K1 Smart Lock Box Can Bring Smartness To Any Lock

K1 Smart Lock Box Can Bring Smartness To Any Lock

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  • K1 Smart Lock Box is one of a kind of product that makes any door entry smart.
  • K1 Smart Lock Box tends to solve some major issues that concern the house owners.
  • K1 Smart Lock Box gives the guest of yours a shared access for a limited time and lets you keep the essentials to yourselves.

Home is a safe and sound place for people and that is because the security that it offers, mind-wise is something that no other place can give. But when it comes to securing our home, we do very little. There are often cases of burglaries in which the burglar didn’t even have to open the door because it was already unlocked. There are several times when people tend to forget to lock their doors.

On the other hand, there are many times that we manage to lose the keys to our home and then we have no choice but to either call a locksmith or break-in into our own house. That is indeed very frustrating. The situation of keys is something that can bother anyone at any time.

Problem Solved By This Product

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Hence a solution to this was keyless doors but that technology also has a problem with it and that is it offers limited access locking and unlocking options to members other than your family. For instance, what if there was a distant relative that was staying in your house? You may tell your relative your home password but then changing the lock password, again and again, becomes an annoying work. Hence, there is a need for smart unlocking locks and to fill that need YEEUU stepped up with a promising solution: K1 Smart Lock Box.

K1 Smart Lock Box is one of a kind of product that makes any door entry smart. This mechanism is not something that i9s key-less but it helps the user to share keys to the door even if they are sitting in one corner of the world and their house is another. The product is pocket-friendly and gives one the ultimate security that is desired. It has a very sophisticated yet simple way of working and is theft-free.

K1 Smart Lock Box tends to solve some major issues that concern the house owners. The device allows the owners to share their house keys to anyone they desire to while being away from their homes. This eliminates the need for any third man and saves both money and time. The lock box gives the guest of yours a shared access for a limited time and lets you keep the essentials to yourselves. The lock offers versatility and can be key to property managers and especially Airbnb hosts.

Airbnb hosts often encounter such situations when they want to lend their house but are not present physically, hence they are not able to do so. But with K1 Smart Lock Box on their side, lending their homes can be easier than ever.

Detailed Description


K1 Smart Lock Box has a lot of truly intriguing features. Starting with the build of the device, it is made up of high-quality aluminum alloy and steel. In its testing, the lock can survive as large weights as that of a car. Hence, the contents of the box will remain safe no matter what kind of pressure it is put in. The battery life of the box is also rock-solid. The box works on three AAA batteries that last for more than 12 months given that they are used on a normal basis (10-12 unlock cycles per day). The battery percentage is shown in the app by YEEUU. One question that arises is what if the batteries are dead and hence the person gets locked outside of the house? The K1 lock box has a perfect solution for it and that is that one can charge the lock box via a USB Type-C cable. When charged, the box can be unlocked and the batteries can be changed.

The working of the product is very vast with a lot of options to choose from. There is an option of a Dynamic password that can be set by the user and can be used for only 5 minutes from then. This option is useful when someone requires quick access to your home for just a short period. The password is generated and is sent to the guest. All of this is facilitated by the smart time algorithm that synchronizes the app as well as the lock itself. Another option is setting a temporary password with a set time window. In this, the owner can set a password for a particular time. This is useful when the house is expecting some guests to stay or visit various times in some definite period. Then comes the Grant Permission in-app. The feature allows you to give access to the guest so that they can use their phones to open up the lock box. The feature again is for a particular time only that is set by the user.

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Lock Box uses passwords and fingerprints to get unlocked. The device can hold up to 50 fingerprints. The permanent password is set up for the trusted members and can always be used to prevent confusion between temporary passwords. The app that is installed by the user gives the complete control of the lock to him/her. It provides access logs that tell when the lock was unlocked and by whom.


The K1 Smart Box Lock is protected by an AES 128 bit encryption, keeping it away from the cyber hazards such as hacking. Furthermore, the lock freezes for 15 minutes if 6 incorrect passwords or 15 incorrect fingerprints are entered into it in 5 minutes.


The installation of the product is very easy. At the time of writing, the campaign for the K1 Smart Lock Box is still going on and will come to an end by the end of March 2020. The buying options, just like the device are vast. There are two versions of the device: Basic and Deluxe. The former costs $49 and the latter costs $69. The prices are of the super early bird and change with the passing time. The product is set to ship in early April 2020.

Company Details

YEEUU, the firm behind the K1 Smart Lock Box is a company that solely focuses on making homes smart. The company promises to solve problems and bring solutions to the people dealing with them. This is not the company’s first product. It has already rolled out some amazing products like Door Hole Cover Plate, R2 Smart Fingerprint Lock, H1 Wi-Fi Bridge which have immense quality in them.

So, make your home a smart one and head over to Indiegogo to get your K1 Smart Lock Box on heavy discounts.