success in career

Everybody wants to be successful in their career and different people have different meaning of success. Here we are going to discuss about becoming successful in your corporate job. This is going to help if you are freshers and new in the corporate world to prepare for the future challenges you are going to face. Because first you will have to understand how to grow the corporate ladder and second how to maintain a balance between your professional/corporate life and your personal life. If your personal life is disruptive, it will impact your professional life as well. Personal life includes your relationship with your family, your physical health, your mental health.

For achieving success in career following are some of the major areas where you need to focus.

Always perform at your best level

It does not matter what stage of your career you presently are, do your best wherever you are. When you do your best, your action and your mind sync with each other. Perhaps you may not satisfied with the outcome of the effort. It is natural, it happens with everyone, but if you continue with the best efforts and do some analysis, like where things went wrong, can you do the same work differently or the timing of the work. This will help you to do some course corrections and move forward.

Picture The Right Image for Your Responsibilities

The very first thing is, are you aware of your responsibilities. A written roles and responsibilities are required. Remember if you want to achieve success in any area, first you have to take the responsibility. You will be only counted for the things you are directly responsible for. So, take the responsibilities of the work to be performed. Most people do not want to take the direct responsibility. They always want to perform as a secondary person. Here the good things for them is that if things go wrong, they will not be responsible but the if the outcome is excellent, they cannot take the credit of the outcome.

Perform Within Your Boundaries

Some people have a tendency to look beyond their boundaries. Understanding your boundary is very crucial. It does not matter what position you hold; you definitely have some boundary. Each person is assigned to perform some specific task based on their designated KRA (Key Responsibility Area). Somebody is only responsible and answerable of their area of responsibility. If you complete your duty and engage with others projects, it will not only create a problem for you it will also create problems to your colleagues. If you are interested in some other area and you have expertise, first discuss it will your immediate superior and if you are officially assigned to do something then only you can engage.

Showcase your contributions

If you are doing everything and you are not keeping track of your activity, you cannot claim it fully. And when the time will come to show your contributions, chances are you are going to miss every detail of your achievements. You have to become master of presenting your contribution. The big mistake people do that they start adding the contributions at the last moments. This is not a one-day task, rather you should sit weekly or once every fifteen days to note down every activity you have performed between these days. You must be honest while writing the activity performed. An honest self-assessment will obviously give clear picture of the outcome and you can do course correction or any improvements required to get a better result.

Grab the new opportunity or assignments to gain the experience

Be available for any new opportunity which is going to happen. Most people take the holidays or become absent at that moment. If you have some prior commitment it is advisable to re- schedule and take time out of your daily routine work. It does not matter how hectic your schedule is. Your daily routine will be always there but if you want to grow then you have to take the chance and manage your daily schedule. Sometimes people fall in love so much with their day to day activities that they make excuses for any new assignments or simply they didn’t want to come out of their comfort zone and miss the opportunity. If you are aspiring and have an idea which can make a difference in the present situation, go and discuss with the right person.

Always be supportive of your boss and become loyal to your work.

If your boss asks for the support with the office work, be ready to provide the helping hand. It will require to do some extra work but you would not believe its worth. But one thing always keeps in mind become supportive unconditionally. The moment you have some conditions in your mind, it will not work as it should be. Unconditional support creates a healthy ecosystem where everybody wins.

Learn new skills which will differentiate you from others

The world is very dynamic these days. There are new happenings in almost every industry and profession every day. You should be aware of those changes, which will not only improve your efficiency but it will differentiate from others. In the cut throat competitive world and where zero error policy is maintained your single mistake is enough to disrupt your career goal. Learning new skills will not only boost your confidence, it will also provide and sense of fulfillment. To win any game you must be a part of that game rather sitting in the audience.

Make a good relationship with others for future

Hmm! Nobody knows when you are no longer needed in your current place. You think you are an asset for the organization and your past contribution is going to work for the future. You might be a hero for your current boss but you don’t know how your new boss is going to be. A lesson for life is to keep a good relationship with others. At the end we all are human and the basics of human behavior and value does not change. You never know who might be valuable in the future.

Be ethical to your work and profession. Work ethics always noticed.

Work is worship. What are you today is the result of your past work? Your work ethics should be an excellent example for your teammates. There is no shortcut for success and if to become successful you become an unethical person and choose means which can harm the society, believe it your success will be temporary. Are you justifying the position and perks which your company is providing to you for your well being? People have the tendency to take revenge if the things go wrong in respect of benefits and promotions. This is not good work ethics. If work ethic is right, you do not need to prove to anyone. If you are not satisfied with the benefits and perks, the best way to look for other options where your dreams can be fulfilled.