InCharge – The Only Cable You Need For All Gadgets

The Swiss Knife all cables


nCharge is designed by a Swiss Company which aims to solve our multi-cable management problem very effectively. Likely, have you ever imagined that if you can carry only one cable which can charge, data transfer all your electronic device like laptops, smart home devices like alexa, google home, your play-stations, Kindle and whatever you are carrying now a days in your bag while traveling. And if this cable can be accessed with the keyring that can be best, is not it. You can imagine how much cable carrying headache you can reduce in your next office trip. Basically, a Swiss based company Rolling Square has launched recently a single cable which can actually work for 6 types of cable in our daily use. The InCharge can charge or transfer data the all devices you are using today.

Power Transfer from phone

This is one of the big feature, now you can power transfer from your phone or laptop to any of your device.


High grade Magnet

The cable has been designed with N52 Magnets, which can help you use the cable in the key-ring. You don’t have to loose the cable anymore.


Multiple Colors

The cable is available in three type of colors. *Mercury, Moon White and Saturn Gold.

inCharge Compatibility

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