Juiced Scrambler eBike – 7 Pedal Assist Make Your Journey Comfortable

Conquer the roads streets and all across fields with freedom.

Juiced Bikes Scrambler Style eBike - 3
  • Juiced Scramblers eBike has the 750W Bafang motor with the seven pedal assist and five different riding modes for the effortless and comfortable journey.
  • Juiced Scrambler provide LCD display which will give all statistics along with the throttle and gear shifter with comfortable banana shaped tooled seat for comfortable ride.
  • Juiced Scrambler has 1800 Lumen Front light will helps during nights for safe journey and 52V removable battery with lock system for safety.

Juiced electric bikes are all range of electric bikes which conquer the roads streets and all across fields with freedom with the leading 52 volts battery that keeps the eBike running for more than 35 miles with the customization capability of 750W or 1100W or even beyond that with the fastest speed of 28+ mph.

Juiced electric Bike has the LCD display which shows all the statistic while riding like speed, motor temperature and distance with the good brightness level which even can be seen in direct sunlight. There are 9 speed pedal assist LED level controls buttons along with the throttle control on the left handle of the Juiced Scrambler eBike.

The camp and City Scrambler comes with the Bafang 750W hub motor while the hyper scramble comes with the 1100W and the 1800 Lumens LED light on the front will makes you have the safe journey in the night times, the Air/Coil suspension in the Juiced Bikes offers you the smooth rides even in the ups & downs and in off roads with the hydraulic disk brake which will stop the Juiced eBike without any jerking for comfortable and safe journey.

Problem Solving By This Product

Juiced Bikes Scrambler Style eBike


Juiced Scrambler has the quick release front wheel as a security when you are going to shop to prevent thieves to steal your eBike. The banana shaped seat helps to not get the fatigue for the riders with the upright posture on the eBike.

Juiced Scrambler has the 52V battery which is removable for comfortable charging and comes with the lock system to remove the battery to avoid being stolen by thief.

The advanced matrix LCD display in the Juiced Scrambler will give you the statistics on the go like speed, distance, output power and temperature of the motor and controller along with the IP67 water resistant rating. The 1800 Lumen Led front light helps the riders in the night ride to have clear sight of the road for safety.

The Bafang 750W motor Hub gives all the power you required to drive the eBike with maximum speed of 28mph for 30+ miles easily, the different modes in the speed will save the battery for long journeys and combined pedal assist with the cadence feature allows you to maintain the 28mph speed and uphill the eBike without breaking sweat.

The air/coils suspensions are adjustable according to your riding style and the side race plate as well which signifies your own eBike. The hydraulic disc brake ensures safety by cutting the power immediately to the motor hub after the break for safety.

Detailed Specification


Juiced Bikes have three different Scrambler models, they are CampScrambler, CityScrambler and HyperScrambler bikes which are head turning aesthetic top-notch technology design models.

The CampScrambler has the seven speed shimano freewheel gears which will be shifted by twisting the shifter on the handler while you are pedaling, the banana shaped seating will provide great comfort and plush thick enough to absorb the hard bumps encountered during the ride with the comfortable upright bike posture which will increase your posture health without fatigue.

The CampScrambler has the rear mounted 750W Befang Hub motor that powers the bike to go faster enough with speed up to 20MPH by raising throttle, can go speed up to 28MPH with the pedal assist using the cadence.


You can enjoy the speed without pedaling using the throttle and the Motor Hub power or you can combine the power with your pedal with the cadence sensor which helps to maintain the speed of the CampScrambler to 28MPH allowing you to easily pedal up the hill.

CampScrambler Juiced eBikes 750W Motor Hub has the five different mode, economy mode which uses the minimal assist to preserve the battery for long time and three individual labeled settings that finely powers your style along with the speed or race mode which uses the maximum power of the motor and pedal assist mode.

Scrambler Juiced Bikes has fat tires which are perfectly suited even for the dirt roads and terrains along with the adjustable suspension and the massive 52V battery which will long last for 25-45 miles with the combined pedal and throttle assistant, with the lock system in place with the battery removal mechanism with a key to remove the battery.


Juiced Scrambler eBike also has the quick release front tire, as a security protection so that you can take the tire without worries and the 180mm hydraulic disk brakes that cuts the power to motor immediately after you press brake, the 1800 Lumen headlight illuminates the road for safe journey during night rides and the LCD display which is water resistant on the Juiced Scrambler will gives you the statistic on the go like speed, distance and temperature of the motor and controller.

The Juiced Scrambler provides you a customizable side race plate, so that you can have your own design that suits your style.

The Juiced CampScrambler is priced at $999, while the CityScrambler is priced at $999 and the HyperScrambler is priced at $2299 for the early bird sale.

Plan For Launch

The power system of the Juiced Scrambler is developed in April 2016 while the frame of the eBike is develop in January 2017 with the integration of the bolt on battery packs for the down tube or rear back. The prototyping of the Scrambler is done in April 2017 with the custom design of 52V battery pack integration to the eBike, with the trail production in March 2018 and the campaign for the crowdfunding in the online marketing is stared in 2018 March. The production and assembly of the Juiced Scrambler is done in September 2018 with the delivery.

Company Details

This Scrambler Styled eBike is developed by the company called Juiced Bikes, their mission is to develop innovative and attainable mobility products which transforms the daily routine style of the customers to amplify the individual potential and contribute their part in the global progress. Juiced Bike is established in 2009 which is a California based electric bike company. Juiced Bikes uses a direct to customer distribution product model which reduces the supply chain and makes their bikes affordable, Tora Harris is the founder of the company, they always believe that their bikes are created for riding faster and maximizing the efficiency of every mile traveled.