HUDWAY Drive – Heads Up Display To Help you Focus On Road

Hudway Drive Navigation
  • HUDWAY Drive is Head Up Display for Car.
  • HUDWAY Drive helps you to focus on road while driving.
  • HUDWAY Drive shows google map navigation, cars data without watching the mobile.


UDWAY brings to you first in class head up display (HUD) HUDWAY Drive for your car with improved connectivity and a classic slim design displaying all the information you need on the go but also keeping unnecessary distractions away keeping your drive a safe one. As their mission statement puts it, “Keep Focused, Stay Aware”. It truly is a versatile fit all mount that just becomes a part of your dashboard and increases your everyday productivity.

Hudway Drive


HUDWAY Drive keeps the driver connected with the world in a less distractive way. It displays directions, calls, important texts and is connected to your mobile device over Bluetooth while phone stays away, safely in your pocket. It just needs to be set up once and can be used daily as it connects automatically. It also comes with very useful add-ons which include

  1. Night vision thermal camera: for detecting objects in low visibility conditions and hence reducing accidents to a minimum.
  2. Rear View Camera: It gives the edge required while reversing the vehicle and it switches on automatically when the vehicle is on rear gear for parking.
  3. Side View Camera: It helps with the blind spots when turning or overtaking.

These add-ons are available at reasonable prices and are easy to setup with the HUDWAY Drive.


HUDWAY Drive Navigation

The HUDWAY Drive is an easy to install and setup app and requires only one-time Bluetooth pairing with your smartphone and from next time the two just connect automatically with no pairing required.


Phone calls, Important Messages and other notifications are projected to the windshield with no extra action required makes it a safe option to be connected on the go. Hence, no need to handle your phone while driving which also is a punishable offence.


The Drive can also help with finding directions while driving. It provides handy directions in front of the eyes and can be easily be controlled using Voice via voice assistant powered by MapBox.


The Drive can be easily setup in a way that allows the driver to respond to calls using Apple watch, Bluetooth headset or the Voice Assistant button on the steering wheel, if available. In absence of these options, you need to use the phone to respond.


Dashboard widgets can be customized according to the users’ needs so that information vital to the user is always displayed by default on the Drive.

HUDWAY Drive not only provides improved connectivity packed inside a slimmer design, but is easy and versatile mount which affixes to the mount using a magnetic lock.

It also consists of CVBS (a video input port) hence, allowing connection of any additional cameras and all this is made possible due to the reliable software tested in various conditions over the years.

Moreover, the device fits on the dash with the mount using a strong adhesive for fit while the device is secured using a slide in lock on the mount. The power cable is connected to the mount and not device, making it easy to remove the device when you leave the car and place it back.


Following are the some of the major technical specifications:

  1. Sensor: It consists of ambient light which works during both day and night.
  2. Connectivity: it has both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for screen monitoring and audio.
  3. Display and Optics: 1.8” TF LCC screen with a resolution 480 x 240 px. Also, it has 17000nits direct backlit for better viewing experience
  4. Processor: It comes packed with an ARM Cortex A7 Quad core processor of uninterrupted performance.
  5. Memory: DRAM of 2GB or eMMC of 8GB
  6. Operating Conditions: -20o to 60o C at an input voltage of DC 5V to 17V.
  7. Warranty: 1-year warranty enabling valid claims with option of repairing, replacing or refunding the purchase price for the product.


In Feb 2019, HUDWAY developed the idea of HUDWAY Drive, a new ecosystem of HUD & ADAS solutions for the automotive. And furthermore, in May 2019, the company developed the Drive versions for Tesla Model 3 & Y and Ford F-150 while the R&D for the version compatible with Trucks went underway in June 2019, which is being developed as a lens-free embedded version of HUD.

The shipping starts in Q4 2019 priced at $189 with additional discount of $40 on exchanging your HUDWAY Cast device for a brand new HUDWAY Drive device for your driving needs. The HUDWAY have their warehouses in US and EU, making the product duty free in the two regions. For the rest of the World, supplies are made from China and may be subject to import duties.


Established in 2014 in California, US, HUDWAY is a leading enterprise in developing products for the automobile industry. Their mission statement is “Our passion is driving.

Our mission is to keep drivers less distracted and help them navigate safely.” The HUDWAY app was released in 2013 while the company came up the idea of HUDWAY Glass in 2015, which now has grown into what is known as the HUDWAY Drive in 2019.

HUDWAY team consists of some the finest mind in the world with likes of Ivan Klabukov, the CEO and Alex Ostanin, the CTO and the entire team spread over China, Germany, Canada, Russia and the USA.

The HUDWAY products have featured in world renowned magazines and featurettes and also in Tech Crunch competition winning accolades.


The HUDWAY Drive is a versatile product which promises versatile power in mount and eliminates handling of mobile phone while enabling hands-free handling of Notifications, Phone Calls and directions. It is the “all you need” device which makes driving safer and comfortable for the user. Priced at $189, it is affordable solution for all your driving needs.