JoyDuo Remarkable USB Hub & Stand for MacBook Pro

World’s smallest portable USB Hub which is tiny and compact design.


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  • JoyDuo is the world’s smallest USB Hub and mount elevating your MacBook Pro for Sturdy & better angle and convenience use which supports for all MacBook Pro devices and designed with the interlocking mechanism with soft silicone.
  • JoyDuo has two thunderbolt USB-C ports which charge your MacBook at 100 watts and charge other devices simultaneously up to 15W and three USB 3.0 ports which can be used for peripherals.
  • JoyDuo has the HDMI port which supports 4K@30 Hz and Ethernet port along with 3.5 mm headphone jack for music lovers all these cables will connect from back side as the design of JoyDuo will make your workspace clutter free.


JoyDuo which is not only a Ultra-portable Hub having all the ports that serves your need in the situation and also functions as a mount film for your MacBook pro to provide you with the better angle and more stable user experience. The HDMI cable on the JoyDuo is waived for work and entertainment as well which supports 4K high definition projection on the big screens which will be useful when you are in the work as well as in home. With the Type-C port in the JoyDuo you can connect up to two monitors at once.

The two thunderbolt ports on the side of the JoyDuo are capable of fast charging for your MacBook pro with 100 watts of power which is also useful for the fast data transfers and video outputs.

The JoyDuo also includes a Gigabit Ethernet port and a 3.5 mm audio jack and has three USB 3.0 ports which can transfer data is seconds which can also be used to connect keyboard and mouse, the unique design of the JoyDuo will make sure that all your connected wires will go backside of your MacBook Pro which offers clean look at the work.
JoyDuo bottom is coated with the soft silicone to keep your MacBook Pro stable and free from scratches and the design of the JoyDuo will improve the airflow.

Problem Solving By This Product


JoyDuo is the world’s smallest portable USB Hub which is tiny and compact design and has the soft silicon finish on the bottom to ensure that your MacBook Pro is scratch free.
JoyDuo is not only the USB hub also elevating mount for your MacBook to offer more air flow and sturdy with elevation for convenient usage.

JoyDuo comes with the two thunderbolt USB-C ports in which one charges your MacBook Pro at 100W while the other charge your device up to 15W and the USB-C ports will be useful to connect two monitors for your MacBook which increases your efficiency and work.
JoyDuo comes with the interlocking mechanism which last longer and keep the plugs scratch free and no vents will be covered which keep the JoyDuo cool all the time. There is HDMI port in the JoyDuo Hub which is used for projection.

The three USB 3.0 ports on the JoyDuo will be useful for connecting peripherals and all the connected cables will run behind your MacBook Pro which keeps the workspace clutter free and clean. There is an Ethernet port on the JoyDuo and 3.5 mm headphone jack for music lover who enjoys the music while at work.

Detailed Specification


JoyDuo is the world’s smallest USB Hub and stand that works with every 13, 15- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models to increase the productivity of your work with expanding the connection.

The JoyDuo is compact and small interlocking design which will last long as all the plugs are free from scratches and coated with the soft silicone which is super tiny and portable to take with you anywhere you want.

JoyDuo portable hub doesn’t cover any vents to keep the hub cool all the time and have faster connection. JoyDuo is not only a portable hub which is also a mount for your MacBook Pro which offers more convenient with stable angle and more ventilation for your MacBook.

JoyDuo has the thunderbolts 3 ports on the side which charges yours MacBook with 100 watts while the other ports allow you to install all accessories which keeps you stay organized and helps you to work productively.

The JoyDuo all ports are located on the back of the Hub which makes your desk clutter free and takes all cables back of your MacBook pro, the JoyDuo will be sturdy even when all ports are connected to your MacBook pro.

JoyDuo Portable hub will lock your laptop on the place and elevate for the perfect working angle for convenience even when pressed hard while the two thunderbolt ports the either side of the JoyDuo will deliver the quick power and capable of transferring the data quickly and offers video output connections.

The two thunderbolt 3 ports delivers the power in both directions one can be used to power up the MacBook pro while the other port alternatively charges a device at 15W, the data transfer from the thunderbolts port is 40Gb/s which is lot more faster than USB 3 and enables you to connect your MacBook Pro to other monitors which supports up to 5K@60Hz high resolution for the immersive experience.

The HDMI port in the JoyDuo offer 4K@30Hz HD projection to be used at work or in entertainment and the JoyDuo also packed with the three USB-A ports which are used to connect peripherals such as mouse, keyboard or hard disk and many more and the USB-C port allows you fast data transfer and used as charging port.

There is also RJ45 Ethernet port on the JoyDuo which has 1000MBPS connection speed which is stable and faster while the 3.5 mm headphone jack will pleasure the music lovers while they are at work.

This JoyDuo ultra-portable Hub & stand is priced at 55$ for the super early bird sale and 59$ for early bird sale.

Plan For Launch

The idea of the JoyDuo ultra-portable USB-C Hub is started in the year 2019 with the molding of the JoyDuo in August and the functional prototype is built in September 2019 with the mold test is done in October.

The Pilot production of the JoyDuo is started in November and the launch in online platforms in December and the mass production of the JoyDuo is started in 2020 January and the delivery will be made in March.

Company Details

This Ultra-portable USB hub and stand is developed by the JoyDuo team with eight members of sincere and inspiring efforts to bring their customers a new level of experience with the high-quality materials and superior design after understanding the problem of messy cable in the bench and limitation of the space in daily routine.

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