Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor For Your Smart Home

Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor - 5
  • Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor works on the latest technology to provide you real-time sensor data.
  • Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor can even link to your smoke alarms and will also alert you in case of a fire or any other mishap.
  • Kangaroo Home Security Motion Sensor can also pair with your Google Home or Alexa for better performance.

We all want to ensure that our houses are safe from unwanted visitors. We do everything we can to make our boost the security of our homes. As technology has improved over the years, so have our methods to improve security. From CCTV cameras to innovative security solutions like smart locks, we have come a long way. Enhanced security comes at a price as installing these machines can cost hundreds of dollars. In this article, we are presenting a product that not only makes your home secure but also modifies your home into a smart home. This product is the Motion + Entry sensor by Kangaroo.


The creators of this product were aware of the home security system in the entire world. Besides CCTVs, no other options are available to protect ourselves. We are always at the risk of home invasions and our belongings, and loved ones are in danger. So to counter this problem, their team of researchers went on to develop this brilliant device that tracks subtle changes in Motion and transmits data to your cell phone. The installation process is straightforward and can be completed in minutes without any professional help. The Kangaroo motion sensor has a lot to offer and is packed with many exciting features which we’ll be talking about shortly. If this sounds interesting to you, then I suggest you keep reading.



As the name describes, Kangaroo motion and entry sensor work on the latest technology to provide you real-time sensor data. The motion sensor detects motion and sends a direct alert to your phone. Three types of subscription plans are available and you can choose your favourite as per your preference. The basic plan is free, while the complete plan has a separate subscription fee.

The basic membership comes with unlimited user invitations and sends you push notifications alerts. It’s an excellent option for your domicile if you’re on a tight budget. Kangaroo complete, on the other hand, gives you the bonus of text and voice notifications. You can connect Alexa with your Kangaroo device and even have the option to have a professional monitoring center follow up in case you miss an alert.

It works in a 20 feet range and has a field of view of 110 degrees. It is reasonably small and lightweight. Kangaroo is loaded with several other features which we’ll talk about in the next section.

Problem Solving by the Product


Are you always worried about your belongings or loved ones when you’re not at home? If yes, you shouldn’t anymore, because we have what you’ve been looking for. Kangaroo Motion plus Entry sensor is an all-round solution to your security problems.

There are a lot of features that will enhance your security manifold. Beginning with the installation, which you can do yourself, everything is straightforward with Kangaroo. The primary function of this device is to detect unusual activity and letting you know.

It tracks subtle movements and motions, which are then transmitted to an app on your phone. Kangaroo can even link to your smoke alarms and will also alert you in case of a fire or any other mishap. Furthermore, it also helps you in the maintenance of your home. You can monitor the status of plumbing, temperature and other factors such as humidity as well.

The best feature is the Pet Rejection ability. Kangaroo recognizes the motion patterns of pets and rejects to notify you when a pet causes a disturbance. You can also pair the Kangaroo with your Google Home or Alexa for better performance.

Overall, Kangaroo takes a holistic approach to solving your security crisis. If you think you can benefit from this product, then I suggest you buy it.

Detailed specifications


Here are the detailed specifications for you. Check them out.

  • Size & Dimensions: Height: 3.55 in (9.0 cm) | Width: 1.55 in (3.9 cm) | Depth: 0.70 in (1.8 cm) | Weight: 2.37 oz (67.2g)
  • Color: White
  • Battery: 2 x AA batteries (included). Up to 1-year battery life.
  • Features: Detects motion up to 20 feet or 6m away | Peel-and-stick easy installation | No hub required | Connects seamlessly to your home WiFi network | Pet rejection technology.
  • Sensors: Motion sensing (110 degrees field of view, up to 20ft away), Tamper detection.
  • Communication Support : Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4GHz (WEP, WPA, or WPA2 encryption)
  • App Support : iOS 10.0 and Android 5.0 and above.
  • Subscription : Alarm monitoring service requires a subscription.
  • Alerting Module : In case motion or entry is detected, Kangaroo will inform you, your household members and your neighbors.Due to pro-monitoring alerts are automatically sent to emergency services. You can customize Alert response via Kangaroo Security app.

Plan for Launch

Kangaroo Home Security Motion + Entry Sensor is already in the market and you can buy it from any of the popular eCommerce sites. The product is currently priced at almost 80 dollars if you purchase 5-piece kit. The price goes up as you increase the number of pieces in the kit. Also, if you’re interested in a subscription plan, that might cost you extra. The basic plan is free, however, you need to pay 99 dollars a year for the Complete program.

About the Company

Kangaroo is an American company based in New York that specializes in making state of the art security devices. They are on a mission to create a safer world with the help of innovative and imaginative products. They want to create a digital environment around every person on the planet, an aura of safety, where everyone can live peacefully. They are a team of people coming from diverse backgrounds who are willing to work hard to achieve their goal.