping that in mind the charging time is also high because it will take barely 1 ½ hours to charge the battery of 1200 mAh with even 5W charger but they didn’t specify the charging watts of the charger.

They also didn’t have the waterproof or splash proof certification with is not good.

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get Korg NC Q-1 headphones and a USB cable to charge it with the 3.5mm->6.35mm stereo converter along with a carrying bag to carry the headphone along with you wherever you go to be stay connected.

About Company

This device is developed by the company named Korg. Inspiring instruments that make music fun. Since it was founded 1963, Korg’s goal has to create new experience in music and performance.

This drove the creation of Japan first disc-based rhythm machine, which leads to the development of the world’s first needle-type tuner, followed by numerous unique instruments that have brought the enjoyment of the many people in the world.

They continued to create innovative and uncompromised musical instruments with high quality.