iTemp-Bluetooth Controlled Smart Mug By BlueBeard

Controlled wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection.

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  • iTemp Smart Mug that regulates the temperature of the drink for the delightful taste and perfect aroma with weight balanced stainless steel built elegant design for convenient grip.
  • iTemp Smart Mug has the temperature and hydration tracking system which keeps you healthier with the statistics and the touch sensor in the coaster will preset your temperature.
  • iTemp Smart Mug can be controlled wirelessly using the Bluetooth connection and automatically power off when there is no water with the Boil off protection.

When it comes to the tasty food temperature matters a lot to bring the best taste of the food, often times in the very busy life we are in rush to the work which makes us to miss the delightful food at the perfect temperature that the food is intended to be. iTemp is the ultimate Smart Mug and bowl that regulates the temperature of the food and keep them stay warm when you double tap to resume the preset temperature which instantly heats up when placed on the coaster to experience the never fading warmth of your favorite broom.

The iTemp Smart Mug connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth along with the App Control the quick temperature adjustments. The Hydration tracker in the iTemp Smart Mug will measure your daily water intake and the programmable heating alarm ensures that you enjoy warm drinks right away with alarm schedule.

The iTemp Smart Mug is designed with balanced weight distribution that avoids spilling, the perfect curvature makes sophisticated look with the smooth surface and sleek handle to hold the Mug and can also pair with the optional now to make complete hot warming set. Using the coaster with the Bowl the number of dishes that you can make is beyond the imagination with your skills.

Problem Solving By This Product

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iTemp Smart Mug is the world’s first non-microwave device that maintains the temperature of the drink constant when compared to the other thermos devices or thermal flasks at anytime and anywhere.

iTemp Mug comes with the minimalistic elegant design made with stainless steel and the curvature makes the Mug sophisticated with the sleek handle bar which offers perfect grip to hold the Mug. The weight distribution is even to prevent spilling of the drink.

The touch sensor in the coaster enables you to preset the temperature with single double tap to keep the drink warmer and the weight sensor will track the hydration in the drink if you are following any diet would be helpful.

The LED indicator will show indication when the Mug reached the desired temperature which is set by you in the App. iTemp uses the Bluetooth pair with your smartphone and compatible with both iOS and Android.

There is a programmable heating alarm feature in the iTemp app which gives you alert when the content reaches the temperature and the Boil of protection feature which turns off the Smart Mug power when there is no water left to keep the Mug safe.

Detailed Features


iTemp is the world’s first non-microwave Mug that regulates the temperature in keeping the food at the intended temperature to bring delightful taste for the food and personalized temperature control using the App.

iTemp is perpetual in maintaining the temperature of the drink and maintain them at the same temperature for long time which thermal flask cannot do for long time. iTemp gives the ability to heat up drink and food anytime and anywhere.

The coaster of the iTemp has the touch & weight sensors which are useful in detecting the temperature of the Mug’s content and keep them warm as long as they are connected to the power, after installing the application of the iTemp you just simply select the content type of your drink.

The weight sensor in the coaster will detect the weight of the content in the Mug along with the temperature of the content to make them maintain the same temperature to ensure you to enjoy every aroma of the sip straight from the cup.


There will be a temperature dial in the application to set customized temperature in both units Celsius as well as Fahrenheit and there is a countdown timer which will remind you when your drink reaches the desired temperature, iTemp app also allows you to preset your temperature preference.

So, you can simply double tap on the coaster, the touch sensors will recognize and preset the temperature and starts heating up the Mug so you don’t need to open the app again. The Programmable heating alarm in the iTemp app will alert you with alarm with the regular or customizable heating routines to enjoy the warmest food.


The built-in weight sensor in the coaster will track the hydration of your drink to keep you healthy with the water consumption chart along with the drink. iTemp Smart Mug also comes with the Boil-dry protection with the automatic power off system when there is no water left in the Mug or when the Mug is lifted from the coaster to ensure safety.

The Smart LED indicator on the iTemp Smart Mug shows the different status of the Mug content so that you will know when the heating is over.

The iTemp Smart Mug is made with stainless steel and the curvature design inside the Mug made sophisticated look with smooth and sleek handle design to hold the Mug perfectly. The weight distribution of the Mug is made perfect to prevent spilling of the content.


This iTemp Smart Temperature Regulating Mug is available in two color options they are black and white. The Smart Mug is priced at $89 for the early bird sale and $99 later along with the coaster.


  • Dimensions Height : 113 mm, Diameter: 81.4 mm
  • Capacity 310 ml
  • Weight 340 grams
  • Input 100 – 240V
  • Output 19V
  • Power 91.75W

Plan For Launch

This iTemp Smart Mug concept is started in the year 2018 April and the product development is started in September in the same year, while the design and prototype of the Smart mug is done in November 2018. The refinements of the prototypes are made in September in 2019, then the Smart Mug is launched in online platforms and the mass production will start May in 2020 while the shipping & the delivery of the Mug will be made in later quarters of the year.

Company Details

This iTemp Smart Mug with Bluetooth is developed by the company called BlueBeard Studio which always focuses on developing next generation smart IoT products with innovation. Their mission is to create new solutions with using the existing technology to improve the lifestyle of the people and successful in building the non-microwave temperature controlling products. BlueBeard studio entered in IoT in 2018 with some great concepts, prototypes and testing with their team having previous industrial experience over more than 10 years.

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