HyperJuice – Super power your Mac for 50 hours

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YPER by Sanho Corporation, a dynamic team based in Silicon Valley, California brings to you the product you always needed, a mega battery pack named “HyperJuice” and rightly so. This battery pack is compatible to charge all the models of MacBook and two iPods at the same time. With an Aluminum exterior similar to that of MacBook, it is simply one of the best portable batteries available in the market.

HyperJuice Battery Powerbackup for Mac

Product Overview

The product is a patented Magic box solution for portable charging vide US Patent:US9,088,090 B2. The company provides a modified Apple MagSafe power adapter for the connection purpose. This adapter allows HyperJuice to connect to MagSafe battery.

For USB-C enabled charging in MacBook requires a magic box adapter, sold separately. It contains two USB-A ports to enable charging iPads and iPhone at same time as MacBook. Both these ports are 12W imparting high power charging. It has all the ports lined up on the same side, hence making it the battery pack accessible even when it is inside the backpack.

MagSafe battery comes in various power dimensions like 60Wh, 100Wh, 100Wh version 2, 150Wh and 222Wh.

This portable battery lets you work incessantly from any location with zero worries about losing out power and important unsaved work. Also, it simultaneously doubles as an iPad and iPhone charger, hence increasing day to day productivity.

Hyperjuice GAN battery charger

Major Versions

HyperJuice 100Wh, the most popular and the maximum FAA approved battery comes in two versions mainly, HyperJuice 1.5 and HyperJuice 2. Though they provide the same amount of power, the version 2 is an upgrade as it contains an OLED panel displaying battery performance and percentage, temperature and other related information. It also comes with option of upgradeable battery cells, a logic board and aluminium casing for premium look to go in sync with the MacBook.

Detailed Specification

Apart from the charger for the MacBook, as mentioned earlier, it contains two 2.1A ports which can help charge two iPads/iPhones together with the MacBook.

In general, it has been observed that HyperJuice MagSafe provides an iPad battery life extending up to 50 hours (34 hrs on newer versions) and iPhone battery life which can recharge the iPhone up to 19 times.

HYPER provides FREE Magic Box MagSafe Power Adapter to make it compatible with the versions of MacBook, one with USB-C charging. It adapts the DC port on HyperJuice MacBook Battery Packs to USB-C port.

Power Specification

The following is the power consumption and corresponding output
It has a DC Output of 14.5~18.5V, 4.5A max
It has an AC Adapter Input of 100~240V and output of 18V, 2.5A

For various power output and capacity, the battery is of different range varying from 0.45kg (for 60Wh version) to 2.13kg (for 222Wh version). The most common dimension for the battery is 123 x 24 x 240 mm with slight changes as the battery capacity increases making it backpack friendly but a little difficult to carry in person.

Charging Time

Using an 100Wh charger, the HyperJuice can be pumped up to full capacity in an hour while using a 60Wh charger takes 1.7 hours to power the HyperJuice to full capacity. It can even act as a charger on its own, as it will charge your gadgets while charging itself when plugged into the wall.

Launch Details

Hyper brings you the HyperJuice MagSafe batteries starting at $199.99 for 60Wh to $349.99 for 100Wh version 2, already available at all leading Apple stores and on Amazon. You can visit the official website here: HyperJuice MagSafe Battery

Company Details

Embarking on its forward journey on completing 14th year anniversary in 2019, HYPER by Sanho is based in Silicon Valley specializing in award-winning, cutting-edge accessories with a major focus on Apple, portable power and connectivity products. Hyper uses crowdfunding to gauge an interest of the public in their next product and has been successful in raising the amount to develop something for the common people and by the common people.


A very handy product and powerful back up power option, the product from HYPER comes at a premium. It will prove to be very important and essential for executives, creators and MacBook users who usually work on the go, especially in the absence of the old school charging points. The dimensions are Backpack friendly though it lies a little on the heavier side given the power it packs within itself.
Overall, HYPER is in the market with a very useful and efficient utility for the Mac users.

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