Juiced Scorpion E-Bike Suitable for Long Distance Upto 45 Miles

Juiced Scorpion Long Distance E-Bike
  • Juiced Scorpion-great alternative for the fuel consumption problems
  • Juiced Scorpion-provides its user a travel distance of over 45 miles
  • Juiced Scorpion-electric vehicles allow making the environment better

The Juiced Scorpion is a great alternative for the fuel consumption problems of the modern world. Being an electric vehicle the Scorpion performs surprisingly well in the field. The Scorpion has a 52 V battery which powers it very well and for a long time. The 750 W large motor also allow it to speed up to a speed of almost 28 miles per hour.

The Juiced Scorpion’s battery also provides its user a travel distance of over 45 miles. The Scorpion is a great alternative which helps in saving the environment as well as providing with a better technology of travel to a user. Even with the wide variety of the specifications the bike also provides with a style statement to its users being available in two colors, Blue and Black.

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Problem Solving by the Product

Most of the world in present time is dealing with the problems of climate change and the fuel problems all around. The traditional petroleum fuel resources of the world are getting exhausted at a great pace and humanity needs an alternative. The age of electric vehicles has been the silver lining people have been searching for as an alternative mode of travel.

Although the electric vehicles allow making the environment better by not dissipating harmful toxic gases, many of them have been lacking in power. But these days the tables have been turning. The electric vehicles have been just as powerful as their predecessors and in some places even left the fuel powered engine vehicles behind.

Another addition to the world of electric vehicles is the Juiced Scorpion. Giving you the comfort of riding bike for a long range and considerably large amount of power it is just the vehicle you as well as the environment needed.

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The Juiced Scorpion provides its users with a powerful set of specifications. These specifications are the main reason, the Scorpion stands out from the rest of the electric vehicles currently available in market. One of the main components is the electric motor. The 750 Watt rating motor is situated at the rear wheel section of the Bike. It enables the bike to achieve high speeds and provides an RPM of 200-300. The maximum torque applied by it can be 80 N.m.

This power dissipation allows the bike to attain a maximum speed of 28 Miles per Hour. The motor is of the Gear Drive build and can withstand a temperature of -20 – 40 degree Celsius. The motor also has a low noise grade of below 55 dB which makes the Bike just as silent as it is powerful. The rear motor is available in 2 color gradients Black and Silver and weighs 4.6 kg. The equipped connecting wires at the motor are completely water resistant.

Juice Scorpion

The Bike is equipped with Disc Braking system to provide it smooth as well as powerful braking experience. It has a Cassette Gear shifting technology with spoke specifications as 36H*12G. The Bike is designed to provide its user the power and durability he needs. All this power also needs a suitable and lasting energy source.

This need of the bike is completed by the new 52 Volts battery. Generally the E-Bikes have 48 Volt battery inside them. But the new 52 Volt battery takes the power of the bike to the next level. It provides more torque to the motor while keeping the Bike steady and durable. The battery is designed to dissipate 13 Ampere-Hours of power to the Bike. This can easily give the bike more than 45 miles of riding experience.

The company also uses the new 14S configuration. All the other parts of the Bike have also been designed in a way which can handle the increase in power by the Battery.

Juicy Scorpion

The Scorpion has a 2000 Lumen Motorcycle styled LED Headlamp to serve as a head light of the Bike. The Tail of the Light has an integrated LED Light with the Brake Light function. The Bike has Shimano 7 Speed freewheel gear system. The tires of the bike are totally puncture resistant with the diameter of 20 inches and width of 4 inches. The Bike also has a functional rear rack included.

The weight of the bike is 100 lbs. with the 10 lbs. battery included in it. The Bike has a tail to head length of 5 feet and 2 inches with the seat being 33.5 inches from the ground. The Bike is designed to be easily able to carry 275 lbs. of weight.

The Bike is available in 2 colors. These colors being Electric Blue and Black. The Bike also provides and LCD display at front with Cruise Control for the interfacing and controlling of the Bike.

Plans for Launch

The Juiced Scorpion was initially launched over for the people to see it through its own Indiegogo campaign. The Scorpion has been received very well by the people as being launched in the near end of September 2019, it already raised over a Million USD in less than 24 hours. The first looks and experiences on the bike have also been well received.

After a month, the company extended the campaign after being overwhelmed under so many pre-orders and support of the backers. The company had finally been able to have raised 2.2 million USD as of December 2019 and is currently in the production stage for the vehicle. The company expects to fulfill its orders in shipping by April 2020.

Juice Scorpion 3

Company Details

The Scorpion E-Bike has been developed by the Juiced Bikes Company first established in 2009. The California based automobile development company has the motive of making the best for its user in the most innovative and affordable vehicles. The company was founded by Tora Harris who had graduated from Princeton University and has always been an active athlete enabling him to be able to provide the best technologies with the aspects of athletics and aerospace mobility. The Company initially started as an importer of Lithium Ion batteries and launched its first bike in 2010. The team of supporters and designers based in San Diego, California help the Company create better technologies and invention making them innovative in all aspects while keeping them affordable.