how to buy ebook readers


  • E-book readers are very common today.
  • The price of e-book readers are very cheap and affordable today.
  • The e-book readers are coming with great touch and e-ink based display.

E-book readers are now very common for book readers. They are becoming mainstream day by day by the readers community. Using the e-book readers you no longer have to carry heavy books while travelling and can carry million books in just your pocket. Also you don’t have to worry about recycling the books after you read them.

E-books are today more cheaper than the paper alternative. Also to buy e-book you no more need to visit book shops in your town. Today in the COVID-19 affected world can be very frustrating while everything like big shops are under lockdown. So buying e-books are making more sense day by day. The price of an e-book is nearly just 10% of the paperback alternative. So this is the best time to buy your first e-book reader. 

There are many ebook readers in the market already. Before you plan to buy you might want to know what is the key difference between all these ebook readers. How to buy the final choice of the e-book reader may not be simple as you thought. By writing this post we will cover the most important key points in the ebook reader which can help you understand the big picture in better perspective.

About E-Reader

The common misconception is that e-book readers are nothing but the tablets. But this is not a fully functional tablet. To make it robust, lightweight, low cost and essentially suitable for book reading the designers cut down the complexity. 

The main differentiating technology in the ebook readers are in the e-ink technology. The makes the e-book reader looks like the paperback and it has only grayscale color. It does not emit the blue light like the smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier to read and you will be able to read for longer periods of time without eye strain. The e-ink is based on reflective technology and it needs a separate light in the dark. But as it is reflective, it is easier to read even in the sunlight. 

The main advantage of the e-in display is that it consumes very little power, because of that you can keep the e-book reader running for weeks or so. 

8 Points Checklist

You can see different checkpoints while evaluating the e-book reader. This post tries to keep your focus to the basic points which will help you decide your requirements and buy the best e-book readers.

  • Screen size:   You can buy books in many sizes, but this seems to be a limitation of ebook readers. You have to finalize the size of the ebook reader first before buying. Ebook readers are also available in different sizes. You can find that six inches size can be pretty standard and useful size for you. The screen size means the size in the diagonally. The six inch screen is 3.54 inches by 4.72 inches which is ideal for reading.
  • Screen definition:   The clarity is another thing which you prefer while reading book. Similarly it is also important for the ebook readers too. The clarity of the display is measured by Pixels per Inch or dpi (dots per inch). The 300dpi is optimum which gives crystal clear visuals.
  • Touchscreen:   Earlier many ebook readers used to have a QWERTY keyboard but with the advancement of the display technology now most of the ebook readers have smart touch surfaces to make the interaction smooth and easy to type.
  • Backlighting:   As we mentioned earlier the e-ink display is basically reflective and cannot be visible in dark. It needs external light to make the fonts visible. Many ebook readers added backlighting in the ebook reader. The backlight is used when it is needed. This is a very important point you must check before buying. 
  • Water resistance:   E-readers are meant to be used anywhere. WHile travelling you might want to use them in the poolside or on the beach. But like other electronic devices this also has a chance of getting wet. So many ebook readers are coming as waterproof designs. So you don’t have to worry about getting the water wet of this devices while travelling and enjoying reading. Also some devices are coming with splashproof which makes the devices protected while fall down from the hand etc. 
  • Wi-Fi or cellular:   The main point of the ebook reader is you have to download them from the internet or PC. Downloading from the internet is the best option. To do that there are two options that you connect the ebook reader with your wifi network and access the internet. Or you use an internal sim card to access the cellular network and download them. If your ebook reader has only wifi then you have to collect and review your book list before going out to the travelling or leaving hotel. But if you have cellular options then you can download them on the go. The wifi only option might be cheaper while choosing the ebook reader as you can get wifi in your hotels today or connect your mobile hotspot also. 
  • E-reader storage:   The ebooks are quite small in size so the storage size is not quite challenging like the smartphones. Also most ebook providers provide cloud storage and those can be from 4GB to 32GB or even more. But like we see in smartphones the storage in the ebook readers also rises as the memory price in the downsize. 
  • E-Book formats:  E-Books can be available in different formats. The main popular formats are like as below :
    • AZW:   The format is an Amazon specified format. This is mainly used in the amazon family ebook readers kindle. This is based on the MOBI format and has a very high compressed option. As you can access Amazon ebook readers in smartphones, PC and you can use this format in many devices with the proper amazon app. 
    • PDF:   The Portable Document Format is most popular format for the ebooks. This has most wide ranges software support in the ebook family. This was created by Adobe for Acrobat products. Sometimes the main drawback of the PDF format is that it is meant for printable format so it is in A4 size only. Readability becomes a problem when you want to read them in smartphones etc. 
    • ODF :   ODF, OpenDocument Format which comes with OpenOffice which is an Office based tool alternative to the Microsoft Office.The file comes with an XML based format. 
    • MOBI:   MOBI is another e-book format used by the MobiPocket Reader. This format was designed by PalmDOC. This has many readers for PC and smartphones. This also has limitations in terms of the font size selection and scaling images etc. There are many ebook readers can support today for the MOBI format. 


  • Before you plan to decide it is important to choose an ebook reader which can support many formats of these. The ebook readers should support as many format it is better for you. Otherwise you have to convert them separately to bring them to your supported format. 
  •  The many ebook formats can be digitally protected under the DRM or Digital rights management. This helps to protect the ebook from piracy and unauthorized copying. Many ebook readers don’t allow to open different unauthorized files which are copied from different devices or websites. 
  • It is not mentioned in the ebook reader market Amazon is the largest seller and has the majority of the market share. Ebooks are easy to buy from the digital stores in the amazon and kindle has the larget ebook library you can say. 
  • The price of e-readers are quite cheap within 200$ or 10,000 Rupees you can get the ebook readers today. But this can be excellent value addition in your lifestyle and bring back your reading habit. 

We hope you can understand now the key points in the ebook specifications and how to understand the different terminology. This can definitely help you to select the best ebook reader for your specific need.

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