INOKIM Light 2 Extraordinary Electric Scooter

An Ultra-Portable and Light-Weight Beast.

INOKIM Light 2 Extraordinary Electric Scooter

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  • Inokim Light 2 is a lightweight and portable scooter, crafted & designed with top-notch material and can be folded to fit in compact places as well.
  • Inokim Light 2 has a range of 20 miles with 21 mph of max speed packed with 350W of motor and has all the safety features like lights & lock offers comfortable rides.
  • Inokim Light 2 has pneumatic tires offer more grip on roads and a dual drum braking system with industry-leading performance for the riders.


There are tons of electric scooters out there which satisfies the need in some department but not in others. When it comes to the Inokim Light 2 that fall in the ultra-portable category of electric scooters.

Inokim Light 2 is portable that weighs 13.6 kilogram which is ultra-light, which is a premium electric scooter with a premium price tag offering all the features which one needs.

Inokim Light 2 has the top-notch high-quality material & built and has a wider deck for a comfortable ride, they also have front & rear mounted lights that ensure safety while driving.

They used a dual drum brake system that stops the Light 2 immediately and can be folded with the stem, even the handlebar which makes this bike as ultra-portable and ranges up to 20 miles with a top speed of 21 mph.

Problem Solved By The Product


Inokim Light 2 has the top-notch build quality without any compromises along with fantastic design with the longest range distance traveling with the built-in battery up to 20 miles.

Inokim Light 2 is ultra-portable with the foldable design, even the handlebar to fit in compact spaces as well and you can easily carry the scooter in the hands which weigh only 13.6 Kg.

They also provided the locking system for the stem to ensure safety and has front & rear lights, the Light 2 has a wider deck for a comfortable ride and has dual drum system that stops the scooter quickly.

Light 2 is packed with a 350 W motor which offers max speed of 21 mph and the pneumatic tires used in the scooter offer more grip and stability while riding the bike and can carry a rider up to 100 Kg.

Detailed Specification


Inokim Light 2 don’t push all the torque at staring, starts at slower rate and then gradually feel the pull getting stronger when you are getting higher speeds.

The top speed of the Inokim is 20.7 miles per hour which stands out to be the one of the most top speeded electric scooter in the market, while the acceleration reaches 18 miles per hour in 7 seconds and rest in another 8 seconds.

From the standstill, the Light 2 is able to get 200 foot 10% average grade hill climb in 19 seconds within an average speed of 7.2 mph with a 350 W motor with a rider.

Inokim Light 2 has the better braking system than all other ultra-portable scooters with a dual-drum breaking configuration system which gives 12 feet stopping distance under from 15 mph.

Inokim Light 2 is the only electric scooter with a dual mechanical brake set up all the way you get to the turbo wheel swift or 0-9, when it comes to range the scooter last longer for 16 miles with a single charge.

When it comes to weight the Inokim weighs only 13.6 Kg which barely squeaked by, this is light enough to carry it up a few flights upstairs before considering it a workout.

When folded Inokim Light 2 has a quite a small footprint extending only 37 inches (94 cm) making this the shorter among other electric scooters, the width of the Inokim Light 2 including the stand is about 7.5 inches or 19 centimetres which allows you to put it under the desk at work or even in some shopping carts.

This Inokim Light 2 will easily put in a car trunk when you want to carry your scooter along with you, the really nice things about this scooter is that it has a giant loop which makes it super easy to lock your scooter.

Inokim Light 2 is known for the comfortable ride quality and over performance specs without exceptions, when you stepping on the scooter you will notice a low deck of height of 4.25 inches with ground clearance.

The massive upside is better handling and stability of the Inokim Light 2 while driving at all speeds and when it comes to ride comfort which are 18.3 inches long and 7 inches wide, that tends to be the widest scooter among the rest.

The handlebars of the Inokim Light 2 are slightly cured towards you and wrapped in a high-quality hard foam type material, which is grippy and helps to reduce hand strain over a long time.

When turning the scooter you will see the display will keep your setting including the gear, Inokim Light 2 has the best throttle unit in the game, which is perfectly placed & doesn’t slip during the ride.

This Inokim Light 2 feels more torquey as you gain speed and for beginner, riders will want to stay in mode 1 or 2 while learning before allowing them to enter top speed.

When it comes to damping you can even have pneumatic tires with no suspension or solid tires with suspension, the design of the Inokim is very impressed with the logo on the side.

Inokim Light 2 scooters are among the best when it comes to build quality, with the novel stem blade design that gives unique look with the materials from the top to bottom with top-notch quality.

The Inokim Light 2 has a very high safety rating and would beat every other competitor and has the dual pneumatic tires which are safest for riding, these tries will give more grip when cornering and also in wet conditions.

Inokim Light 2 has the bell mounted on the left handlebar and front & rear lights both of which blink when you activate break and all other safety features in the scooters.

Dimensions 42.5 x 41.3 x 18.1 inches
Folded Dimension 37.4 x 14.2 x 9.8 inches
Weight 30 lbs.
Drive Rear wheel drive
Top Speed 21mph
Range 20 miles
Battery LG Li-ion 36V 10.4Ah
Suspension Pneumatic tires
Lights Front & rear LED
Brakes Front & rear drum brake
Tire size 8.5” x 2” Air tires
Motor 350W /650W

This Inokim Light 2 electric bike is priced at $1200 and available in five different color variants are Black, White, Blue, Orange, and green.

Plan For Launch

This Inokim Light 2 is launched in the year 2020 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year when they have enough stock after the manufacturing process is completed.

Company Details

This Light 2 portable electric bike is developed by a company called Inokim, where humanity still has a chance to evolve & create a sustainable and peaceful world.

They focus on the leading edge design for the light and foldable scooters and use the highest standard for outstanding performance. Started in the garage in 2009 and grown with award-winning designs.

The headquarters of the company is located in China and they develop challenging products every year, creating milestones in the market.

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