Igloohome Smart Padlock: Remotely Accessible Secure Padlock

The Igloohome is one of the smartest padlocks you can get.


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  • The Igloohome Smart Padlock is a Smart and Secure Padlock providing one of the best class security to your belongings.
  • The Igloohome Smart Padlock can easily be locked and unlocked through your mobile phone and can be managed using the mobile application.
  • The Igloohome Smart Padlock allows you to let your guests in through the Pin generation feature which does not need any application download or other complications.


We have all used padlocks in our life. It may have been to lock our houses, our bikes, even the vaults. But the padlocks were quite difficult to manage. If someone needed to get inside your home, while it is locked, or someone needed your bike in a case of emergencies. Igloohome brings you the smartest padlock you might have seen. It provides you with many unlocking methods all of which are secure so that you do not need to worry about the security amidst the convenience provided by the device. The padlock can be controlled through your mobile phone and can be unlocked instantly and remotely. The lock also has a security pin feature so that you can share the pin with the people you trust and solve any types of emergencies without putting in too much effort.

Problem Solving By The Product


We always look out for the security of our belongings. Locking our homes does grant a security that no one can break in easily, but in cases of emergencies, if there’s a gas leak or something else and you’re not home. Locks can be both helpful and stressful. Thus comes the age of smart locks like the Igloohome Smart padlock. This smart padlock can easily be operated and controlled through your mobile phone so you can unlock it with ease. It also provides a security pin which would unlock the lock easily without the need for mobile connection. The lock is made of tough material to provide the strength and durability needed to protect your belonging. In the activity log provided by the lock in the mobile application, you can manage and see the current status and the locking and unlocking history of the lock.

Detailed Specifications


The Igloohome is one of the smartest padlocks you can get. This smart padlock is very simple to use and provides a lot of comfort and security to the user so that they would not need to worry about the safety of their belongings. The lock can easily be controlled remotely through the mobile application giving the owner or the user the full control over locking or unlocking. The Igloohome Smart Padlock can also be unlocked through the security pin which can be changed by the admin user themselves.

The Mobile Application for the Igloohome Padlock provides many other features as well. The lock can connect through the mobile application and can be unlocked easily. The administrative user of the lock has full control and management over the locking and unlocking. The user can track the logs of locking and unlocking of the Igloohome Padlock so that they can feel secure about their belongings and let the application give the full management to the users. You do not even have to worry about losing the keys with this smart padlock because you won’t need any. The lock can be easily managed without the usage of keys.

If you are not at home and have guests over at your house and want to let them in, the Igloohome Smart Padlock has the perfect feature which covers this need. You can make up or generate a temporary pin code and send it to the person you want to, whether friends or family. The guests can easily use these pins to unlock the Igloohome Padlock without the need for the user to sync up the codes with the lock. The guests standing at the door do not even need to install a mobile application which is a case in many other smart locks. All they need is the generated pin code. Thus, the lock provides you with the complete remote access which you need for yourself or your friends and family members.

The Igloohome Smart Padlock has the dimensions 55 mm x 70 mm x 24 mm with a product dimensions of 2.17 x 1.26 x 3.78 inches. The device weighs 1.21 pounds. The Padlock is black in color providing a premium look and feel. The material of the lock can handle a high amount of stress and the electronic circuits are secured with harsh water and dust resistance. The Padlock works on a CR2 battery which is initially included in the package by Amazon along with a Torx security Screwdriver.

Plans For Launch

The Igloohome Smart Padlock was launched by the Company in October 2018. It was launched as a crowdfunding campaign through various sources like Indiegogo. After just one day, this Smart Padlock crossed its initial target and achieved 209 percent of it in the first 24 hours. The campaign ended on 10th November 2018 with the company already achieving their stretch goals easily with the popularity gained by the product. The Company started the first batch of the mass production in March 2019 and had completed production and shipped the Padlock by July 2019. The Company had shipped their product all over the world for the customers to feel the safety alongside the convenience.

Company Details

The Igloohome Company has been providing several smart and secure locks and key boxes to the people. Their smart and secure technologies allow the users to easily grant access of the respective properties to anyone they deem with the help of security pin and remote unlocking features. The Company had received many awards for many of their previous products like the Best Mortise lock for the Smart Mortise by the Wall Street Journal, The Best Stuff of 2017 for the Smart Key box by GQ and many more awards. The Company had been in development of the Smart Padlock for some time, printing the lock in a 3D printer to study and perfect their design with the help of the design and development team which works hard to provide the people with the smartest and safest padlocks they would have seen.

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