Kolari Pocket Full Spectrum Camera

An affordable full spectrum capturing camera.

Kolari Pocket Full Spectrum Camera

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  • Kolari Pocket is an affordable point shoot camera converted for full-spectrum and infrared photography, essentially a gateway to the infrared world.
  • Kolari Pocket camera allows you to capture the UV and IR to be captured by the sensor and also has the lens filter and grip along with that.
  • With the Kolari Pocket camera you up to seven flavors of infrared shooting in one camera and also comes with CHDK development kit.


Capturing the UV and IR light in the camera are the astounding in today world of photography, it becomes difficult since the camera hot mirror will block the UV and IR light to be captured in the images.

Kolari Pocket camera which is a gateway to the infrared photography making this to possible, converted for full spectrum and infrared photography.

You can also modify the camera by adding a lens filter adapter and a grip along with it, even you can add up to six spectrum filters which offers you seven flavors of infrared shooting in single camera.

Kolari Pocket camera has a powerful 20MP sensor which makes this camera the perfect infrared camera for beginners and for casual shooters and you also have 8 times zoom lens.

Problem Solved by the product 


Kolari Pocket-sized camera is able to capture the full spectrum which is blocked using the hot mirror lens in another camera to get you into the other level of infrared photography.

Kolari Pocket camera has a wide varieties of filters along with the camera within an affordable price range allowing the users to choose between the filters, while the conversion of the shots takes heavy price in other cameras.

Kolari full spectrum camera is lightweight and portable in your pockets so that you will never miss any shot and has the CHDK development kit supports which helps to the photos in RAW.

With a powerful 20MP camera sensor Kolari pocket camera can click excellent shot offered at this price range and even you can add up to six external filters to the camera and has a rechargeable battery, lightweight.

You can take 8 times to zoom shots with the zoom lens and there is a grip to the side of the camera to take steady shots, you can tweak the colors & settings and save them when the SD card inserted.

Detailed specification


Kolari Pocket camera allows you to capture the UV and IR, the camera is also modifiable by adding a lens filter adapter and a grip. Where Kolari Pocket is a full spectrum camera packed with a sharp 20MP image sensor.

Kolari full spectrum camera is also capable of taking 8 times to zoom shots with the zoom lens and comes with three filter sets to take you to the next level of IR photography for the beginners.

You can also add up to six external filters to the camera that gives you seven flavors of Infrared Shooting in a single camera those are full-spectrum, Hot Mirror, IR chrome, 590nm, 665nm, 720nm and 850nm.

Images taken from the camera lens such as 590, 665 or 720 can benefit from swapping the colors like red and blues with the optional inclusion of CHDK which is an open-source firmware to be loaded on the camera which gives you the capabilities for storing the images in RAW.

The built quality of the camera is quite a decent meeting the most of expectations and offers at an affordable price range where you will get both the camera and filters, while you have to spend a lot for conversion in other cameras.

The filter adapter in the Kolari Pocket allows the camera to accept these tiny 37mm filters, while the lens pouch conveniently holds all six of the available filters, the camera is lightweight weighs only 125 grams make this convenient to carry wherever you go and pocketable.

The zoom range on the Kolari Pocket with a full-frame equivalent of 28 to 224 mm, images shot at the wider and look much better and doesn’t have any hotspot at any focal length and aperture, while the CHDK firmware adds supports for raw histogram zebra stripes.

This Kolari Camera suits for all infrared photographers allowing them to taste all types of filter at an affordable price range, even for every-day carry. When shooting full spectrum or with the IR chrome filter you need to set a custom white balance in the camera before shooting that results in the JPEG images which are great even without editing.

Dimensions 24.1 x 15.2 x10.3 cm
Weight 125 grams
Hardware interface Infrared
Optical Zoom 8 x
Digital Zoom 8
Max Resolution 20 MP
Optical Sensor Resolution 20 MP
Min Focal Length 37 mm
Batteries Lithium Ion
Form factor Ultra compact
Lens Type Zoom

This Kolari full spectrum pocket-sized camera is available with the different lens they are, basic package with 720nm lens priced at $ 199.99, three filter starter kit( 590nm, 720nm, and Hot mirror ) which is priced at $ 224.99, 3 filter with IR chrome filter at $ 274.99 and complete filters set for $349.99.

Plan for launch

Kolari Pocket camera is launched in the year 2020 and made available to the market in Feb 16 on various platforms and will reach to the customers home in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company details

This Pocket size full spectrum camera is developed by the company called Kolarivision, which is a US-based company that is located in New Jersey to be one of the best leading company in choice of a camera offering the best camera lens, filters to capture the best quality for your infrared pictures.
Kolarivision started in the year 2009 with 10 years of experience to meet the customers need with unbeatable prices, making this possible to see the infrared world with photography allowing users to choose between multiple filter options.

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