InMotion V11 Best-in-class Unicycle

An Ultimate Riding Experience.

InMotion V11 Unicycle

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  • InMotion V11 Unicycle is powered with 2200W Custom Made Motor that powers up for 31mph max speed with embedded batteries.
  • InMotion V11 has the air-spring suspension design and foldable handlebar, has front & backlights with optimal weight distribution.
  • InMotion V11 Unicycle has dual charging ports and leading cooling system technology with large pedals and stands for grip & comfort.


InMotion V11 is the best in class Unicycle with the built-in adjustable suspension which tends to be the world’s first air-spring pedal suspension design.

InMotion V11 is crafted for the professional riders with up to 3.3” vertical travel when you hit bumps or dips, embedded with 18 x 3” tire offering more comfort and stability while riding the Unicycle.

InMotion V11 has an IP rating and gets you to your destination with 31 mph max speed with a long-lasting battery that offers you 75 miles ride with a single charge.

Offering tons of features like a leading cooling system and safety features like lights helps you ride the Unicycle even during night times and large pedal to rest your feet.

Problem Solved By This Product


InMotion V11 Unicycle has the built-in stand, stands out to be the first Unicycle which comes withstand and the tires are 3” wide which offers more grip allows you take even in off-roads.

This V11 Unicycle comes with air-spring suspension technology which absorbs bumps or dips up to 3.3” which makes your ride more comfortable and the side pedals are wide enough to rest your leg.

The lights used in the V11 Unicycle both front & back are bright enough to cover the road and even adjust to your movements and backlights will blink when you press the brakes.

They provided two ports for charging so that you can quickly charge your Unicycle if you want and provided a USB port to charge your accessories.

The batteries embedded system will reduce the center of gravity for better handling and power with a triple heat dissipation cooling system with an improved control board.

Detailed Specification


InMotion V11 is made with premium quality material to meet the best in class performance and the side pads even increase the comfort levels while riding the Unicycle.

The sidekick in the InMotion V11 Unicycle which is very handy to keep your Unicycle when you are up to someplace and ride again, while this Unicycle is made for the professional riders.

The pedal are in high when the InMotion V11 is idle which seems scary but, when you jump on that they will go down and bumps a great advantage even in sharp curves, there is no chance that your feet will hit the floor.

This InMotion V11 Unicycle also go front light & backlight for safety when you driving your Unicycle in night times which are doing an out-standing performance, while the light adjusts to your movement which lightens the road in front of you.

The tires used in the InMotion V11 are CST tires offering more grip to take your Unicycle off-road or on-road & provide a better experience while riding the Unicycle.

When it comes to the suspension in InMotion V11, this will be the world first Unicycle to have built-in air spring pedal suspension up to 2.75” Suspension travel and absorb bumps that give you extra confidence.

The battery of the InMotion V11 is 1500Watt hour which is isn’t big enough but has the maximum range of 75 miles and when it comes to transportation this comes handy with the one-click foldable handlebar which makes this a complete pack to carry.

InMotion V11 weighs only 60lbs so you can carry with you up in the stairs and when you press the kill switch, that makes this bike a luggage and don’t hurt your hands when you carry this one with you.

When you press the brake, the backlights of the InMotion V11 Unicycle come into action with the light blinking, which is again a safety measure to drive the bike in night times.

To charge the InMotion V11 Unicycle, there are ports on the backside of the Unicycle so you can have this fast charging technology with two charges at a time and they also provided the USB slot in the middle of the ports so that you can charge your phone in an emergency.

This InMotion V11 is made for the professional riders with the world’s first built-in Adjustable suspension with an air-spring pedal that absorbs shocks and bumps while riding the Unicycle and offers you more stability with up to 3.3” of vertical travel.

The Motor used in the InMotion V11 is a Custom Made motor with improved torque that boosts you with a speed up to 31mph with the 2200W motor.

InMotion V11 used an improved control board with 12 quality MOSFETs providing a backup all the time when you need it.

Range 75 miles max
Motor Power 2200 W peak
Battery 1500 WH 84V
Charging Time 5 hours with dual charge (10 hours single charge)
Max Speed 31 mph top speed
Climbing Angles 35 degrees
Tire 18 x 3 inches
Weight 60 lbs
Payload 265 lbs
IP Rating IP55
Leading Cooling System For high-performance heat dissipation
Charging Output DC 84V * 2.5A
Advantage in-app statistics Give you access to data to track your performance and usage habits
Optimal Weight distribution Yes

This InMotion V11 Unicycle is priced at $1999 and currently, they are taking pre-orders for $500.

Plan For Launch

This InMotion V11 Unicycle is launched in the year 2020 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year 2020 when they have enough stocks after the manufacturing process is completed. Then the Unicycle will reach the customer’s home.

Company Details

This V11 Unicycle is developed by a company called InMotion which is a USA based company with the headquarters located in SAN DIEGO, California, they are an international team with truly passionate bout he electric bikes.

Their engineering team developed professional Electric bikes for a decade with a goal to promote high professional bikes to the customer and support them.

Their mission is to help share these experience with their community across the US, this company started in the year 2017with the first product launched on Kickstarter with cutting edge technologies & design.

They started to expand with more products in the Unicycle section and as well as in electric scooters and more recently their team played a key role in launch worldwide.

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