All the new phones, gadgets trying to showcase with dark theme or dark mode in the many mobile phones or apps. After google announced to support dark mode in the Android, Instagram also announced the same. As they claim that dark theme can give you better eye protection while watching in low light mode. Google also claimed to see the increase of battery life in single charge after converting in to the dark mode. Though in future we will see and do some regress testing with different phones and show you the result.

In recent times, the all giant app development companies are experimenting with color schemes in the apps. Facebook, Google, Amazon are changing the interfaces and color scheme to the many version in recent time. In recent time, Instagram is one of the latest company to choose that same option.

But, it is not yet straight forward to change your color scheme. This feature is only being supported to Androind 10 users and iOS 13 users currently. In the announcement tweet the Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri clearly pointed out that if you have iOS version 13 or Android 10 version then only you can enjoy the dark mode theme.

Twitter Discussions on setting Instagram in Dark Mode
Twitter Discussions on setting-up Instagram in Dark Mode

In the current update you will get the dark mode enabled automatically. Also you can enable that manually by changing the settings.

Enable Dark Mode in Instagram iOS 13

1. Open the “Settings” option.
2. Select the option “Display and Brightness”.
3. Tap on the “Dark” option.
4. Launch the Instagram
5. And you will get the dark mode in the Instagram.

Enable Dark Mode in Instagram Android 10

1. Open the Settings Option.
2. Open the “Display” menu
3. Activate the “Dark Theme” option.
4. Launch the Instagram
5. And you will get the dark mode in the Instagram.