INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter Coming With Powerful Battery With Advanced Shock Absorbent System

INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter 2
  • The INMOTION L9 battery can easily provide the users with a backup of up to 59.4 miles or 95 km of easy and comfortable riding.
  • The INMOTION L9 allows a dual dash charging of the battery which simply cuts the charging time in half taking just 3.6 hours for a full charge.
  • The INMOTION L9 has a powerful 1000 W capacity motor which provides unmatched power to the bike on any terrain with customizable riding modes.

INMOTION has recently introduced its latest development in the daily usable electric vehicle industry, the L9 electric scooter. The L9 electric scooter is the latest and one of the most convenient electric vehicle that you can use daily all the time without any difficulties.

It is a light weight vehicle which provides you with both the power and the durability you’ll need so that you do not need to worry about being stranded or late to work or college. It provides you with dual shock absorption providing you a comfortable ride, a powerful motor which gets you to your destination quickly and a powerful battery which does not die even when you have to cover large distances.

INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter 1

All that can easily be achieved with the INMOTION L9 scooter. This scooter is the modern era masterpiece in the electric vehicle industry which provides you with all the comforts of riding.

Problem Solving by the Product

Air pollution is not new to the world. It has been in existence for a long time. Mainly caused by the industrial and automobile sectors of the society, the decreasing quality of air around us has been harmful for humans. This was solved to some extent by the inventions of electric vehicles. It produced lesser toxic fumes in the environment.

Although this was very good for the environment, the electric vehicles were let down because of their lack of power and stability. This has been the issue with the electric vehicles for a long time. INMOTION L9 is the new entry in the electric vehicle industry as the new durable, stable and powerful vehicle provided to the people. It allows the people to cover all their daily needs easily with an affordable machine.

Detailed Specifications

The INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter has an unmatched set of specifications. These specs all define the quality and comfort levels of the vehicle. The main areas of focus for the vehicle are its powerful battery and motor.

The 1000 Watt motor of the battery equips its users with the power they deserve with any vehicle. The customizable modes of the motor provide the user with 3 modes, each providing a top speed of 24 km/h, 15 km/h and 13 km/h.

INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter 3

Each of the modes provide the customization needed by the users of the bike. The power of the motor can even easily ride it up a gradient of 30 percent with a maximum load capacity of up to 150 kg.

Powering this unmatched powerful motor on the INMOTION L9 Scooter is a powerful battery. The INMOTION L9 battery can easily provide the users with a backup of up to 59.4 miles or 95 km of easy and comfortable riding.

The long unmatched backup of the battery allow the INMOTION L9 to be listed among one of the best battery backup providing electric vehicles. Although the battery charging would generally take 7.2 hours in a normal charging, the vehicle has another trick up its sleeve. The INMOTION L9 allows a dual dash charging of the battery which simply cuts the charging time in half taking just 3.6 hours for a full charge.

The INMOTION L9 has an LED Panel at its head. This panel provides the users with the vital information about the bike while they are riding it. The panel includes information about battery percentage, the speed of the bike in both KM/H and M/H and much more.

INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter 8

The bike has 10 inch shark fin pattern tires for increased balance and comfort of its users. They also provide the bike with a great look from a viewer’s perspective. It provide a dual shock system which maintains the smoothness of the ride. The INMOTION L9 bike consists of both an Electronic and Disc brakes to provide the users with the durable as well as smooth performance all around.

The INMOTION L9 has a 7 inch deck which provides you with enough space to rest both of your legs. This can be a great help in long drives. The Bike has a pair of 1.25 Watt LED bulbs for a headlight which work as a set and focus on a long area as a 2.5 Watt LED Bulb.

INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter 4

The Bike also has sets of LED strips which run along the lower back section of the deck and blink orange as you are turning. The system reads the tilt of the bike and automatically turns on the turning lights to provide you with even more convenience while riding.

Plans for Launch

INMOTION L9 Electric Scooter 9

The INMOTION L9 scooter’s concept was launched by the CEO of the INMOTION industries in August 2019. It had become the talk of the internet quickly. Thus, the company quickly started the kick-off project for the vehicle in October 2019.

The Company had successfully completed their target of the campaign and had been in research and development for the bike from October 2019 to February 2020. The Company had been testing the vehicle at various stages going up to July 2020. The final production and shipping stage of the company is set to be taken out in August 2020. The company claims to get the bike to the people by August 2020.

Company details

The INMOTION industries was established back in 2012. The INMOTION team consists of talented designers and engineers who have been masters at development of electric vehicles.

Within the few years of their service they have had many happy customers all over the world. With their new and better vehicle designs they also have been recipients of various awards including the World Green Design Product Awards, iF Product Design Awards and many others.

They have had more than a million happy and satisfied customers globally with their previous vehicles like L6 and L8 which had become very successful in their respective field.