New joinees

Remember it is just another day of your life. The place you are going to work, the people with whom you’re going to work  are also human like you. The thing is they might employed earlier than you with the organisation. Remember everybody working there have some specific task and schedules to perform therefore nobody has enough time to bother about you except HR and your department head. You are also hired to perform some specific task based on your qualification/ experiences. So your only focus should be to ready to give your best at your new job. However there are some common basic etiquette of every organization which at least one can follow. Other things will be settled as the day passed.

Reach the workplace on time

Do not be late on your very first day of your job. One should reach half an hour before the time so that you will have time to settle down. Do some assessment of distance and time required to reach there which will help to start early and you will not end up last moment uncertainty.

Prepared V/s Casual

Your posture should show that you are already prepared for the day. A casual approach on your behaviour can give a wrong impression about you. Remember you are going to work in a professional environment and your employer will expect the same from you. Every organisation has a brand value and the brand value is maintained by its team members. Now you are a member of that organisation and you are the brand ambassador of that company directly or indirectly.

Personal Grooming

A well groomed person is welcomed and accepted in every occasion. It is not like that  someday you get up in the morning you become the man you want to be or you should be according to your career. It is not one day activity. It is an ongoing process. Personal grooming should not be your job search activity rather it should be your routine. It not only improves confidence in you, in your job relations but every relationship you have.

The Dress

Dress in another most important part of your success. One must understand the basic dress code of every profession. You cannot play tennis with a well suited booted dress on the other hand you cannot go for an office job in tennis dress. Sometimes people misunderstood that only expensive dresses make a good impression. This is not true. It is all about combination and following the dress code of the profession/job. Is your job is a fun or a profession for you? You only get paid for your professionalism. Every successful person in the world are very professional in their respective area of work.

Prepare a small introductory speech

In many places new joinees are introduced to the team members. Therefore prepare and practice a small introductory speech is a good idea. It should not be a long speech only a small introduction like your name, education, past experiences (if any), the position and department you are hired and your purpose for the job is enough. Remember to thank  everyone and don’t forget to ask for their cooperation at the end of the speech.

Carry your essentials

It is recommended to carry the documents asked to produce at the time of joining on your first day. Do not carry originals until it is being asked. Carrying copy of documents is sufficient. You can always produce the originals later if it is specifically asked. Carrying your personal laptop is not recommended. Your personal belongings are just your personal. Do not mix your personal things with official matters. In some company’s IT security is very strict therefore in the beginning it is better to have an understanding of the company’s rules and regulations.

Keep the phone in silent/vibrate mode 

Office is a place to perform the roles and responsibilities given to you. It is often seen that some people have very loud and filmy ringtones and they just forget to put the phone on silent or vibrate mode. Imagine you are in a meeting and suddenly your phone rings very loud. It totally changes the atmosphere of the meeting. It also gives a very wrong impression about your choices and character. It is always safe to keep the phone on silent or vibrate mode.

Listening and observing the environment

Maintaining the boundary in the beginning is better. Speak on only those areas where ever you have been asked. Do not engage in another’s gossips. The best practice is to listen with open minded and be an observer of the atmosphere of the place. Though you are an expert of any particular area, always ask your colleagues how the process is followed there. If there is no specific process for that particular work only then use your own idea. Every place has its own set of process of working. Reading the process manual and training materials is essential.

Meet with your immediate reporting person

Ask who is your immediate reporting person to whom you have to report on a daily basis. If possible, ask for a short time for meeting. This will help in understanding the process and you will have a good start. He is the person who will show you the path. Always ask from where can you start or where you can assist him in his current assignment. This will be a good start for your day.

 Be who you are

Sometimes due to various reasons we over do things. It is your first day and it is quite normal if you feel a little nervous or out of team. If you are a shy person does not try to smile too hard. People can easily notice you are acting. If you are natural you are always welcomed. Like a child, free from worry, free from wavering thoughts, always curious and cry whenever it requires something.

Show the enthusiasm

You can show the enthusiasm through your responses. Like ready to answer the little questions

  • Where do you live?
  • How do you communicate?
  • Who was your earlier employer?

This kind of question will come often in the beginning and a prompt reply to these questions of your colleagues will show them welcomed and asking a revert question is a best way to show the enthusiasm. Memorize the name of person you had a conversation.

Be friendly with colleagues

In the beginning be friendly with everyone. You are not in a position to choose your friends. By doing this some people can create distance from you which is not a good sign initially. Its take time to accommodate a new family member in the family. You will be in a better position to judge them later. Don’t reveal your secrets, weakness and strengths on your very first day. You don’t even need to express them.