Hydrow Life-Changing Rowing Machine

Real outdoor experience of rowing a boat and stretches.

Hydrow Life-Changing Rowing Machine

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  • Hydrow Rowing Machine will give you the real outdoor rowing experience with industrial grade material and can also to be used for full body workouts with the 22 “ HD Screen.
  • Hydrow machine has the integrated sensors to even measure your heart-rate and has the adjustable digital friction with smooth rowing strokes and quiet resistance mechanism.
  • Hydrow Rowing machine has over 200 fitness sessions and helps you in burning 400 calories in under 20 minutes and engages all your muscles in the workout by athlete’s trainers.


Rowing is a beautiful sport which is meditative, strong, calm & composed and cannot be accessed all the time you need as they are in specific at particular location. Hydrow gives you the real outdoor rowing experience and shapes your body at home which is unique & elegant piece of equipment and then to use the most of the Hydrow they are providing monthly subscription which include a mix of live and pre-recorded workouts.

Hydrow Rowing Machine also introduces the weightlifting modes so even you can use the pull for bicep curls and make use as all in one full body workout system.

There is a 22” HD touchscreen staring right in the face and the great feature is that you can adjust the resistance level on the screen rather than with lever and the pull is made with flat ribbon nylon which tends to achieve smoother and quieter rowing.

Hydrow Rowing Machine is made with pleasing modern design which is primarily built for the home with the bottom with big curve similar to the boat with the metal legs around the corners which is compact.

Hydrow Rowing Machine is simple to use just plug in the power and connect to Wi-Fi there you go and their adjustable foot straps which can accommodate big feet even and has the camera for two-way combination for workouts.

Problem Solving By This Product


Hydrow Rowing Machine will give you the real outdoor experience of rowing a boat and stretches all your muscles 24/7 when you need with full concentration and no more distraction and worry about missing the rowing exercise.

Hydrow offering four ways to get your workout done with the live rowing with the professional instructors on the screen of 22” HD display in front of you and even you can row on demand with the pre-recorded 200 session videos in their Hydrow library anytime you need.

You can even listen to the serene river rowing boat experience while you rowing the boat with bird’s sounds, smooth rhythm of strokes and even the Hydrow will work for whole body fitness and helps you in burning 400+ calories in under 20 minutes which will shape your body quickly.

With the Hydrow you can engage all your muscles and increase the mental ability, the pull is made with nylon ribbon which is smooth and quiet when rowing while the resistance can be adjusted in the Monitor.

With their World-class trainers & Monthly subscription you can train with daily workouts or with a team where you can share the rowing statistics each other and there are also integrated sensors which will measure your heart-rate while you are rowing and the font facing HiFi speakers will pleasure you with the audio while workouts.

Detailed Specification


Hydrow is the compact uniquely designed Rowing Machine which looks same alike boat and offers you the real outdoor rowing experience at your home and get instructed by the top athletes to reach your fitness goal faster than before.

With the Hydrow you can learn rowing with proper resistance training in just couple of minutes form the world-class instructors from the river and be motivated all the time with your friends to build a perfect body by rowing the boat together each other.

With the Hydrow you have 24 hours access to workout and there are 4 ways to get your work done like live rowing watching from the 22“HD panel right in front of you or row on demand with the pre-recorded videos with in their library, Serene River Rows you can listen to the live sounds like the strokes of water, nature while you are rowing or even you can use the Hydrow for full body workouts like yoga, stretching, functional movements & resistant training for complete fitness training.

Hydrow Rowing Machine will helps you to burn your calories up to 400 within 20 minutes of workout and helps in engaging all your muscles rather than simple running or biking exercise by giving you fluid workout to reduce stress while improving the bone density and increase your mental ability that helps you to focus on the things that are really important to you.

Hydrow library has over 200 recorded outdoor rowing sessions and the row strokes are made with industrial grade webbed connection for smooth and efficient rowing with the digital adjustable resistance and tested for 3,000,000 cycles made with ergonomic design that fits up to 36” inseam and up to 300 lbs.

The Hydrow Rowing Machine is priced at $2199 and their monthly subscription is priced at $38.

Dimensions 85 x 25 x 45 inches
Stored Dimensions 24 x 33 x 85 inches
Weight 130 lbs
Height Limit 36” inseam
Weight Limit 375 lbs.
Resistance Mechanism Quiet, micro-processor controlled resistance that adjust 100 timers per second
Connections Bluetooth & WiFi
Heart Rate Monitoring Bluetooth and ANT + enhanced
Screen Size 22 inches
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD
Screen Touch Technology PCAP
Screen Sweat and dust resistance IP52
Speakers Amplifier x2 channel, 3W, 8 ohms front facing immersive experience
Microphone Included
Camera 2 Megapixel
Seat Ergonomically designed seat
Seat roller 10-roller system for lifetime
Feet Soft rubberized feet to protect floor from scratches
Monitor Fold Monitor folds flat for storage
Monitor Angle Adjustment Monitor Adjust 15 degrees for perfect viewing angle
Seat Height Designed for easy on and off
Handle Ergonomic design for low stress grip
Materials Aluminum and steel frame with flat polymer body

Plan For Launch

The First Seed Funding of the Hydrow is started in the year December 2017 with the first prototype in June 2018, second prototype in October 2018 with crowdfunding campaign. The in-Home testing of the Hydrow is done in December 2018 while the manufacturing is done in 2019 and the shipping will be done in later quarters of the year 2019 to US in quarter 2 and to other countries in July 2019 after the orders arrive.

Company Details

This Outdoor Reality Rowing Machine is developed by the company called Hydrow which is a world class workouts company, Bruce Smith is the CEO & Founder of the company where Matt Lehrer is Cxo, Chris Paul is CTO and Nancy Dussauly Smith works as CMO many others are working along with them. The company main headquarters are located in Cambridge US started in the year 2017 and expands the company massively over to many countries in later 2019 and 2020 after hitting success with their products, while the products helps in training and workout on legs, core and other parts of the body enabling the user to experience real rowing experience in water at home.

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