HYDRA 3 Beam Steering Bike Light

HYDRA 3 Beam Steering Bike Light - 2
  • Hydra 3 is designed to maximize visibility while riding
  • Hydra 3 device automatically changes the light beam around corners
  • Hydra 3 is the best handler mounted light that can be ever ridden for mountain

Every one need the beam light while riding the bike or going somewhere when it is dark, this one offering 900 lumen equivalent output. This device automatically changes the light beam around corners so you know that what’s coming up. You don’t have to wear the helmet mounted lights, since this one is mounted on the handle bar you no need to worry about the direction it will turn automatically according to the handle direction. The bike light also doesn’t require any pairing since all the LEDs and sensors are self-contained.

Detailed Specifications


1. The Hydra 3 is designed to maximize visibility while riding, using our proprietary terrain adaptive technology, the light uses advanced electronics and software to sense the motion and automatically steers to that side.
2. This is the light that shine, where you want it and when you want it, the lights on the corners of the mounted device are like the headlights on high-end luxury cars.
3. You can flow through switchbacks with confidence and maximize your visibility and run-time with no additional gear required, for most riding, this is the only bike light that you will ever need.
4. This is the best handler mounted light that can be ever ridden for mountain and fat biking and commute as well as expedition.
5. The 900 Lumen equivalent output routed through custom optics with the custom engineered LED optics to optimize beam pattern and colour for maximum trail visibility.
6. This one is designed with water resistance with IP64 and which can be used for the standard and climb modes, this one has 4x brightness levels to allow for longer battery life.
7. This Hybrid power capability consist of internal battery and the external USB-C with the long-lasting battery of 2 hours with a single charge and using the external USB also you can charge it, with unlimited run-time via external battery packs.

8. Their terrain adaptive lighting system gives the bike lights the capability to adapt to riders with no additional equipment required. The light stays on the trail so you can ride smoother, faster and safer.
9. This technology will help improving brightness and increasing battery life and makes it so if you don’t want to run a helmet light for all.
10. With offering a feature that no bike light can do this when you are heading down a trail their technology will light up much farther down a switchback, so you can see the things clearly.
11. They have built this because most of the light creators create a wide beam that consumes more battery life and also it cannot help to see the sideways it is centrally focused this will limit the battery to not more than one hour.
12. Their design eliminates the problem of carrying the helmet along with you an reduce the weight of item that you need to carry, with the custom designed optics this will automatically senses the motion of your bike and its digitally steers to light up the path.



  • Battery 3400 mAh
  • Battery lifetime 2 hours
  • Brightness factor 1.5x
  • Power technology Hybrid power technology
  • Charging port USB-C
  • Neutral colour 5000K LEDS
  • Run time Full 2 hours at 75% 2.5 hours
  • 50% brightness 4 hours
  • 25% brightness 8 hours

Out of box

Out of the box you will get the 1 hydra 3 and the handlebar mount and the USB cable for it to attach it on the bike that you carry.


The main con speak about this product is the price because no even everyone can be able to spend that much for the headlight and The water resistance rating also is very low IP64 which cannot bear the storms it might get damaged, the battery seems to be low because the rides for the terrain climbers will be more than 2 hours this one cannot bear that.


The price of this device is the early bird one of $149 (Rs 11,000) and there are two combo packs also available for this of early bird of double light pack for $280 (Rs 20,700) in which you get the two hydra 3 items, and for $450 (Rs 33,300) you will get 2 Hydras and 2 customer jerseys.

Plan for Launch

This product is fully funded by the kickstarter in test 0 and in the day 2 molds and shipping boxes are ordered and in day 4 PCB, batteries hardware accessories are ordered and in the day 36 plastic molds completed battery production and day 63 Aluminium heat sink mold completed in day 68 PCB’S arrive and in day 72 Heat Sink completed and shipped and in day 78 of the test Assembly and shipping begins in the year 2018.

About company

This product is developed by the Mystic devices and carried funding on the kickstarter, this company develops and builds advanced outdoor lighting equipment to enhance your experience. Adventures that don’t stop at dusk and neither should you, they are founded by a team of engineers and outdoor enthusiasts. From a rocket scientist to a professional lighting designer we know what it takes to engineers a quality product, this company is built on foundation of adventure, to inspire rides past dawn, after work and into the night with confidence. We are focused on developing and delivering exceptional value and high bike lights to the outdoor community.

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