IQ AR Projector: Experience Pool like Never Before

Brand-new experience which they would have never experienced playing Pool.

IQ AR Projector Experience Pool like Never Before - 1
  • The IQ AR Projector allows the users to convert their simple pool table into an immersive and interactive gaming experience which they have never experienced before.
  • The IQ AR Projector allows the users to adjust games and themes simply by their phones or through cue or hand gestures.
  • The IQ AR Projector does not need its users to be wearing VR goggles or any other glasses for them to be enjoying the experience provided by it.

Many people like to play Billiards for fun. The game has become a worldwide obsession and is played both for fun in free time and professionally by people all around the globe. The IQ AR Projector provides the players a brand-new experience which they would have never experienced playing Pool. This device consists of an AR projector which turns your simple green Pool Table into a whole new and interesting experiences. The projector can be easily controlled through various methods including mobile phone, hand gestures and more. It also does not require any Virtual Reality glasses for the people to enjoy the experience so everyone around the table gets the perfect experience from it.

Problem Solving By The Product


Many people love to play Pool but are always complaining about the plain and simple green table. This is solved with the help of the IQ AR Projector. The Projector allows the users to turn their simple and boring Pool Tables into a completely different thing. The projector has an AR technology which uses the movements on the table and simulates different games and themes on the table which can be enjoyed by everyone. Previously for an experience like this, the users needed to wear a Virtual Reality glass but not with the IQ projector. The IQ AR Projector does not require its users to wear any additional glasses and enjoy the game completely.

Detailed Specifications


The IQ AR Projector helps you to convert your old and simple Pool table to a brand new and exciting experience which you would have never seen before. To do this, the IQ AR has a ceiling mounted standalone projector which is sufficient to work its charm and convert the table into a whole other thing. The Projector uses the Augmented Reality technology which helps it determine the dimensions of the table and the objects that are kept on it. The projector can also sense movements on the table and adjust and improve the experience of the users accordingly so they do not feel like it is just a projection. It allows users to get immersed in the game completely as if it were another real game other than Billiards.

The users are given options to choose from. These options include various interactive themes for the table, various interactive games which the users can play to pass their time while having a lot of fun. If you are looking forward to getting better at playing Billiards, the projector also provides you with self-paced training modes and tracking game statistics to help them improve their game by training and game analysis. These are just a few of the modes offered by the IQ AR Projector.

The IQ AR Projector can be controlled in many ways. These include control through the mobile application provided by the company, controlling through hand gestures as well as via cue. The smart technology used in the projector has sensors which sense the movements and gestures and changes the modes accordingly. The core system of the Projector is Windows based. The IQ application on the other hand supports both Android and iOS for the better compatibility with the users.

Along with the ceiling mounted projector, the IQ AR also has some other hardware tools which help making your game more interactive and exciting. These can be installed around the Pool table and set up easily. The IQ AR Projector can work with almost any sized Pool table. The users can easily setup the dimensions and position of the table accordingly to the position of the projector. The Projector also has an offset so that the projection from it does not interfere with the Pool table lighting, allowing the users to take advantage of both and making the table a lot more immersive.

The IQ AR Projector is made up of an Iron Exterior Shell and uses Iron Exterior Piping and Piles for mounting. This ensures a better durability of the product. The IQ AR Projector has the dimensions 15 x 11 x 11 inches in Length, Width and Height. The Company provides a 12 months warranty on the product along with a lifetime support and licensing for it. The Product weighs 50 pounds. The IQ AR uses a power adaptor cord of 100 – 300 Volts and provides a power output of 100 – 260 Volts. The Projector uses the best quality OSRAM Projector Bulb which is capable of creating best in class projections. All these specifications ensure that the users get the best product experience when they use the IQ AR Projector.

Plans For Launch

The IQ Augmented Reality Pool Table Projector was introduced in April 2020. The Company has been looking forward for the response of the public for their innovative new product. The product has already caught many eyes and is receiving many positive reviews from people all over the world. The IQ AR Projector can be inquired about at the Company’s Official Website. The Company is currently working and looking forward to providing this product to as many people as they can and make Pool more interesting. The IQ AR Projector is available for people worldwide as the company ships all across the globe without any border restrictions.

Company Details

The IQ AR Projector is developed and manufactured by the IQ Reality Company. The IQ Reality has been working on this project for a long time and have been always looking forward to providing the best product to the users. The Company is currently based in Tampa, Florida from where it ships the product worldwide. The product can be bought on various platforms including EBay from the official seller as IQ Billiards.

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