HP Envy x2 – Snapdragon Powered Laptop Can Run Whole Day

The laptop with a detachable display.

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  • The HP Envy x2 is one of the most featured and well-designed devices available in the market.
  • With a detachable keyboard, the HP Envy x2 allows you more utility with usage with the touch screen and HP Stylus and Windows Ink support.
  • The HP Envy x2 provides a long battery life and also has the power necessary for all your needs at work.

The HP Envy x2 is a modern day laptop designed for the ease and variety of its uses to the person using it. The laptop has a detachable display which can come very useful to the user depending on the type of work he is doing. HP also provides an external stylus pen along with the laptop for your convenience using Windows Ink. The HP Envy x2 provides its users with an extraordinary battery life, claiming almost a day of backup. Along with al those features, the laptop offers an Intel processing chipset along with a 4G LTE connectivity possibility for the users so that they can explore the processing at the next level. Be it features or design, the HP Envy x2 stands above all the Laptops of its range and provides its user with a new and improved laptop experience.

Problem Solving By The Product

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Many people like to use their laptops on a permanent basis. They take it wherever they go, use it whenever they want. There are not many laptops which can easily take up to this role without problems in their battery. The HP Envy x2’s new and improved battery life ensures that the users get the maximum out of their device and the device never gives up on them. With a battery backup of more than 19 hours you can surely use it all day without worries. Along with the battery, the device also provides the users with extraordinary design and features so that while at a task on hand, they do not feel limited by their device. Also, with a stylus you can easily edit your wan into any document or picture easily.

Detailed Specifications


The Company provides 2 versions of this laptop. They are named according to their best features, All Day Battery Life and Power On The Go. The All Day Battery Life version uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset and provides power for up to 22 hours. The Power On The Go version comes with an Intel i5 7th Gen chipset and provides you 19 hours of battery backup. Both the versions use 4G LTE connectivity to provide you a better connectivity with the world around you. Both the versions provide a slightly different slot placement as compared to the other. Both of them have a volume rocker, a power adaptor, an audio jack, a USB-C port and a sim card slot on one side.


The devices provide an HP dual speaker setup with the audio output provided by Bang and Olufsen for better experience. The device has a Windows 10 Home installed on the Intel version and the Windows 10S on the Snapdragon. The device provides you with a Corning Gorilla Glass to provide you durability over the product and you can be carefree about the device getting out of your hands. The device has a soft folio casing which allows you to adjust the angle of viewing on the device for your convenience. The device is made with light material and the keyboards and cases both add to its lightness. The device has a 12.5 inch diagonal screen span and being light can easily be taken anywhere you wish easily.

The Input methods on the HP Envy x2 are also one of a class. The HP Digital Pen + Windows Ink provides you with a seamless Pen experience on your device. You can easily draw doodles and create content easily with the use of the touchscreen input. Moreover, to make you feel more like you’re using a laptop, the device provides you with a soft and backlit keyboard. The keyboard setup on the device is very light and detachable. You don’t always need to have a keyboard attached to the device unless you feel like you need it. The keyboard has a pebbled structure to provide the user with a better grip as well.


The HP Envy x2 provides 256 GB of SSD storage for fast processing. The device can be charged from 0% to 90% in only 90 minutes with the help of HP Fast Charge. The device uses an Adreno 540 graphic chipset to provide you better details in the work you are performing. It contains two cameras to fulfil your video calling need with the 5 MP front facing camera as well as allowing you to easily capture the moment with a 13 MP rear world facing camera.

Plan For Launch

The HP Envy x2 being developed by the HP Company has been very famous since its introduction. People all over the world had been waiting to get their hands on one of these devices. The Company launched the first batch of the laptop for international markets in May 2018. The current batch on Amazon which is available in India has been added in February 2019. The laptop is currently available in India to be bought through Amazon, Flipkart and several other online as well as offline sources in shops and malls all over the country too.

Company Details

HP is one of the world’s leading tech product manufacturers. It stands for Hewlett Packard and is based and headquartered In Palo Alto, California. Having been founded back in January, 1939, the company holds an experience that goes 81 years back. The company started with the production of testing and measurement kits and devices. It then quickly jumped into the business of computer hardware and then there had been no turning back. The company is currently entitled to over 66,000 employees and is still one of the biggest companies on the planet. The Company gets its name from its 2 founders, Bill Hewlett and David Packard. The Company currently has 3 working parts with the latest separating taking place in 2015. The Agilent Technologies took the charge of measurement and testing equipment and separated from HP completely. Currently the HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are the company’s biggest parts.